Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 2


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The episode starts with San kar coming inside the room and asks Swara

“Why you’re crying swara?” He asks.

“Sanskar,Kavita can do anything to marry you. She can even kill you” Swara replies sadly.

“So? She’ll kill me not you. Why yiu’re worried? ” He asks her.

“Sanskar. I love you and can’t live without you. If she kills me how will you feel?” She asks him.

“Obviously I’ll become mental. I will die if something happens to you. I will d……” He gets interrupted by Swara.

“Sshh. Obviously I will to die without you Sanskar.” She tells him.

“Let’s leave this topic and I want to romance with you. What do you say?” He asks by winking at her.

“Sanskar! You will never reform. ” She tells while blushing.

She runs out and collides with AP.

“Swara beta. . You’re fine na?” She asks worridly.

“Ji maa. Come I will help you in the kitchen.” She tells AP.

“No beta. The work’s already done by Ragini,Pari bahu and me. You take rest.” AP tells Swara.

“Okay ma.” Swara tells AP.

While going to her room she collied’s with Ragini and she too asks the same question and Swara too replies same.

Precap- Kavita’s plan.

Thank you everyone. Don’t worry as we all know SwaSan will overcome every powers but will not get separated. This story was popping up in my brain from so long and finally I got to share with you! Due to my exams I will give you short updates. Thank You

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