Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi (Shivika, Omri, Rumya) part 23

Hey friends.. Kiya here… Frnds I am really feeling bad year bcz my Rikara ff is not going well.. U readers supports my this ff so much but not my Rikara ff.. I am very disappointed… Sorry if I say something wrong… I am just sharing my feelings..
Let’s start…

Part 23

Rudra was lying in bed and Saumya was leaving..
Rudra: ” Saumya stay here for sometime with me.. Plz..”
Saumya silently goes and sit near Rudra..
Rudra sees her wet eyes..
Rudra: ” Saumya u r crying bcz of me???”
Saumya: ” No I am laughing…”
Rudra: ” Sorry..”
Saumya: ” Can’t u walk properly??? Why r u jumping on stairs???”
Rudra: ” I am not jumping.. I am just helping Sahil…”
Saumya: ” And u fall.. Right??? Idiot…”
Rudra: ” Sorry…”
Saumya: ” God gaves everyone brain.. Sometime use it dumbo…”
Rudra: ” Sorry..”
Saumya: ” Just stop ur sorry or I will…”
Saumya goes to hit him.. Rudra holds her hand and pulls her closer..
Rudra: ” Or u will????”
Saumya: ” Rudra leave me..”
Rudra: ” I love u sumo…”
They have a cute eyelock.. They totally lost each other… Suddenly door knocks.. Rumya sees PreVek on the doordoor.. Rudra frees Saumya.. Saumya gets up..
Prinku: ” Sorry I think wrong timing..”
Vivek: ” Yaa.. We came in wrong time..”
They laugh.. Saumya goes from there…
Rudra looks on….

Shivaye is on call.. He sees Annika… Annika is going somewhere.. He follows her..
Shivaye: ” Where r u going Annika???”
Annika: ” None of ur business.. By the way that call which comes to Vivek it was a prank call.. Don’t worry…”
Annika goes..
Shivaye: ” This girl.. Now I have to be SSO..”
He goes…

Gauri was working on her laptop.. Suddenly she feels that someone is looking at her.. She checks but she can’t see anyone.. She again start working.. That was Om who is looking at her via window.. Kritika saw him & call him.. Gauri hears it & came outside..
Kritika: ” Omi What r u doing here???”
Om sign her to be quite.. Gauri comes & sees him.. Om sees Gauri..
Kritika: ” What??”
Om: ” Nothing…”
Kritika turns and see gauri behind her..
Kritika: ” Hey Gauri.. Is this ur room???”
Gauri: ” Yes..”
Kritika: ” Oooooo” she looks at Om and smiles..
Om: ” I have a work.. See u later girls…”
Om goes..
Gauri: ” At first he didn’t want to see my face but now he is watching me like this..”
Kritika: ” What???”
Gauri looks on…

Annika was calling someone outside the mansion.. Shivaye came in a car and about to hit Annika.. Annika was shocked…
Shivaye came out…
Annika: ” Shivaye what is this???”
Shivaye: ” Just listen to me…”
Annika: ” I don’t want to listen anything from u.. Plz…”
Shivaye: ” Annika.. Plz…”
Annika: ” Shivaye u r forces to be rude and angry with u..”
Shivaye: ” OK… Let the anger out just break my glasses, windows everything but plz listen to me….”
Annika: ” OK.. As u wish..”
She goes and brings a bid log of wood and breaks Shivaye’s Car’s windows and front glass… Shivaye was little shocked..
Shivaye: ” Now its my turn Annika…”
Annika looks at him.. Shivaye comes and holds her and lift him & goes into mansion…

Kritika and Gauri sitting in her room..
Kritika: ” U love him a lot.. Then what’s the problem???”
Gauri: ” I love him that’s the problem kritika.. He did so much with me that if my dad got know then…”
Kritika: ” Then???”
Gauri: ” Then he will destroyes Oberoi s and not only that he will never leave Om & Bhaiya..”
Kritika: ” If u say that u & Annika still love them.. then???”
Gauri: ” No kritika.. I will not tell that dad.. Bcz I love him but I didn’t trust him anymore.. Who knows that his mind will change again and he will misunderstands me again & He will hurt me again….”
A drop of water falls from Gauri’s eyes…

Vivek sees all this from outside her room..

Precap: Shivaye tells Annika about Swetlana & Kamini…. Other side… Om cries and breaks down….

That’s all my friends.. Friends plz support my both ffs.. Plz…. Frnds plz tell me how many of u watch BAHUBALI 2 & loved it???? I really love this movie.. Prabhas & Anushka…. Love them… Plz reply… Thanks for reading.. Have a good day…

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  1. Chandani99

    Di don’t be sad…….you just continue your Rikara ff……..once you regularly write it your fans will increase and then they will surely encourage you to write more ff’s…….cuz I can’t see my FAVOURITE DI SAD?☹️?

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Chandani.. I promise Dr after this Sunday I will regularly continue my two ffs…

  2. Amazing update di. And don’t stop your Rikara ff….. There are many silent readers also. So don’t worry. Continue with it. ?

    1. Kiya

      Thanks dwet.. I will continue it…

  3. Sairan

    Loved it sooo much ❤
    Gauris feelings ???

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Sairan.. Keep reading Dr..

  4. Niriha

    Fabulous epi dear and ur Rikara ff was awesome dear don’t stop that many members are here to support you dear. they will encourage ur work I’m also there in that list for you. continue ur ff I loved ur ff and I love you ????

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Niriha… Just bcz of u readers support I feel very happy…

  5. Rasika

    It’s awsm ya, I watched baahubali 2,it is just awesome, even im a fan of prabhas and anushka they make an awsm pair… ??

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Rasika… Keep reading…

  6. Loved it

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr…

    1. Kiya

      Thank u..

  7. fantastic

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Shikha..

  8. Haridhra

    Awsm di .. Don’t worry..

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr…

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing…. Aww! Cute Rumya. Tadibaaz Shivika! Feeling bad for Gauri. Waiting for next part dear.

    Sorry dear, mostly I read Shivika ff only. I love Shivika. Some times Ishkara n Rumya ffs. I m really very sorry dear.

    And Baahubali…yes its good. But I love Baahubali 1 more than Baahubali 2. Already I like Prabaas n Anushka pair in Mirchi!

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr… And if ur mood changes than sometime read another ffs too.. Yaa if course I love both parts of Bahubali…

  10. im im in love with ur ff

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Saidha.. And I am in love with u such lovely readers…

  11. Love it.

    Plz continue your RiKara story

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Sure I will continue it…

  12. Sis you rocked it

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr..

  13. Both ff r awesome dear… U don’t worry…. Keep gng…. I waiting for both ff

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Sagithya… Keep reading and supporting like this Dr…

  14. Alekhika20

    amazing update

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr…

  15. Awesome update kiya….. Nd just 2day i saw bahubali 2.. yaa they really did a gr8 job…. Waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Banita.. Keep reading & supporting Dr..

  16. Amazing…
    Rumya were emotional and shivika as always tablatodh.
    Finally gauri opened up about her feelings.
    I also watched the movie it’s fantastic really prabhas n anushka r a bliss to watch.

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. Keep reading..

  17. Verna

    Wow.. MY Omi’s silent admiration part was superb.. and precap is just exciting

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Verna.. Keep reading Dr..

  18. amazing episode….. eagerly waiting for next part….
    I wanted ask you are going to kali thakhur’s character in your ff????

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr.. But I don’t like Kali thakur track.. So I am not going on that track..

      1. okay….. I also don’t like his track but without him Rikara’s love story is incomplete….
        I saw bahubali 2 a long time ago…. actually I m a big south indian movie fan so…. n about I was very eager to see that movie so I was not able resist myself… it is one of the best movie…

  19. Aashi26

    Awesome…so solly for commenting so late…don’t be sad kiya di and I liked Chandani’s suggestion. Waiting for next episode eagerly….

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Ashi… Keep reading Dr…


    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr..

  21. Kiya di hi I’m commenting after a long time I loved the episode so much
    And coming to our Baahubali the conclusion it’s fabulous and our PRANUSHKA I love them from Billa itself as I’m telugu one.Till now they did 3 films with BAAHUBALI all are block busters and our baahubali it went to peaks
    Sorry if I talked more but this part is fabulous
    And sorry for commenting late I’m busy in enjoying holidays
    And I read your another rikara ff but didn’t commented it’s awesome I told u na that I’m enjoying holidays that’s why I didn’t commented bye di
    With lots of love

    1. Kiya

      Thanks a lot Dr… Keep enjoying..

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