Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 16


Episode 16:

The episode starts with Sanskar peeking Swara’s forehead. She smiles.

“Princess, I forgot to tell you that today I have a meeting with the Oberoi’s.. I want you to be there so that I could win.” He says.

Swara peeks his lips, “I’m sure you will win.”

Soon, they descend down the stairs and Swara goes to the kitchen while Sanskar goes and sits on the sofa and talks with Adarsh, RP, Lakshya and DP. 

“Maa, actually Sanskar has a meeting today and the other will not go as they’re tired so I wanted to go with Sanskar. Can I go?” She asks.

“Yeah Swara. You will have to go.. Don’t worry here, you just go.. Okay?” Sujata says.

“Yeah, Sujata is correct Swara. You go.” AP also agrees with Sujata.

“Okay Maa, as we’re already late we’re going and will have something in the canteen only.” She says and takes their blessings and goes from there.

“Okay..” AP says.

Soon, SwaSan also goes from the house while taking elders blessings.
                        *               *               *

Soon, the reach his office. All the staffs greet them.

“Look, they look so happy together.” One staff whisper to the other staff but SwaSan hear it and smile and Swara makes her grip tight on his hand.

“I’m sure you will win,” Swara says.
                     *              *              *

They straight away goes to the conference room where the meeting is going to be held. The one who is opposite them (who is appeartenly gonna make Sanskar have his deal) turns her face and Swara is shocked seeing her.

“Hemanshi!!” Swara says while being shocked.

(Haha yes my Hemanshi di it’s you..)

“Swara!! What a pleasant surprise!!” Hemanshi too says and hugs her.

“So I guess I wouldn’t have to see your husband’s presentation.. Afeterall he’s my bestie’s husband, right?” Hemanshi says and smiles.

“Haha.. Yes.. But Hemanshi, how did it happen?” Swara asks.

“Happen? What?” Hemanshi asks her.

“You’re the famous business woman in Kolkata..” Swara says.

“Oh.. That’s all my hardwork. I’ll tell you later, for now we should start the deal.” Hemanshi says.

“Okay ma’am. Bring the things, staffs!” Piya says.

They start with the deal. While Sanskar while explaining and showing his presentation, Swara was totally lost in him. His smile, everything was just perfect and cute! Hemanshi notices it and smiles and waves her hand in front of Swara to make her come to her senses. Swara comes to her senses.

“Hmm.. Staring at my Jiju?” Hemanshi whispers trying to tease her.

“What? N..no.. I was just seeing at his presentation .. You too see know..” Swara says feeling a bit awakens and embarrassed as well.

“I know,” Hemanshi smiles and looks back at the presentation.

The presentation is finished. SwaAnshi are impressed.

“I guess you know the answer, Jiju.. You won this deal! This presentation shows your hardwork as possessiveness towards work. By the way, did you spend time with Swara?” Hemanshi asks trying to tease Swara. Swara blushes.

“Hemanshi ki bacchi.. You always tease me..” 

“Swara and Hemanshi.. Stop your silly fights. Thank you Hemanshi!!” Sanskar says and side hugs Hemanshi. Swara smiles.

Precap: Don’t know.

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  1. Nagamanasa

    Awesome shrinju…even my hemanshi di is so cute….loved it…post nxt one soon

  2. Hemanshi

    Hi shrinjal…I am ishaa….commenting from hemanshi’s Id
    So first of all swasan romance
    It was amazing muah
    Second thing is hemanshi
    Hahhahaha u included her as sanskar’s saali she will be very angry??hahahaahahaha
    But she will bw happy also as he hugged her at last??

    Hehehe she is very crazy….haha
    Anyways it was really very awesome

  3. Manasvi

    Shrinju this time i came early..
    Episode is amazing..
    But right now i m dying to read sanskar: I love you swara….
    So plz if possible post it..
    Wont you fulfil your sis’ wish???

  4. Mica

    waa.. congrat sanskar….any p-arty ?

  5. Rabia

    Awesomee dearr ???

  6. Soujanya


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  8. Zeestum2

    Nice shrinjuuuu i hope u will put me too in an episode ?

  9. Nice

  10. Mahjabeen

    Hey shrinju amazing Epi dear…loved it..swasan romance woo its rpoy awesome…
    Tk cr
    Keep smiling

  11. Deeksha

    Awesome shrinjal….!!!!!

  12. IME

    hey ar u giving me ur brain or should i ????? fab yr it was awesome

  13. Wen will u update next episode

  14. N sorry couldn’t comment on last few episodes…I couldnt gt time to read before… I just read now….its was amazing

    1. Shrinjal

      Hi Tani no prob dear.
      In the last episode of Kismat Connection, I asked a few questions regarding this FF and I also wrote when will I update next episode. You can check.

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