Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 27

Friends.. It’s Kiya.. Sorry friends I didn’t replied to all comments but I read all ur lovely comments… Thanks to all.. Chandani Dr I like us suggestion.. I will think about it later… Once again thanks…
Friends I want to share something, tomorrow is West Bengal board’s 12th results means my results.. I am in to much tension.. Don’t know what to do.. My blind is totally block but still I am trying to write something..
So here is the part…

Part 27

Pinky, Janvi & Dadi returns home…
Janvi: ” Mummy ji u go and take rest I will give this prasad to children..”
Dadi nodes & goes..
Pinky: ” I will give this prasad to Shivaye.. I did this puja for Shivaye.. This Annika na..”
Janvi: ” Pinky.. U still hates Annika.. Why?? Her status problem had solved.. She is Mr.Malhotra’s own daughter.. Then???”
Pinky: ” I don’t trust this girl..”
Janvi: ” Do as u want but remember one thing pinky.. I told u many times that one day ur own son will hate u for what u did with him… Remind it…”
Janvi goes…
Pinky: ” Jethani ji…”
Pinky stops a servant and ask where is Shivaye???
Servant: ” Shivaye sir is in Omkara sir’s room…”
Pinky: ” OK..”
Pinky goes…
Janvi comes to Om’s room… She saw all in Om’s room…
Janvi: ” What happened?? U all r here????”
Shivaye: ” Nothing Badi ma…”
Janvi: ” Om what happened to u???? R u ok??”
Om tries to speak but Gauri hold him…
Gauri: ” Actually he didn’t ate anything from yesterday night so he feels weak… Nothing else…”
Janvi: ” Oh… Om plz don’t do this to ur health.. OK?? Now take prasad..”
Janvi gives all prasad….

Pinky comes.. Janvi sees her & leaves….
Pinky comes to Shivaye..
Pinky: ” Shivaye.. U all here??? Together?”
Shivaye: ” Excuse me everyone I have some work.. See u later…”
Shivaye avoids pinky & leaves…
Pinky: ” Shivaye.. What happened to him??? Rudra???”
Rudra: ” Choti ma he just got to know the truth which he never wants to know.. Nothing else..”
Rudra leaves..
Pinky: ” what?? I didn’t understand..”
Annika: ” We know u will never understand.. Its OK…”
Annika leaves…
PreVek sees her angrily and leaves..
Kritika: ” Omi take care.. Meet u later…”
Saumya: ” Bye bhaiya.. Take rest..”
Gauri sees Om and winks.. Om feels relief..
Saumya, kritika & Gauri leaves…
Pinky looks on..

Next day…. All gathered in hall…
Tej: ” Shivaye why u call us here suddenly???”
Arjun: ” Yes.. Anything serious Shivaye??”
Shivaye: ” Sorry Mr. Malhotra.. I know it’s my family matter but I am troubling ur family also..”
Arjun: ” Its not like that young man.. I am always a part of these family & now ur family is my family so never mind.. Just say it..”
Shivaye: ” OK then.. I want to meet u all someone…”
All r clueless..
Shivaye: ” Khanna…”
Khanna comes…
Rudra: ” Bhaiya.. khanna??? We all know him bhaiya.. What is the reason of introduce him???”
ShivOm: ” Shut up Rudra..”
Rudra: ” OK.. But I am really serious..”
Shivaye: ” Yes I know… Now listen… Khanna.. Where is he???”
Khanna: ” He is coming sir.. There he is…”
He pointed towards the entrance.. All look there.. Someone enters.. Yes it’s Mahi…
All r shocked except Shivika.. Annika smiles at Shivaye…

A FB shows..

Shivaye: ” Now u all can understand that Why Kamini stole Mahi???”
Rudra: ” Yaa.. But bhaiya.. Where is Mahi now???”
Shivaye: ” Don’t know.. After knowing the whole story from Kamini I searches for him but no clue about him…”
Annika: ” OK.. But now we will find him.. We will search him together…”
All nodes…

FB ends…

Mahi sees everyone…
Tej: ” What is he doing here Shivaye???”
Pinky: ” Yes Shivaye.. What is this fake Shivaye doing here???”
Shivaye: ” He is my brother & ur son..”
Shakti & Pinky: ” What???”
Shakti: ” But Shivaye how is this possible???”
Shivaye: ” This is the truth dad… Dad Kamini did this all..”
Shakti: ” Kamini???”
Shivaye: ” She thought that these family did wrong with him in past..”
Shakti: ” Yes.. Now I know.. Why she did this to us… Actually.. Me & Kamini r college friends.. We love each other and thinks to marry so I brought my home to meet Ma & Papa.. But she insult ma and our culture.. Ma didn’t likes her for some habits.. I got angry on that time but when Kamini insult my Ma & papa in front of me I leaves her.. I broke all relation with her.. But she tried to call me connect me so I agree to marry.. Ma & Papa bring Pinky and I married her.. But what is connection between this & Mahi???”
Shivaye: ” After that she wants revenge… So when Mom gives birth to twin babies she stole one…”
Tej: ” How did u know this??”
Shivaye: ” Actually bade papa when I divided the business its not my wish.. Swetlana & Kamini blackmails for this..”
Tej: ” What?? Yes I know this.. I know u Shivaye.. When u decide that I know that something is wrong.. But u?? Sorry shivaye I take u wrong..”
Shivaye: ” its OK bade papa.. Actually after all I get to know that her proofs r all fake so I got arrested them then I want to arrest Mahi… But..”

A FB shows…

Shivaye calls someone..
Shivaye: ” Great u catch Mahi.. Arrest him.. What u shoot him. He died.. Ok…”
He cuts the call.. Police brings Kamini & Swetlana…
Shivaye: ” ur dream to destroy Oberoi’s is a dream u will never get succeeded..”
Kamini laughs..
Kamini: ” We already succeeded shivaye.”
Shivaye: ” What do u mean???”
Kamini: ” U got killed ur own brother….”
Shivaye: ” What???”
Kamini: ” Yes Shivaye.. He is own twin brother.. I stole him.. When u & him born that time I want revenge.. Bcz if pinky my love hates me so I want that Pinky’s own son will hate him.. I want Oberoi s will get punished his own blood & that happens.. U killed ur brother Shivaye..”
Swetlana: ” Forgot ur new brother.. U already lost ur old Soulmate brothers to.. In shot u lost we win….”
They laughed…
Shivaye is in shock…

FB ends…

Shivaye: ” But after that I gets a call that he is Mahi who got shooter.. I feel relief.. Finally I got Mahi & Brought him.. Now he is also Oberoi.. This house son.. Now I have three brothers not two.. Welcome Mahi sing Oberoi…”
Mahi sees all these teary eyes..
Mahi: ” I always wish a family like this… But look at my fate I never know that this is my family..” He cries…
ShivOmRu goes to him.. They hugged him..
All gets emotional..

Precap: Shivaye says, U did wrong mom.. U aparted me from my wife.. Pinky cries…

Thanks friends.. Wish me luck for results.. Have a good day….

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