Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 42

Hi friends… Kiya is back.. Thanks a lot frnds for ur love & support for this ff.. As I said before I am going to end this ff.. Its very close to end that’s why if u want any special scenes u can tell.. Just like Uf said.. Thanks Dr for commenting & I will sure include some obro moments before ending… Now come back to my ff… Here is the previous part…

Part 41

Part 42

Prinku goes to temple of Hospital.. Prinku prays to Lord Ganesha’s idol.. She prays for Vivek’s life.. Arjun sees her & comes there.. He holds Prinku.. Prinku cries & hug him.. Arjun also has teary eyes but he control himself & ask Prinku not to worry everything will be alright.. He console her..
Doctor comes out from OT..
All goes to him.. Everyone ask about Vivek… Doctor confirms that Vivek is alright.. He is out of danger.. Prinku ask doc to meet Vivek.. Doctor allows.. Prinku smiles.. Everyone feels relaxed.. Arjun feels still tensed about AniSaRi..

Kamini says I don’t think they can solve the puzzle.. Kritika says, I know ShivOmRu they will sure come here.. Then u all get reward for ur did.. Kamini holds Kritika’s face & asked her to never shout again.. Kamini gets angry & slapped Kritika.. AniSaRi shouts Kamini.. Svetlana goes & ask them to relax.. Kritika’s lips bleed bcz of the tight slap.. Gauri ask them what u guys want?? Kritika is not part of it then why u all torturing her?? Svetlana replys that Gauri have a point we should not torture Kritika.. She goes to Kritika & says Sorry.. Then she goes to Gauri & holds her by hairs & says, bcz of u I have to bear many insults just bcz if u Oberois throw me from OM.. U need to be tortured.. Right???
Annika shouts at Svetlana that if anything happens to her sister she will pay for this.. Svetlana smiles & slaps Gauri two times.. Gauri shouts in pain.. Annika ask her to stop.. Svetlana says, see u can’t do anything.. Daksh says, But nobody will touch my Annika.. OK?? They smirks.. Annika feels disgusted.. She turns her face..

ShivOmRuHi comes to oil factory.. Shivaye gets a msg from Janvi that now Vivek is out of danger.. Shivaye tells about it to OmRuHi.. They gets some relief.. Mahi says now we have to save girls.. They goes in..

Daksh tells AniSaRika that their heroes r came.. They saw in a camera.. Daksh says that they will play a new game now.. First they kill heroines in front heroes then they will bit heroes.. Good idea right?? Svetlana asks Gauri… Gauri turns her face..

ShivOmRuHi fights with goons finally goons catch them & brought them to Daksh, Kamini & Swetlana.. ShivOmRuHi shocked to see AniSaRika there.. Om & Mahi r shocked to see Gauri & Kritika’s bleeding lips & cheeks..
Shivaye shouts Annika…
Annika replied Shivaye with her teary eyes..
Rudra & Saumya have a painful eye lock..
Gauri express her pain via her teary eyes & she murmured, Omkara.. Om understand her pain & feels restless..
Mahi sees Kritika but Kritika smiles at them.. Mahi shouts, How dare u to touch them???
Kamini mocked Mahi & says, Look my 25 years effect gone in just 25days in Oberoi mansion.. Not bad..
Shivaye: Shut up & just leave them..
Daksh: Really Shivaye u thought that we catch them to leave???
Om: Stop it & leave them or else..
Svetlana: Or else what???
Rudra: If u said Bhaiya is Ram then let me remind u always Ram wins in fight with Ravan..
They starts fighting with goons those who r hold them..
Suddenly someone hit a road on Rudra’s head.. He feels dizzy..
Shivaye holds him..

Precap: Svetlana says I can’t loose so easily.. She points a gun at Gauri.. She shots.. Om, Shivika, Rumya gets shocked.. Om shouts Gauri..

Thanks for reading friends.. Ur comments r most welcomed.. Have a good day…??

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    Dear kiya
    I really want all couples remarrige happen.in clude all wedding rituals.main hamesha chahthi thi show main aisa dekhne ko but RuVya ki baath mujhe koi interest nahi raha remarrige dekhne ka.agar aap iss ff end karne se pehle inki remarrige karayengi tho maza hoga.saath main o bro moment romantic moment family moment bhi ho tho double maza hoga???

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