Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 5


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The episode starts with Swara and Kavita getting shocked.

“What have you done Kavita?” Swara asks her being shocked.


My Sanskar, the one who gave me a new life after Riya di’s death…He was the one who came to me and holded my hands and not my finger…He told me to start a new life. He is the one who told me to start a new life and if I am happy today that’s only because of my Sanskar..Oh God! Please help me..Please!


Swara sheds tears and asks Kavita to let her go.

“Kavita, please let me go. Can’t you see Sanskar’s health? He needs a doctor immediately.” Swara requests her.

“Oh. If you’re worried about that thing then don’t worry Swara as I am going with him to doctor..” Kavita replies.

Swara then sees a mobile phone beside Sanskar. She thinks of a plan. She acts to faint.

“Huh? Ramu, Shyam. Dekho usko. She stopped breathing or not.” Kavita orders them.

“Ji ma’am.” They tell.

They go near her. Then they tell Kavita that she stopped breathing.

“Really? We must call doctor to confirm. I will take her to my house and you tell doctor to come there.” Kavita tells them.

Then they both go inside the room and Swara runs and calls Ragini.

“Ragini, jaldi aao…Kavita has bought me in a place where it has full bushes around..Huff..Come soo…” She faints.

Kavita and men come there after 10 minutes. They hear voice of police jeep and get shocked. Shyam peeps out of the window and informs them that police is outside. They get shocked. They try to escape but can’t and finally gets caught by police.

“Call ambulance.” Inspector tells.

After a while ambulance comes and takes SwaSan to hospital.

Swara wakes up soon and goes to Sanskar’s room.

“Sanskar, please wake up….Wake up atleast for your Swara…” Swara tells while crying.

“You know I will die without you…Please wake up..” Swara adds.

Everyone cries seeing this. Swara sleeps while crying.

Sorry and thank you… I wanted to ask you are you enjoying this story? Do tell me what to improve. Thank You for reading and commenting. Hope you all have a great day ahead. Stay blessed always.

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  1. Meenakshi03

    Improve the size of the chappy di

  2. Amazing

  3. Such a boring FF

  4. Mica

    thank God, my Swasan Saved YAY!

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