Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 11


Hello everyone! Thank you soo much for your comments..That means a lot..And I will be posting my OS Part II very soon. Forgive me for my mistakes as I’m writing in my iPad and not in phone. 

The episode starts with Swara and Piya talking.. After one hour of their talking, they see Sanskar. He has come inside the room.

“Swara..Are you not tired of talking?” He asks her.

“No Sanskar..I met her after many days..I wanna talk to her. Besides, it’s not time for lunch so please can I talk to her? Pleaseee..” Swara says while making a puppy face.

“Dramebaaz! She know I cannot deny her cute, puppy face..That’s why she always keeps on making puppy face!” Sanskar wonders to himself.

“But….” He was about to say but couldn’t as he know that Swara would be unhappy.

“Swara..Let me go for work. On Sunday I’ll come to your house..Okay? And sir must be having a lot of work..Otherwise why would he deny you.” Piya says.

“No..I did not mean that..That’s fine..I don’t have much work today. So you both can chit chat.” Sanskar says.

“Thank you Sanskar!” Swara says and kisses him on his cheeks aware that someone is around her!

“Swara..Be careful. It’s public place..And if you want to romance then today night..!” He whispers in her ears and smirks.

Swara beats him on his stomach.

“Aooch!” Sanskar yells with pain.

“Mr. Maheshwari! Don’t forget I’m Mrs. Maheshwari..I’m too smarter than you!” Swara whispers in his ears and smirks back!

“Ahem Ahem!” Piya coughs and they come back to senses.

“You can go now!” Swara says and Piya hears it.

“‘You can go now’!Am I her servant? Now I’ll also show her that I’m Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari!” He wonders and goes out.

Soon they again start chit chatting.

“From how many days you’re working here?” Swara asks her.

“I’ve joined 5 months back.” Piya answers her.

“Oh okay.” Swara says.

Then later, SwaSan go back home. They’re in the car.

“Sanskar?” Swara asks.

But he doesn’t answer.

 “Sanskar!” She again says but he doesn’t answer. She gets disappointed.
Precap- Sanskar angry with Swara and Swara cheering him up with her plan!

Hey guys! I’m ending it here as I need my works too..And start writing my OS. I think I’ll be posting it tomorrow only. I’m not sure..

And yeah, I’m gonna post episode 1 of my other FF also..Title “Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too.” I have posted the plot for that. And I hope that I’ll not be irregular and update my other FF’s too along with it. But not in one day..Here’s the link for it. Do please comment from episode 1.. Link: http://www.tellyupdates.com/sanskar-love-swara-swara-love-intro/

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