Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 43

Hey friends… I am sorry readers bcz I didn’t reply anyone in my last part.. I am too busy now days that’s why I didn’t get time.. So sorry.. And many of u like Uf & Chandani dr want marriage scene in my this ff before it ends.. So I will give that assurance to u all who wants my ff go more long.. I will not end this ff without marriage track.. So I think I have to continue it 50 epis..?? OK now the important thing is Dil bole oberoi is going to spin off & Ishqbaaz will be 1 hour episode like mahasamgam.. So friends what u feel about this??? To be honest my wish of seeing them together in full frame is coming true.. Really I am to excited about this..
Now get back to my ff… Here is the previous part’s link…

Part 42

Part 43

A goon hits Rudra’s head with a rod.. Rudra holds his head & feels dizzy.. Shivaye runs & holds him.. Saumya shouts Rudra.. Shivaye gets angry & hits goons with double power.. Daksh comes.. He fights with him.. Rudra sits in a corner.. He sees AniSaRika in front of him & control himself & goes to them.. Saumya cries for him & ask him is he alright?? Rudra nodes & opens their hands & legs.. All girls get free.. Swetlana & Kamini see this & got tensed.. Om & Mahi fights with another goons.. Shivaye bits Daksh badly.. Om gets a msg that police was arrived already.. He signs Mahi & Rudra.. Mahi bits the goons & open the door.. Rudra takes girls & was going outside.. Shivaye wins upon Daksh… But suddenly Svetlana shouts..
Svetlana: Stop everyone.. Oberoi u forgot again that if u all r Oberois then I am also Swetlana.. So get ready to die.. She aims the gun at them.. Shivaye comes in front of them..
Sh: Don’t u dare to do anything with my family.. U don’t forget that I am Shivaye Sing Oberoi…
Swetlana: OK then let me kill u fast The Shivaye Sing Oberoi..
AniOmRu shouts for Shivaye.. Swetlana shoots Annika push Shivaye.. Shivaye got saved.. AniSaRika & ShivOmRuHi get shock to see Kamini got shoot.. All r shocked while Kamini falls & got unconscious in pool of blood.. Swetlana gets angry & says now u all have to die.. One have to sacrifice her life.. She aims at Gauri.. Police came listening the gun shoot sound but before they could stop Swetlana she shoots at Gauri.. All r shocked.. AniOm shouts for Gauri.. Gauri was shocked but then she realize that in mean time Kritika comes in front of her & got shoot.. Kritika see her right shoulder joint is bleeding for the bullet shoot.. All rushes to her.. Police catch Daksh & Swetlana.. Kritika falls but Mahi holds her.. He shouts Kritika..

All rushed to hospital.. Arjun hugged AniSaRi.. All Oberois hug them.. But ShivOmRuHi were still very tensed bcz of Kritika.. All meets Vivek.. Vivek is out of danger now the only thing is Kritika.. Mahi was shattered.. ShivOmRu hold him & console him..

After sometime Doctor confirms that she was all OK bcz her right shoulder joint is not to much injured.. All feels relief finally all smiles.. All meets Kritika.. Mahi sit beside her bed & looked at her with teary eyes.. Kritika looks at her & smiles.. Elder leaves.. Gauri goes to her & ask why u came in front of me??? Kritika smiles & replies, Actually I promised that I will surely unite u all three couples.. Om remember Kritika promised him.. Om goes & holds her hand..
Om: Really u keep ur promises well.. But if anything happened to u then???
Kritika: Then what?? No one will cry for me bcz I have no one in this world..
Rudra cries & says, Idiot r we individual that u can’t see us???
Mahi: Yes never say this again.. I am always there for u..
Krihi have a eye lock..
Arjun listen everything from out side.. Arjun thinks something while wiping his eyes & goes from there..
All sees Krihi & smiles.. All coughs intentionally.. Krihi come back to sense.. Shivaye says OK now we have to leave.. Annika says yes we have to go to Vivek also.. Saumya says yup let’s go.. Common Rudra.. They all leaves leaving Mahi with Kritika.. They comes out of the room & laughs.. Shivika, Rikara & Rumya hugged each other while crying.. They didn’t need words to express their feeling bcz their eyes r enough for expressing their feelings of loosing each other.. Finally they all smiles bcz now the girls knows that they r in they safest place on the world & boys knows that they saved them..

Mahi holds Kritika’s hands..
Kritika smiles at him..
Kr: Look I have no habit of stenching any small talk.. So..
Mahi looks at her with full of confusion..
Kr: So the point is.. Don’t u think that I am perfect for u???
Mahi was little shocked but he smiles..
Kritika hits his hand & ask angry..
Kr: So for what r u waiting?? Don’t u ask me that?? U know what I should die I hope then u will ask…
Mahi cups her mouth..
Ma: Shut up.. Never say this again.. I know u r perfect but I don’t know I am perfect for u or not..
Kr: Now I know u r perfect for me bcz u thought about me before urself… Thanks Mahi…
They smiled…

Precap: Vivek & Kritika came back to OM.. Arjun’s big announcement…

That’s all my dears.. Sorry again for this late update… But don’t forgot to give ur views… Comment silent readers.. Plz… Have a good day…???

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    Dear kiya
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    So kiya.agar aap RuMya ko dekhna chaatha hai tho please night 10 pm ko jab IB ka 1 hour epi start hoga thab RuVya scene math dekhna.agar unka scene na dekhungi tho makers ko samjh aayega.uss harneeth ko lagtha Hai RuVya ka karan trp high ho raha so please agar aap RuMya ko dekhna chaatha hai tho aisa kijiye.shiomru,shivika,OmRi ke liye RuVya ko dekhne ki zaroorath nahi.unke unke scene dekhna hi best hai.

    So please think about my request RuMya ke liye RuMya ko phirse dekhne ke liye try it????????????????

    Main tho sabse ye baath kehkar iss liye disturb kar rahi hu I know that RuVya haters zyada hai and RuMya lovers zyada hai.ye 1 hour epi bhi unki Karan enjoy nahi kar paa raha.main bhi tv pe dekhunga.jab RuVya scene aayega tho channel change karunga.ya tv off karunga?

    Take care and sorry for this long comment but please do it for RuMya hum sab milkar try karenga tho hoga.ye math sochna ki in logone RuVya ko final kiya hai.agar trp ko dekhar uss moti harneeth ko samajh aayega.ruvya kithna trp bad raha hai.??????

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