Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 15


Hello!! I’m a bit dissapointed with the comments in last episode.. The only fear in my mind was that one day again I’ll come back to 14 comments amd that only happened.. By the way, thank you Kakali di for commenting!!

The episode starts with SwaSan coming down the stairs. They hear the bell sound.

“Who must it be?” Sanskar asks.

“It must be maa.. She told me she’s coming back. You sit I’m coming.” Swara says.

“Okay..” He says.

Swara opens the door and sees Ragini, Lakshya, AP, DP, Sujata and Ram.

“Maa.. Give your briefcase to me I’ll take it upstairs.” Swara offers.

“Arre nahi Swara.. Go bring the servants.. They’ll hold it and carry it upstairs.” Sujata says while smiling.

“Theek hai maa.. You all go get freshen up in your rooms and I’m preparing the breakfast.” Swara says.

“Theek hai..” AP says and they all go in their rooms.

Swara is in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Sanskar comes amd back hugs her.

“Arre Sanskar… What happened? Don’t disturb me. Now we’re not alone. Someone can see us.” She says while cutting the vegetables.

“Let them see us.. You’re my wife and I’m your husband. I can romance with my wife na?” He says..

“You can but….not in public place please..” Swara says.

“Hmm..” He doesn’t pay attention to what she said and kisses her hairs.

“Sanskar.. Please… Maa might come.” Swara says getting irritated to him.

“Okay… Just say that you don’t wanna spend time with me..” He says and goes from there.

Swara gets shocked seeing him upset. She thinks what if he again gets upset with her like yesterday then… She immediately holds his hand not letting him to go.

“No Sanskar.. I did not mean that.. Please don’t go.. I’m sorry. Please.. If papa will see us then we’ll be in a big trouble so that’s why….please..” Swara says and tears start coming out of her eyes.

Sanskar gets shocked seeing her tears.

“Swara. You’re crying? I’m sorry.. Don’t worry I’m not angry with you.. Ssh..” He says and wipes her tears and kisses her forehead. She smiles.

“Thank You Sanskar.” She says.

“Accha Swara.. Are you coming to office today?” He asks.

“Shall I? Because everyone came today only. So….” She says.

“Please Come na.. Servants are here na.. Please..” He says while making a puppy face.

“Okay Sanskar.. I will come..” She says while smiling.

“Thank you princess..” He says and peeks her forehead.

Precap: New entry. Positive or negative?

Sorry friends.. I couldn’t keep my promise. But in next episode, pakka there would be a new entry.
And, the last episode was quite small as now I’m reading a ‘Wimpy Kid’ book. That’s pretty long. So…. Please comment guys.. Please..

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  1. Deeksha

    Awesome dear… Continue soon

  2. Zeestum2

    Awesome Shrinjuu ??

  3. Mahjabeen

    Yeahhh shrinjuu rd two parts altogethr..u made me hapoy??love you??
    Da part ws amazing…loved swasan romance*blushing
    Waitng fr da nt part egrly..
    Tk cr
    Keep smiling always☺☺

  4. Mahjabeen

    Nd dnt wru dear fr less cmnts..we r there fr you…nd as u tbnk u add da new character as positive or negative..ok

  5. Nyc and ha dont get dissapointed it is really nyc

  6. A.xx

    Fab and hope it’s negative it’ll make it more interesting xx

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  8. Manasvi

    Shrinju!! See i m commenting early..
    Episode is amazing..

  9. Kakali

    Urghhh Kiddo . u r still starting my Pikachuuuu … huhhh plzz don’t do that .. he is bit shy .. waaa love it dear.. it’s awesome n getting interesting more day by day… carry on n don’t b disappoint with less comments bcz it happens sometime… Okkk … Thnk u…. ;-*

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