Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi (Shivika, Rikara & Rumya) part 24

Hey fends.. Kiya here…. Really friends I want to kill myself bcz I can’t tolarate this anymore… U all know that mahasangam of Oberoi is started.. But the fact after so many things when it comes to be Oberoi’s Kul-Gotra puja guess what??? Om says to Gauri that if u want to die by drinking poison then die but ur name will not come in our family’s Kul-gotra…I saw it news.. What u think is this our Om?? I really feel bad for Gauri.. How can our Om say that yaar???

Oh God so much drama… Now start the ff…

Part 24

Shivaye comes to his room with Annika..
Annika: ” Shivaye leave me.. Plz.. What r u doing??? Shivaye..”
Shivaye: ” Yup.. Just wait Annika..”
He gets her down..
Annika: ” Shivaye.. So what u think of urself?? U can do anything???”
Shivaye: ” Yes I am Shivaye sing Oberoi.. And Shivaye sing Oberoi can do anything..”
Annika: ” Its ur dream now bcz I am also Annika Malhotra.. And Annika Malhotra also can do anything.. Understand??”
Shivaye: ” Nothing new Annika.. When u r just Annika that time also u can do anything u want… U breaks my glass, u throws water… What’s the difference??”
Annika: ” Yes I am Annika and I will not listen to u anymore..”
Annika tries to leave & Shivaye holds her hand and pulls her closer, bend her hand in her back and pulls her more closer..
Annika: ” Shivaye..”
Shivaye: ” Just listen to me tadibaz Annika.. I am trying to say something.. So shut ur mouth & listen..”

Gauri’s room…
Gauri was crying & Kritika feels bad and hold her.. Vivek see all this and also cries..
Gauri: ” U don’t know how he behaved with me..”
Kritika: ” But now??”
Gauri: ” No kritika.. I saw so much hatred in his eyes just for me… U know what one day he told me that if he hates someone much more than Swetlana and his dad that’s me.. Gauri.. He hates me.. He hates me so much kritika…”
Gauri cries..
Vivek angrily leaves from there..
Kritika: ” But it’s a bitter past Gauri.. Look at ur sweet future..”
Gauri: ” In my life I didn’t get so much sweet.. Sorry kritika but I can’t..”
Kritika: ” I am sure situations will change.. Take care.. Bye…”
Kritika leaves.. Gauri thinks about Om..

Shivaye’s room…
Annika: ” That two rupees chipdi ladies do this.. Oh my God.. And that’s why OmRu misunderstood u.. I know that u can do anything wrong but not with ur brothers..”
Shivaye: ” But now u know na why I am helpless that time so plz forgive me.. I am stupid and got angry on u bcz u told Mahi that truth.. So..”
Annika: ” Stop.. Stop.. U think that I am angry on u till now bcz of that… Bcz of Mahi’s incident & Ur anger???”
Shivaye: ” Yes.. Of course.. Or what’s the reason??”
Annika: ” Really Shivaye??? U think that I am a fool??? U didn’t know till now that why u gone Bangkok???”
Shivaye: ” Bangkok????”
Annika: ” Yes Bangkok.. That day I know everything…”
Shivaye: ” What???”
Annika: ” U & that girl…”
Shivaye gets a call & leaves…
Annika: ” This man never changed.. Till now he brings me starts talk and leaves without listening to me.. Oh…”
Annika leaves…

Om’s Room…
Om is writing something.. Vivek comes..
Vivek: ” Mr.Omkara sing Oberoi…”
Om was little shocked..
Om: ” What happened Vivek???”
Vivek: ” Really u don’t know what happened???”
Om was really confused..
Vivek: ” U done so much.. Bcz of u many things happened and happens till now but u didn’t know anything.. Right???”
Om: ” What r u saying Vivek.. Just keep it clear…”
Vivek: ” Right.. I have to say directly that u r a heartless person.. U don’t deserve love bcz u hurts those people who really loves u…”
Om was stunned…
Om: ” Vivek???”
Vivek: ” Yes.. I hope now u can understand that u hates whom so much in this world..”
Om: ” Gauri told this to u..”
Vivek: ” No… My Gauri Di is gold.. She is a person who can hurt herself but not others and u.. U Omkara sing Oberoi.. U hurt her so much that she can’t trust anyone till now.. She scared to talk with u again just bcz she thinks anytime ur mind will change and u will hurt her again hurts her again… I have no emotions for u.. U know what?? Prinku told me about her brothers.. She told me u hurt ur ladyloves but I always thought that there is nothing like that it just a misunderstanding.. But u prove me wrong.. Prinku was right.. U have no emotions.. Just…”
Vivek leaves angrily…
Om breaks down.. He cries..
Om: ” Yes I didn’t deserve anything.. I am a stone hearted person… U r right Gauri..”
He remember Gauri….
Gauri says, ” U know me this much & u hate me this much.. When u will know me fully u will hate so much but not me u hate so much urself..”
Om cries…

Precap: Annika got to something about the blast & Gauri slaps Vivek…

That’s all friends.. Really u r so supporting that I cant imagine.. I am really greatful to get u lovely readers… Keep supporting & reading.. Thanks.. Have a good day….

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  1. Sairan

    Fantastic ❤
    Ladki Kon Hai ab yee..

    Mahasangam Aaj ka episode pehle hi net pe dekh liya..Kal na u no wat pi my and nayantara will be talking In a room about their plan and shivay will be listening to their talks by standing behind the door..hope Pinky’s truth it out soon..coz Anika has also made some plan na..

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Sairan… keep readingreading and yes as Saumya is in small break this girl enters as Rudra’s co-star… But don’t worry Saumya will come soon..

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr..

  2. Dhar

    Awesome episode ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dhar.. Keep reading..

  3. Awesome dear….

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Sagithya..

    2. Haridhra

      Superb di.

  4. Amazing update dr….

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Banita…

  5. amazing episode…. post next part as soon as possible…..
    about ishqbaaz n DBO mahasangam om’s anger is justified I know as a fan it is hard to see but he himself is in a big misunderstanding n also he has became the combine version of sso n om so his this kind of behaviour is expected….. I m just waiting for the day when he get to know kali thakhur’s evil plan…. what will be om’s reaction after knowing the truth I just cant wait for that…. is Soumya really not quiting the show because the new girls entry in the show is making me curious…..

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Yaa Om have a misunderstanding but tell her to die??? What’s this suddenly this type if change in Om’s character is really dangerous.. I know that Om is angry on Gauri but this much??? Fine forget it.. About Saumya right??? Yes Dr Saumya said that she is in a diet so she takes a small break from the show & she will be return soon.. So just enjoy this new pair for somedays…

  6. Shreyanvi

    Amazing episode dear…it was fantastic…keep it up..nd post nxt part soon….

    Coming to omkara saying Gauri to die…i just wanna say something dat om plz don’t hurt her so much dat afterwards u will not b able to ask her to forgive u…cz he is continuously pointing towards her character nd the day gauri’s patience will break naaa that day u will just do one thing blame urself for hurting pure soul like her…i m not getting y they r making his character so heartless….
    Anyways lets hope for best…

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr..

      And I am totally agree with u… They make Om so much heartless yaar..

  7. Awesome di.

    1. Kiya

      Thanks dwet.. Keep reading…

  8. Niriha


    1. Kiya

      Thanks Niriha…

  9. Verna

    Wow.. I liked Shivika reunion.. But feeling sad for MY Omi 🙁
    About maha sangam.. Upcoming news r bit irritating me too.. but let’s hope for best

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Verna.. And I am too irited by this heartless Om..

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Keep reading…

  11. Fantastic…
    This SSO also always been in a hurry uff..
    Om dear felt bad for him.

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Yaa that’s right.. SSO is always SSO…

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr….

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Loved it.
    You are right dear, Om changed a lot! I miss our old Om!!! Waiting for next part.

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Keep reading…


    1. Kiya

      Thanks UF…

  14. Really it’s awesome di no words

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