Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 8

Hello eveyone, I’m back with the next part of “Tujhse Hi”. Thank you soo much for your support and love towards me. I’m very happy. .I begin now.

Sanskar’s POV
**** ******** *****

“Oh, after many days, I’m back to my house. Well, not a house, but a palace! It feels so good to be back!”

POV ends.
***** ******* ******

“Sanskar, are you alright?” Swara asks him.

“Yes, I’m. But, what will happen to me?” He asks.

“Oh, don’t act Sanskar.” Swara tells him.

“Okay, you do one thing, go get freshen up. I’ll prepare breakfast” Swara adds.

“Okay, but where are everyone?” Sanskar asks her

“Vo, I forgot to tell you. .They all went to bua ji’s son’s marriage.” Swara tells him.

“Oh, good”
****** ****** *****
Swara’s POV

“Oh, my Sanskar is well again. I’m so happy, but…..Kavita..She can kill you also if she doesn’t get you, she can do anything. The only fear in my mind is Kavita.”

POV ends.
****** ******* ****

She sees Sanskar gone to get freshen up. She too goes to the kitchen for preparing breakfast.

“Why do I feel something bad is going to happen again? God, please save us” Swara wonders.

Then Sanskar comes out of room and eats the breakfast.

“Wow yummy!” He says and was about to go when…

“Where are you going?” She asks him.

“To the office, of course.” He says

“But, why are you resuming office from today? Resume it after two three days, please.” She tells him.

“No Swara, actually I got a call from my PA and I need to resume office from today only. I’m sorry.” He tells her.

“Oh, Okay. Don’t say sorry.”

Sanskar gets in his car and reaches his office. He goes inside and meets his PA.

“So, how’s everything in my absence?” He asks his PA.

“Fine sir, but not good.”

Precap- Sorry!

Well, here I finish with Episode 8. My hand’s literally paining. But, I had to upload next episdoe. I’m so happy that I can’t tell you! It’s first time I’m writing in paper and then copying it down as this update had to be a little long than the usual updates!

And, for two three episodes, we’ll have SwaSan happy moments..Then Kavita’s plan number 2.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all never stop commenting as it encourages me!

Bye, have a great day ahead!


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