Tujhse Hi (A Swaragini FF) Episode 1


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The episode starts with a girl folding bed sheets. She hears a bell sounds and runs to open the door. And gets shocked seeing the girl in front of her.

“How dare you come here? Have’nt I warned you not to come hear?” Girl folding the bed sheet angrily yells.

“Swara……!!” Girl 2 yells.

But the other girl interrupts.

“Don’t dare to take my name from your dirty mouth. Kavita…..Kavita Bose…” Swara yells.

The two girls are revealed to be Kavita and Swara.
Just then a boy comes there and goes to Swara.

“Swara,don’t cry. This girl can never separate us. Never!” Boy tells Swara.

“But Sanskar,she can even kill you if she doesn’t get you!” Swara tells sadly and while weeping.

The boy is revealed to be Sanskar.
Swara runs and goes to her room crying. Sanskar stares at Kavita and closes the door On her face.

“Swara! Whatever I say I does that. And now if I told I will kill you, then I will surely kill you.” Kavita says with a smirk.

Sanskar goes to Swara’s room and knocks and finds the door open.

“Swara! See, you are crying na. I will not talk to you.” Sanskar tells.

“Sanskar! Don’t go” Swara tells while wiping her tears.

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