Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Atharv and Sampada are alive, Malhar and Kalyani go to Mumbai

Tujhse Hai Raabta 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kalyani going to her room and sees Malhar laughing. Malhar says you people are very clever. Kalyani says what do you mean? Malhar says you, Sampada and Atharv. Kalyani takes a sigh of relief. Malhar shows the bank statement and says Sampada took out all the money from their joint account and asks Kalyani if she knows that Sampada didn’t leave even a penny. He says I will earn money again, but where I will get the lost respect back. He says it is good that they died, if they would have been alive then I would have prayed for their death. Atharv is seen standing as a statue in a big mall and steals money. Malhar asks Kalyani to pray that they are not alive, and says if there are alive then there is an animal in me who is hungry for them. Kalyani looks shocked. He says

if I find them alive then can’t keep animal in me alive. The watchman runs after Atharv and asks him to stop. Water tap gets opened by mistake and Atharv’s face is shown, he takes out his tshirt and throws it. He wipes his face and moves his hairs. The Police and watchman come there. Atharv runs and hides in the municipal dustbin. The Police run at other side. Malhar says if they are alive and if you hide this from me, then I will snatch light from your life and fill it with darkness. Kalyani cries and says ok.

Sampada comes and helps Atharv gets down from the dustbin. She says Police is gone. Atharv says if Police sees us then Malhar will know. He says we got saved with much difficulty. A fb is shown, they fall in the river and then gets out from there and reach the safe place. He smiles and says Maayi must be thinking that we died because of her bullet. Sampada says we are together now and nobody can separate us. They laugh. Fb ends. Atharv says Malhar must be thinking that he didn’t get our bodies then he will get doubtful. They see Police coming again and escape. They sit behind the car. Sampada tells Atharv that she can’t bear anymore now, and tells that all the money which they took out from Malhar and her joint account , and says she didn’t elope with him to sleep on street and have road side food. Atharv says what shall I do and says we are suffering together. Sampada cries. Atharv asks her to believe him that he will make everything fine and says just few more days, Malhar shall not know that we are alive else he will not leave us. He asks will you help me? Sampada nods and hugs him.

Kalyani wakes up in the morning and sees Malhar going? Malhar says I am going to Mumbai for work and that’s why she has to buy clothes for baby. Kalyani says if you don’t like the clothes brought by you then what? Malhar says then you have to go and change. Kalyani says they can’t get good clothes here. Malhar asks what do you want me to do, you want to come with me to Mumbai. Kalyani says we can shop there till you do the work. Malhar says ok, and gives her 15 mins. Kalyani dances and jumps. Malhar says just 8 mins. Kalyani gets ready and says she has to wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Malhar says it is not needed now. Kalyani says she is coming.

Anupriya sees the dream that Kalyani is severely injured and asking her to save her. She gets shocked and wakes up scared. Godaveri tells that they went for Mumbai. Anupriya runs behind the jeep and prays for Kalyani’s safety.

In the jeep, Malhar tells Kalyani that he is taking her far as he would have been embarrassed because of her childish behavior. Kalyani thinks what he thinks of himself. She tells Baby that she is hungry since morning and haven’t eaten anything. She asks baby to have food atleast. Malhar looks at her. truck is coming from other side, he didn’t see. Kalyani shouts asking him to see. Malhar turns the keep and tries to control the ride. Kalyani holds the baby tightly. Anupriya hears Vivek telling that he is going to Mumbai. Anupriya asks shall I come with you? Pallavi says don’t you trust him? Anupriya says she wants to buy chandani taar from there. Vivek asks her to sit. Pallavi thinks Maayi is after us. Anupriya thinks call me Kalyani , I am coming to you, and thinks she won’t be relieved until she sees her. Kalyani is in the mall and thinks Malhar scared her today and didn’t let the accident happen atleast. Malhar takes the baby. Kalyani gets Anupriya’s call and thinks why Aayi is calling me.

A terrorist keeps bomb in the baby carrier. Kalyani wears it keeping the baby in it. She says we have our ride now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode today. Waiting for Malhar to rescue kalyani!


    Check this spoiler out guys!
    Hope it’s true!

    Thank you H Hasan for the update.

    1. It’s fake malhar won’t hug instead he scolds her and anupriya beat her and give hug it’s in YouTube already updated and pls watch on tv V should beat kulfi and tarak

  2. rather mixed episode. . they will not know that kaliyani and malhar are married. . short Sampada and atharva are immoral and immoral characters. . deceitful and without moral discomfort. . i just hope that malhar will open his eyes and his mind .. and trust kaliyani .. sampada to remove all the penny of malhar .. he really wiped it out. . I just wish for this end-of-year period to show us a little more logic and less cruelty on the part of malhar towards kaliyani. . I hope he realizes that kaliyani is no longer lying and that they both restore the truth. . In short, my wish is ridiculous and will not be done anytime soon. . But hope gives life. . as much to believe in it. .

  3. Beautiful episode… Friends do u know at baby naming ceremony aparna says dis baby is belong to athrav idk how malhar will react one or other thing he lossing o god give malhar something yar

    1. Divya hi .. you know how this..my god he will still destroy the life of kaliyani..a thing if Arpana to say it.this is risky for her .. because Pillu will be safe financially and happy with malhar while Arthava and Sampada does not have anything .. in short it is at its own risk if it says that it has malhar .. Arpana will not have the comfort it currently has..bref .. I dare to hope that malhar can understand that kaliyani says the truth just as she told him for the anti-dry. . she told Malhar that even if she told him that it was Arpana to have written he would not believe it. . Maybe this incident could put the spirit of malhar back in place. . hope

      1. https://www.facebook.com/1458869344362044/posts/2173004192948552/

        C dis dr in telly page they posted but I wish pillu should not separate bec he missed everything now kkAlma love him so much if pillu gone kalma will sep5 so soon malhar not left with anything..Tat baby is d building block to kalma hope truth not out soon …Then poor Sam athrav they spoil many life now their life spoiling… Yesterday episode was masth… Friends watch on tv tujse should beat kulfi

  4. The episode was good. It was a mixed episode.. sampada and atharv will be back to make more trouble for kalyani.

  5. Leisa s morris

    As I said previously sampada will b back and causing trouble. Thought love was all she needed and dats y she abandoned her child now she talking bout money. U choose dis low life over malhar so enjoy. As for aparna saying d baby is not malhar well she msy say dat but we know dat isnt true cause no way would sampada leave her love child with arthav behind nor would arthav. Even though hes a leech he would never want malhar to keep his and sampada child and we saw dat wen he chastised her for being emotional and goin to look for d child dat he doesnt care bout d child hence not his. Aparna is just plain evil and malhar should kick her out just for dat.

  6. Felt happy while watching the episode… Sampada deserves it for cheating malhar..

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