Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 28

Hey friends.. Its Kiya here… Thanks a lot friends for ur best wishes.. Yes I got 80% marks… I didn’t expect that high so I am too happy… Thanks again for ur love & support….
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Part 28

Shivaye: ” Thanks God.. That day u didn’t got shoot… Other wise I will never forgive my self for killing my brother..”
Mahi: ” Its OK Shivaye.. I am sorry.. I did many wrong things with this family..”
Dadi: ” Its ur family puttar..”
Mahi goes and takes blessings from Dadi.. Dadi hugged him…
All r happy..
Janvi: ” Welcome to the family..”
All greets Mahi… Pinky comes to him…
Pinky: ” I didn’t know that I have two sons.. U r my son… This all bcz of Kamini u hate me so much.. But now I have two diamond sons..”
She hugs Mahi.. She calls Shivaye & asked him to join the hug.. Shivaye steps backward.. Pinky was shocked..
Pinky: ” What happened Shivaye??? Why u behaving like this??? Bcz of Kamini Mahi hates me but u???”

Shivaye: ” No mom Mahi didn’t hates u but I hate u bcz of u..”
Dadi: ” Shivaye…”
Shivaye: ” Sorry Dadi.. But this is the truth.. I never imagine that mom will so obsessed by blood & status that she will play game to out my wife from my life…”
Shakti: ” Shivaye.. What r u saying.. Pinky???”
Shivaye: ” Yes dad mom did this… She brought Naintara… She plays many dirty games to separate me & Anni.. Me & my wife…”
Shivaye & Annika looked at each other.. O janna plays…

Pinky cries…
Pinky: ” U r blaming me for this girl???”
Shivaye: ” No mom.. I trusted u a lot.. I trusted u more than her but what did u do mom.. U broke my trust… I always thinks about ur happiness & u snatched my happiness.. U snatched my life mom.. U make me a lifeless body just bcz her status didn’t matches us?? Really mom?? This status is much important than me for u???”
Pinky: ” No Shivaye.. Plz listen…”
Shivaye leaves angrily with teary eyes…
Dadi: ” Pinky I brought u as my bahu bcz I like u values not ur family or status.. U did wrong.. If I did this to u how u feel???”
Shakti: ” I can’t believe this pinky.. U did very wrong..”

Shakti leaves with Dadi..
Tej: ” U always teach me about relationship values.. Now what u did with ur Son???”
Tej leaves… Arjun & PreVek leaves..
Janvi: ” I told u many times Pinky don’t do anything wrong with Annika.. Be happy with it what u get but no.. U never listen to me..”
Janvi leaves.. Kritika, AnniSauRi & OmRu leaves… Mahi feels bad but OmRu takes him..
Pinky left alone & cries…

Shivaye is on poolside…
Annika comes there…
Annika: ” Shivaye..”
Shivaye: ” Annika I am sorry.. Can u forgive me?? Can u trust me again??? I feel I am dying..”
Annika keeps her hand on Shivaye’s lips..
Annika: ” Shivaye..”
She hugged her.. Shivaye smiles & hugged her back…

Precap: PreVek engagement party…

Thanks for reading friends.. I am trying to post my Rikara ff today.. Keep supporting my two ffs.. Thanks.. Have a good day…

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