Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 6


I’m so sorry for short update. Thank you…

The episode starts with Swara shedding tears.

“Please wake up Sanskar……..” She says while crying.

“And when you will wake up, that time only I will eat my food..So now wake up!” She adds.

Then Ragini comes inside and sees Swara crying. She feels sorry for her.

“Swara, don’t cry. .What will you say to him when he’ll wake up? That you were crying? Then he will be angry with you so now come with me and take rest. Lakshya will stay here to take care of him…..” Ragini gets interrupted by Swara.

“Nahi Ragini, jab Sanskar uthenge tab I will go and rest. I am not feeling like resting. ….” She tells and sees machine beeping…

“Ragini, call doctor fast…..Sanskar is recovering..”

“Okay….wait”Ragini tells her.

She calla doctor. Doctor comes and tells them….

“Wow..He is recovering fastly..” Doctor looks at them and tells.

“You can sign his discharge papers today…He will be discharged tomorrow.” Doctor tells them.

“Thank you so much doctor.” Swara tells him.


“Sanskar…..” Swara was going to say but stops when she sees Sanskar waking up..



“Finally…you are awake. .Do you know how much I missed you?” Swara tells…

“And who told you to come in front of me? Now don’t start doing stunts like Hritik Roshan please…” She tells with a “Do you want me to touch her legs?” expression.

Sanskar starts laughing seeing her expression. .

“You look too cute Swara..” He tells with a cute face..

“Thank u. Now you get up and get ready, time for you to go home.”


Precap- Sanskar’s finally discharged..

Thank You friends for reading my boring story..Please comment. .Your one word matters a lot for writers..Sorry for a short update.Don’t worry we know SwaSan will overcome every powers but will not be separated ever in life..Bye
And I just have plot in my head rest dialogs are being done on the spot..?

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  2. Shreeyu

    Nice episode Dr …. But actually I lost the track of episodes so have to read them again

  3. Cute update

  4. Mica

    hurrayy!!! Sanskar recover…love it Shri! ty

  5. Vyshu10

    nice….finally sanskar out of danger

  6. mou(swasan lover)


  7. I swear that this writiting style is similar to halimas and ur bio is so also similar to Halimas bio aswell cuz even she starts her bio with umm…. And so do u sorry to say but if u chat think of ur own ideas then at least dnt copy anyone else’s ideas and no offence if we compare this ff to ur very first ff then there is a huge difference all I can say at the momment is that varun kapoor is not gonna be impressed with u if he hears that u copy smone else’s hardwork so my advice is STOP COPYING HALIMA trust it’s not working we all knw that u COPY her so STOP

    1. Shrinjal

      When did I copy her? She’s my friend and if I would’ve copied her then she would’ve told me. Here no one is having problem with my FF so please be quiet! Do you even know how much it hurts?

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