Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 26

Hey friends.. Bcz of ur love and support Kiya completed her 25th epi of Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi… Thanks for supporting me like this… Thanks to all my lovely readers…
Friends I have complete my 25epi and this is my 26th epi so I am thinking to do something new.. So let’s play a game.. We all know that we r IB & DBO fans but beside that u watch some other serials.. Right?? So tell me that serial name and we will talk about that on comments… OK???
Now let’s start my ff…

Part 26

Gauri slaps Vivek.. All r shocked…
Gauri: ” Have u gone mad Vivek??? At first he is ur would be wife’s own brother.. U r talking about whom?? U remember??? ”
Vivek: ” But Di he hurts u so much.. Still u..”
Gauri: ” Vivek.. Its my problem not urs.. Its difficult to forget the past… So I can’t forget my bitter past but that doesn’t mean that u will accuse him like this… He has already guilt.. So plz…”
Annika: ” I am sorry Shivaye.. For my brother’s behalf.. Sorry for this..”
Shivaye: ” Annika don’t say sorry… Vivek is right…”
Gauri: ” Bhaiya???”
Shivaye: ” Yes Gauri but Vivek Om was not wrong so much.. Actually its all my fault.. I didn’t keep my promises.. I am sorry Annika…”
Shivaye looks at Annika.. Annika cries..
Shivaye: Its all bcz of Swetlana, Kamini & Mahi.. Sorry… I don’t want to leave u Annika…”
Annika: ” Then why u met that girl in bangkok???”
Shivaye: ” In Bangkok??? Which girl????”
Annika told what she listened from pinky & Shivaye’s phone conversation..
Shivaye: ” Wait.. I didn’t met any girl for alliance…”
Annika: ” Then???”
Om wakes up…
Om: ” Gauri.. I am sorry..”
Gauri runs to him..
Gauri: ” Don’t say anything.. Plz doc said to u take rest.. Plz …”
Gauri cries seeing Om’s condition.. Om sees her… Gauri hold his hand…
Gauri: ” Nothing will happen to u OK???”
Om: ” Shivaye…”
Shivaye goes to him..
Shivaye: ” Om.. R u ok???”
I’m: ” Shivaye.. I am sorry.. U told me many times to trust her once but I didn’t listen to u.. Sorry Shivaye….”
Shivaye: ” Don’t talk this much.. Take rest…”
Rudra: ” O relax.. Take rest.. Bhaiya u continue..”
Shivaye: ” Yes… I remember.. I didn’t met any girl in Bangkok.. Infact after meeting I went to mall to brought some gifts for u.. After that I came back home & didn’t found u..”

A FB shows…

Shivaye sees some gifts for Annika.. A girl(Worker of that mall) helps him..
He asked her to wear the jewelries.. She wears and Shivaye imagine Annika wearing the jeweleries and complements her and buy it..

FB ends..

Annika: ” But Pinky aunty told me..”
Shivaye: ” Wait.. That day I am scared to talk to mom also so I didn’t talk to her.. Then why she lied..”
Annika: ” Same reason to get Naiantara here.. Remember.. I told u.. Pinky aunty want me to out of ur life…”
Shivaye: ” And she succeeded.. I can’t believe this.. My mom.. Bcz of her I did wrong with Mahi..”
Rikara, Rumya , PreVek & Annika together, ” Mahi???”
Kritika: ” Who is this Mahi now??? Wait who is Swetlana & Kamini????”
Om: ” Kittu I told u about Swetlana…”
Kritika: ” Oh that old chachi who is dying to marry u???”
Gauri: ” Yes.. Sultana…”
Om: ” Till now u can’t properly pronouns her name???”
Gauri: ” Yaa.. And I don’t want to…”
Om: ” OK… Sorry…”
Rudra: ” Bhaiya what about Mahi???”
Annika: ” Mahi is Shivaye’s twin brother…”
All except Shivika, “What???”
Shivaye: ” Yes.. Actually mom gave birth two babies but Kamini stole one and that was Mahi.. Mahi told this story to me later but I didn’t tell anyone..”
Saumya: ” But why kamini did that???”
Shivaye: ” Bcz of her & Dad’s past…”

Precap: Mahi in Oberoi mansion…

Friends I have exams Saturday & Sunday so I will not able to post two days.. From Monday I will continue & Plz support me like this…. Sorry… One more thing if u think that now all MU got cleared so All couples will unite then its wrong.. So many twist & turns r waiting.. So read & keep enjoying.. Any suggestion of urs is most welcomed… Thanks for reading.. Have a good day….

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    Please Kiya ab phirse misunderstanding math lana please???

    I know aap rikara ka ff bhi likh rahi hai.time milo tho RuMya ka bhi likhna please.ab show main unka story end hogaya hai. so please write a ff story based RuMya.

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. No no I will not get any MU track again… And of course I will write Rumya ff to..

  2. Sairan

    Ahahannnn wat an amazing epi…last note was too good… waiting for the next episode

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Sairan…. Keep reading..

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        Kahan sekeep reading… EPISODE hi nahi aaya

  3. Awesome yaar… Again a twist…. Congrats for your 26 episode…. Waiting for the next one….

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      Thanks Dr… Keep reading..

  4. Shraddha-DBO

    Hey Diya, all the best dear.
    My other fav serials – Jaana Na dil se door
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  7. amazing part…..
    All The Best for ur exams…. I watch “Ek Shringaar Swabhiman” n a fan of “Nairan”

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    Wow Di AMAZING SUPERB!!!!But I suggest if there can be an accident of Anika saving Shivaay and Shuvaay’s love confession in front of everyone and a lot of khidkitod and hot romance??❤️??

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    Congrats for completing 25 episodes.
    Wow! Excellent part dear…. Mahi’s entry….yippeee! Stupid pinky ponky, I hate her. Waiting for next part dear.

    And serials I watch Devanshi n Savitri Devi college n hospital.

  23. Di episode is fabulous and fantastic precap is too good
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