Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 9

Hello guys.. I’m back with next part of “Tujhse hi”. This episode is a romantic one (little romantic!)

The episode begins at Sanskar’s office. He’s doing his work.

**** ***** ****
Sanskar’s POV

“Well, I’m feeling alright. After all I know that now one can separate me from my love, even if I die.I gave her a promise that I’ll never leave her,even after my death. We both will leave this
world together. We are made for each other.
She’s my breathe, my love, my life and my everything. Kavita cam never ever enter in my life. Because I loved Swara, I love her and will
always love her only!”

POV ends.
**** ***** ****

Just then he receives a call from his love, his Swara.

“Sanskar how are you feeling now?” She asks him and worries.

“Oh, I’m always good when speaking to my jaan.” He says.

“Sanskar, I want to come to your office…..” She gets interrupted.

“Why?” He asks her.

“Offo, puri baat to sun liya karo. Actually I’m not feeling good so…….” She again gets interrupted.

“Swara, why do you worry so much? We both love each other so much. No third person can ever enter in our life. If we’ll die then we’ll die together….” He gets interrupted.

“Sshhh. Sanskar..Chup. Don’t even take that word from your mouth. I just want to say that I love you.” She says..

“I love you too.” He says.

“I’ll be coming home soon.” He adds.

“Okay, bye.”

**** ***** ****
Swara’s POV

“Oh, I know Sanskar, I’m worrying a lot. But what else can I do? Always when I try to think of something else, Kavita comes in my mind. I know you’re correct at your point but still…I’m worried..I know you gave me the promise, and you will fulfill it. But I can’t live without you. Even I gave you a promise, and I will fulfill it.

POV ends.
*** ***** ****

They hang the call. Then again Sanskar starts doing his work and Swara starts doing her kitchen chores.
************ ****************

********** *********

Sanskar comes home and sees Swara doing kitchen works. He goes and back hugs her.

“Swara, aren’t you surprised?” He asks being surprised.

“No Sanskar, I know your touch very well.” She says while smiling.

“That’s the reason I love you.” Sanskar says and kisses her forehead.

“By the way, from when are you working?” He asks her.

“Umm, to be honest from 4 hours.” She says.

He gets surprised.

“Are you not tired?” He asks her.

“Whenever I talk to you, my tensions or tiredness are washed away.” She says.

He kisses her checks.

“Swara, I’m going to get freshen up.” He says.

“Oh okay. I’ll prepare dinner.” She says

Then after freshen up, Sanskar comes and sits
in the dining table. Swara comes bringing food.
They sit down.

“Swara, I want you to make me have food.” He says

Swara agrees. She makes him eat food from her hands.

They talk and laugh. A song plays in back ground.

Then they finish their food.. Swara is arranging the bed sheets etc.. Then, Sanskar comes and back hugs her.

“Sanskar.” She says.

“Ssshh.” He says and keeps his finger on her lips.

Swara turns. Now both are facing each other. They come close.. Sanskar kisses her on the lips. They depart. Then again they kiss.. They kiss was soft at the beginning, but then it turned out to be a rough one.. They kiss passionately. Sanskar keeps his hand on her waist and makes her comes close to her. Then he lifts her and carries her to bed. They consumate.


SwaSan are sleeping peacefully. Swara’s head is on Sanskar’s bare chest. Swara wakes up suddenly. She shys seeing their position. She tries to get up and finally gets up. She goes to washroom and bathes and comes out. She thinks to wake up Sanskar who is sleeping peacefully.

“Sanskar” She says and tries to wake him up.

But, he holds her hand instead.

“Acchaa, I know you are awake, now wake up. She says.

“Okay. Uth jaunga, but I want a kiss from you.” He says.

“Okay.” She says and kisses him on the checks.

“Now wake up.” She says.

“Swara you cheated me!” He says.

“No, you told me to kiss you so I did the same.” She says.

“Don’t you remember last night.” He says.

She blushed hearing that. She pecked his lips and ran down.

Precap- SwaSan’s happy moments. Maybe Kavita. .

Thank you everyone for supporting me. I tried to make this episode long. And how many of you liked SwaSan romance? Haha, well guys..I’m your friend..Shrinjal only..Don’t get confused! ?
That romance wasn’t a planned one. And the COVER PIC.. HOW’S IT?

Thanks for reading and liking the story. Hope you all always comment as it encourages me!

Bye! Have a great day ahead!


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