Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani Creates More Troubles In Anupriya’s Life

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Aparna starts yelling that girl/Kalyani’s mother died, but that does not mean she will come here to stay and trouble us. Ahilya sends children in and scolds Aparna to stop bathmouthing always. Atharva messages Malhar that Maayi spent a night in jail because of this girl/Kalyani. Ahilya says she will not let that arrogant girl stay in this house, but cannot ignore the fact that the girl lost her mother just now. Aparna yells Anupriya does mistakes always and family suffers. Ahilya says Anupriya never does any mistake and warns her to shut up. Rao Saheb signals Aparna to stop.

Anupriya tells Kalyani she cannot stay here and will get her admitted in some other hostel. Kalyani yells why should she, let Anu’s family know what she is. Anu pleads not to do that, she will go

from here, but she has to stay with family and cannot live in humiliation. Kalyani yells she should have thought before promising her father. Anu says she made a big mistake, she thought Atul gave her a rose, but did not know this rose has storm between petal and will destroy her house. Kalyani yells wait and watch, what she will do. Anu leaves. She walks back home and lies family that Kalyani is her friend’s daughter, so she brought her here. Ahilya asks what about girl’s father. Anu lies that he left them long ago. Ahilya says she will not let that girl stay here. Malhar says he will find a place to stay for that girl, till then she should let girl stay here. Ahilya says only 2 days.

Kalyani thinks how did Madhuri’s pics get deleted from her mobile, Anu must have done it. Atharva peeps from window and shows her pics. She shouts how did he get her pics. He reminisces transfering pics into his mobile thinking it is best way to stop Kalyani from troubling Maayi/Anu. He warns her to stop troubling Maayi if she wants these pics back. Kalyani yells she will trouble even him. Their argument starts. She runs behind him to snatch mobile, enters thread dying area and falls into dye water. Workers get angry that she spoilt their whole day’s work. Kalyani starts arguing with them. They scolds she is so arrogant and is roaming wearing short clothes. She yells their thinking is short/narrow and not her clothes. Someone informs Anu about Kalyani’s made mishap. She rushes to venue and sees Kalyani yelling, says if Ahilya sees that, she will be angry. Kalyani yells she does not care. Ahilya enters and scolds Kalyani that it is her parent’s wrong upbringing and not her mistake. Kalyani yells dare not to talk about her mother. Ahilya gives her punishment of dying thread and correcting her mistake. Kalyani says her mom thought not to do anything which she does not like, so she will not accept Ahilya’s order and walks away. Ahilya warns Anu if Kalyani does not finish work in by morning, she cannot stay in this house.

Precap: Anu dyes threads spoilt by Kalyani and asks her not to enter house, else Ahilya will punish her more. Kalyani walks into Atharva’s room and seeing his mobile picks it. Atharva sees that and to divert her attention says cockroach..She afraidly falls on him.

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  1. OK I’m officially intrigued how is madhuri related to anu? It’ll be weird if anu is madhuri sister considering kalyani would then be atharva’s cousin?🤔🤔which would be projectile vomit inducing 😣😣**ewww**

  2. DannyComments

    Why is Anu pampering this Kalyani?? I feel like pulling my hair out! Lock her up for a whole day without food. She will calm down.

  3. As of now everything is a puzzle…the relationship between Anu and Kalyani’s father and why does Anu look so guilty as if she has done something terribly wrong…..that might be the reason why she is tolerating Kalyani’s irritable tantrums….I don’t think Madhuri is Anu’s sister,,,otherwise ,Anu’s reaction would have been different in the mortuary…no sister could be so indifferent to her sister’s death…no tears,no emotions…I would really like to know what had transpired between Atul and Anu that compelled Madhuri to go to the extent if complaining to the police ….Yes,Kalyani is a real brat and she certainly gets on one’s nerves…but this one and Guddan are somewhat different from the remaining Zee serials which are all steriotypic love stories that eventually deteriorate into hide &seek games between the leads and hoards of villains who play spoil sport in their romance…As of now ,the story is interesting with some mystery centered round the death / murder of Madhuri…

  4. Anu88

    Nice and so so so interesting serial

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