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Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi (Shivika, Omri, Rumya) part 22


Hey friends.. Kiya is here.. Friends I am really happy bcz I read it that Saumya aka Neha is not quoting the show.. Yes she is in a small break.. I feel very bad when I saw that she is quoting news but now I am happy…

Now start the ff…

Part 22

Family photo was taken.. All r happy..
Kritika comes and starts clicking selfies with everyone.. When she was posing with Om.. Gauri saw them and goes angrily from there.. Kritika noticed it..

After sometime…
Kritika comes to Om’s room…
Kritika: ” So???”
Om: ” So what???”
Kritika: ” U & Gauri???”
Om: ” What??”
Kritika: ” Look I saw Gauri.. She is so jealous of me.. I saw it in her eyes.. In her eyes there is soso much love and care for u.. Now tell me..”
Om: ” Really?? She is jealous??”
Kritika nodes..
Om: ” Actually…”
Om told everything about him and Gauri.. How they first met?? How their marriage happened?? How he misunderstood her?? How chulbul came?? How they got there parents Mr.Malhotra?? Everything… Even he told Shivika & Rumya story also…
Kritika: ” So I was right… Annika did it intentionally… She is also jealous… Hmm not bad.. U brothers r really Lucky.. Now watch what I will do..”
Om: ” No Kitty.. What u want to do???”
Kritika: ” Trust me Omi… I promise I will unite u & Gauri.. Not only u & Gauri I will unite Billu & his billi and of course my Rudy boy & her Princes..”
They smiled..

Sahil & Rudra r playing in stairs… Suddenly Sahil looses his balance and about to fall but Rudra holds him but Rudra slips and falls.. Sahil shouts…
Sahil: ” Rudra bhaiya…”
Rudra falls and get unconscious.. All comes and see Rudra… Rudra’s head is bleeding.. All r shocked..
Shivaye & Om comes and runs to him.. Saumya also panics.. All runs to him..

Rudra’s room…
Rudra is still unconscious.. Janvi & Saumya cries… Pinky & AniRi consoles them.. Shivaye & Rudra looks at him with teary eyes… Doctor tells that nothing happens dangerous.. He will get conscious soon… Doctor goes…
Kritika comes & see all this…
All elders leave…
Shivaye goes to Rudra & cares his hairs.. Annika comes to him and holds Shivaye..
Annika: ” Don’t wory shivaye.. Our Rudra will be alright..”
Gauri goes to Om..
Gauri: ” Yes & for that he needs his brothers…”
Shivaye & Om looked at each other… Tears falls from their eyes…
Saumya: ” Plz bhaiya…” She cries…
Kritika feels bad and holds her…
Kritika: ” So that’s the reason.. I am noticing u that u guys look different.. U all r angry with each other.. I don’t know why and I don’t want to know.. Just listen.. I know that ShivOmRu who will die for each other but never angry on each other.. Look, listen that what they r saying or I know how to agree u… I will slap three brothers…”
After listening Kritika ShivOm looked at SauAniRi… ShivOm runs to Rudra and hugs him tight… Old obro moments r shown…
Rudra : ” Ur hairs is disturbing me long hair creature…”
All r shocked to see him conscious…
Om: ” Acting???”
Rudra: ” I am a good actor right??”
ShivOm: ” Shut up Rudra..”
They smiled…
Saumya comes to Rudra and hit him on his arm…
Rudra: ” Ochh.. So u again started ur wrestling sumo??”
Saumya: ” Shut up… U know we r really worried for u but u… Never talked to me again…”
Saumya tries to go when Rudra holds her hand and stoped her… All looked at them…
Shivika, Rikara & Kritika coughs…
Rumya looked at them & Rudra frees her hand…
Kritika: ” I have a work.. Bye guys…” She indicates something to Shivika & Rikara…
Shivaye: ” Oh I have meeting…”
Om: ” Yes.. Me too..”
Rudra: ” Really??”
Shivaye: ” Yes Rudra see u later..”
Om: ” Yes… And if u need anything then don’t call us.. Call my sister…”
He looks at Saumya…
Annika: ” Chutki.. We have to do some marriage preparation..”
Gauri: ” Yes Di let’s go… Bye Rudy…”
All bides bye to Rumya and leaves…
PreVek see all this out side the room and smiled…

Precap: Annika breaks Shivaye’s car’s glass.. Kritika talks to Gauri…

Thats all my friends.. Friends I had posted my Rikara ff in DBO page yesterday.. If u didn’t check it then go and read it… Thanks for reading.. Have a good day…

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  3. Really fantastic after a long old oberoi moments ShiOmRu and rumya also.
    Di I’m surprised and happy that you are dealing with all the 4 couples equally.
    Waitng for next part plz post ASAP really wanna see shivika glass breaking scene so plz post ASAP

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