Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 14


Hmm Hmm… I’m here back with another update.. Thank you so much Shiska, Zuha and Seema for breaking your silence!

The episode starts with Sanskar saying I hate you to Swara. She gets shocked and gets up with a jerk.

“Wh..What do you mean?” She asks being shocked and scared at the same time.

“Arre… You took it seriously.. Come sleep..” He says and makes her lay before him.

“You.. Duffer.. You know how much you scared me… You….” She says angrily and starts hitting him on his chest.

“Arre… Stop stop.. I promise I won’t repeat it… Please…” He begs her.

She finally stops beating him and sleeps hugging him.

Swara wakes up and smiles seeing herself in Sanskar’s embrance and Sanskar cuddling into her.

“Awww.. How cute he looks..” Swara wonders while looking at him. Soon she peeks his eyes and lips. Feeling it, he wakes up..

“Hmm.. Seems like someone is in good mood..” He says in a naughty manner.

“Seriously… You will never reform..” She says while giving him a unbelivelable look.

“True..” He says.

“What’s the time?” She asks him.

“I guess the clock is just beside you..” He says.

“Oops.. Sorry..” She says and sees the time. She gets shocked.

“What happened?” He asked confusingly.

“You’re late for office!” She says while looking in the clock.

“Why..? What’s the time?” He asks her.

“9:40!” She says.

He gets shocked.

“What?!” He says being shocked.

“Yeah.. Now go fast!” She says.

“Okay..” He says and goes in the washroom.

Swara then sees AP calling her. She picks the call..

“Ji maa?” She says.

“Swara.. I called you to say that I’ll be coming tomorrow..” She says.

“Ji theek hai ma..” Swara says and AP disconnects the call.

Precap: Entry of a new character.. Guess who?

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  1. Kiddooooo… just now i started reading n it ended also… urghhh let it b … u might b busy watching pokemon n adoring MY pikachuuu like me … rit..¿ but plzz stay away from pikachu…
    Thnk u.. n dun forget… ¤¡¤ __

  2. Awesome dear….. Please update soon.

  3. Nyc ? but it was……………………….. Short ?

  4. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon

  5. Nagamanasa

    Nice shrinju even I am shocked with his words but he told it for fun so u r saved…try to post little longer parts shrinju…and read next part of my ff and tell me ur views if u r free

  6. Vyshu10

    nice….i m getting scared for the teaser part

  7. Mica

    i hate you too…

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    Nice shrinjuu read it in a hurry

  9. I was so afraid about last episode precap..now got relieved..he said it just for fun..?…episode is so cool today…just short..hope it becomes bit longer..

  10. Manasvi

    Shrinju!! It was amazing..
    And when sanskar said I hate you.. I was like ? but then he said it was for fun and I was happy..
    Btw m very bad at guessing so no guesses.. But i hope that the character is positive..
    Thnk u
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    Take care Shrinju..

  11. Aksharaa

    Shirnju darling awsome one yaar pls kedp smiling post another one soon

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    Ahhh shrinju so short one..want big oart or els i wont tlk to u okk…cmng to epi it ws awesomeee…loved it….nd ols dnt mk entry of kavita…huhh okk otherwose i wont leave you…
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