Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 44

Hey readers.. Kiya is back with her ff.. First of all thanks for ur love & support for this ff.. So I will not waste more time.. And yes I have decided to continue this off little longer but I am not getting so much response for u all.. So plz comment yaar.. OK let’s move to ff … Here us the link of previous part..

Part 43

Part 44..

Arjun comes to Vivek.. Prinku was sitting beside him & talking with him.. They notice Arjun.. Arjun ask he wants to talk with Vivek.. Vivek signs Prinku.. She leaves… Vivek asks the matter…
Ar: I am really confused Vivek ..
Vi: Why Mamu???
Ar: Vivek.. I don’t know what is right & what is wrong??? I mean I want to save my daughters from this Oberois but see today they saved my daughters.. My daughters r happy with them.. But how?? They r the one who scratched my daughters happiness..
Vi: Mamu.. Bcz they love each other.. They think for each other before themselves.. I know Mamu Shivaye bhaiya, Omkara bhaiya & Rudra did wrong with them but later they realized their mistakes that’s why Annika Di, Gauri Di & Saumya also forgave them… Plz Mamu u also forgive them.. Plz they love each other a lot.. Plz..
Arjun thinks…

After two days… Vivek & Kritika comes OM from hospital.. All r happy.. Arjun was going to say something when Mahi stops him..
Ma: Mr.Malhotra plz.. 1 minute.. ShivOmRu want to say something to u…
Arjun looks at them.. Shivaye looked at Annika, Annika nodes..
Shivaye: Mr.Malhotra.. We want to say that.. We r sorry for everything.. Bcz of us Annika, Gauri & Saumya got kidnapped..
Gauri looks at Om.. Om nodes..
Om: Yes sir.. Its our mistake.. Our family enemies attacked them.. So we r very sorry..
Saumya signs Rudra to go.. Rudra looks at her helplessly, Saumya makes a angry face & slightly pushes Rudra.. Rudra come in front of ShivOm..
Rudra: Sorry sir.. Really very sorry.. Plz forgive us.. Actually we never thought that this will happen like this…
All looks at Rudra with confused looks.. Gauri whispered to AniSa’s ears, Di – Saumya what is Rudra trying to say???

AniSa says together, Don’t know…
Rudra: Sorry sir plz sir sorry.. We know that we did wrong but forgive us & trust me no one can handle ur daughters except we three brothers..

Rudra was saying this in one breath & he didn’t realize what is he saying in tension..
Arjun: What????
AniSaRika hold their own foreheads.. ShivOm comes for Rudra’s rescue..
Om: Actually sir he is want to say that we love ur daughters & they love us.. So..
Shivaye: So we r perfect ishqbaaz for each other.. I mean we r perfect for each other..
Shivaye thinks what was he said in hurry..
All looks worried.. Its a deep silent in OM for few minutes.. Arjun looked at everyone & then decided to break the silence..
Arjun: Hmm.. So if u three r done then may I ????
Rudra: Sure sir..

All nodes worriedly..
Arjun: So I was saying that I have already chosen my future son in laws..
All r shocked except Vivek… Vivek smiles..
Arjun: So can I call them Mr. Shivaye sing Oberoi???
Shivaye nodes..
Arjun: OK.. So I have decided that my daughters will marry…
All looks worried..
Arjun: They r Shivaye, Omkara & Rudra…
All gets a huge shock.. Arjun laughs…
Arjun: Don’t need to get panic Mr. Junior Oberoi (Rudra).. I know u all love each other so I decided this… Girls u can marry ur loves..
AniSaRi smiles with teary eyes & runs to Arjun.. They hug him..
Annika: Thanks Dad..
Gauri: Love u Papa..

Saumya: Thanks uncle..
Arjun: Hey.. Stop this.. U all always says an that I am a modern dad.. Then how can be I became villain in ur love story??? Ha???
All laughs…
ShivOmRu comes..
Om: Thanks sir..

Arun: U three can call me Dad.. If u wants..
All smiles…
Arjun: OK now.. Stop this crying & start ur wedding preparation.. Bcz ur wedding will be also held with Privek wedding..
Kritika: Really?? Oh My Mata.. I am so excited.. Thanks uncle..
OmRu: Kittu???
Kritika: Sorry…
Everyone laughs…
All r so happy..

In kitchen…
Prinku was making something for Vivek.. Vivek sees her & smiles.. Prinku ask him to sit & rest bcz she is making food for him.. ShivOmRuHi & AniSaRika comes there.. Rudra was talking about Obros’ kitchen moments.. He was explaining this to Mahi Bcz he is new in their Obros moment.. Then they all notice Privek…

Precap: Obro moments… Party in OM…

That’s all my friends.. Friends I didn’t know u all like it or not bcz I didn’t get so much comments.. Plz tell me u all like it or not.. Thanks.. Have a good day..??

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  1. awesome
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      Thanks Aashi…

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  4. Verna

    Haha.. Rudy and his childish acts.. I really loved this part.. today Rudy boy is my fav

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    Amazing yaar…. Awesome part… Excited for the next part… post it soon

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    Dear kiya
    Aapki ff ko Kam comments kyu mil raha I don’t know.aap apna ff ka old part check karo jiss main zyada comments ho.tho shayad aapko samajh aaye.main aapki ff kabhi dislike nahi kiya.iam always love your ff.aaj ka epi read kiya tho kuch miss laga.shayad wo ShivIka,OmRi,RuMya scenes na hone ki karan hoga.so try it give long ShivIka,OmRi,RuMya and ShiOmRu and Rudy funny scenes.Rudy ki funny scenes tho sabko kithna pasand hai aap jaanthe hoge.so add Rudy funny scene.and add some dialogue in hindi because it’s give real fun of the dialogue.i hope you understand my comment?

    Take care?

    1. Kiya

      Hey uf… I know u always support my ff & I understand ur point of view.. I will try my best..

      Dr u didn’t register till now?? Why???

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    Lovely little update loved it to the coreee plzz do post the next update ASAP ??

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    Hey Kiya, its not at all boring ff. Really ur ff is good. I liked it.
    Awesome part dear… Lovee Rudra’s expressions! Waiting for next part dear.

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