Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 3 Maha Episode…..(Kavita’s plan)


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The episode starts with Swara going in her
room. She sees Sanskar reading a magazine.

“Sanskar. You aren’t asleep yet?” She asks.

“No Swara. Actually I wanted to spent time with
you.” Sanskar tells Swara.

“Oh. Sanskar you need to sleep as it’s night and tomorrow we can talk. Please. I’m feeling
sleepy.” Swara tells while making a puppy face.

“Okay.. You’re very bad Swara..” He tells with a pout face..

“Ohh! Sanskar you look too cute in this expression.” Swara tells.

“Oh! Makkhan mat lagao, Swara.” Sanskar tells
while rolling his eyes.

“Ohh. I’m buttering my husband. Okay! Jao. I’m
going to sleep” Swara tells Sanskar.

Soon they talk and fall asleep. Next day, Sanskar wakes up first and carers her face.

“Oh. You look too cute while sleeping. My queen!” Sanskar thinks.

He too again falls asleep. Now Swara wakes up
and sees the time. And…Oh No! The time is 10:26 AM.

“Oh no! I’m too late. I’ll get scolding from maa.
Oh no!” Swara tells while keeping her hand on her head.

She runs and bathes then goes outside the
house to get something and she sees a girl facing her back towards Swara.

“Who’re you?” Swara asks girl whose face is still turned another side.

She reveals her face and Swara is shocked.

“Kavita!” Swara tells while being shocked.

“Sshh. Swara… Be quite and come with me if
You want your Sanskar alive.” Kavita tells while

“What are you going to do to my Sanskar?”
Swara asks being scared for Sanskar.

“Oh Swara, why should I tell you? You’re coming with me or else…….” She gets interrupted by

“Or else? What will you do? Huh” Swara gets courage to speak.

Kavita signals some men who are standing behind Swara. They nod yes. Two men hold Swara’s hand and one makes her smell chlorophyll so she gets unconscious.

“Well done!” Kavita tells them while smriking.

“Now keep her inside the jeep and take her to our secret place.” She adds.

“Okay ma’am.” They tell her.

Soon they come to their secret place. Every where bushes are there. It’s too scary. They carry her inside and tie her hands and legs.

“Now we can kill her easily ma’am.” Men tells her.

Sanskar wakes up and goes downstairs. He ask AP and DP where’s she.

“Beta, we thought that Swara was in the room but……” AP gets interrupted by Sanskar.

“Oh no. Swaraaa!” He shouts aloud.

Precap- Sanskar will save Swara or……………..

Thank You everyone for your support and I’m sorry I couldn’t reply. Actually yesterday night I had fever and I am not able to walk properly so…….
Anyways , thank you and will Sanskar be able to save Swara?

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  1. hope he save swara

  2. Vyshu10

    hope he saves her….take care

  3. Soujanya


  4. It’s amazing Shrinjal.

    Get well soon and I hope Sanskaar saves her… Take care and keep smiling

  5. Mica

    nope… Sanskar will go to office *frustrated me 😀 😀

  6. Nice n hey it’s chloroform not chlorophyll

  7. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum.loved all the 3 parts..hope Sanskaar saves swara…plzz continue soon wid Long Parts..the parts r really small..

  8. Samaira

    Oh god shrinjal get well soon.
    Sanskar have to save swara.

  9. Nice… just hope for d best…Sanskar ur keys are on d table… *Drive Fast* ur princess needs u…

    thnk u.

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