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Hey all I am back with the 4th part. And your lovely support really means a lot to me and always makes me smile. Well i know a lot had lots of question in mind while reading the precap so i hope after reading the 4th part u all can get ur answer 🙂

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Here is part 4.
The next day morning, she came and continued her cake shop business as usual. But today her focus was not in carrying on her business. Her focus was somewhere else. Her eyes were just looking at the window. When will he come? That was what Ishana was thinking and nothing else. So she was desperately waiting for him to come. And while doing her daily routine but today in a disinterested manner, finally a smile appeared on her face. Finally he came! She was waiting for him so much. She gave the responsibility for carrying out her cake business for a while to someone trustworthy. She in excitement ran to the spot where he always did his painting. And her smile became broader.

Omkara continued doing his painting and did what he usually did. It seems all normal. As if nothing happened at all yesterday. But from inside he was feeling embarrassed over that incident yesterday. But what overshadowed his embarrassment was his grieve. His memories with his Wife deepened more and he missed her a lot. He wanted her to come back but he knew it was impossible. How he wish it was possible.

Ishana happily came there and saw Omkara and ran and sat beside him. This stunned Omkara. She was staring at his painting and smiling. Later, she looked at Omkara and they both stared at each other. He faced a lot in his life, and his paintings say a lot. Wished he could get all the happiness in his life back. He deserved to be happy. He is such a gentle person. Who told her? No one did. She knew it.she read his personality through her eyes. Omkara looked at her as he was confused what was she doing here? He was getting irritated, he wanted to tell her to get lost. Later he thought let it be. He ignored her and continued doing painting.

Even though that irritating element was beside him he didn’t let his focus divert and he did the painting. As always his painting always said something. No wonder why he was so passionate about his artworks which itself conveyed his emotions and all that. Seconds passed by, then minutes passed by. Following that hours passed by. But he was surprised as he saw the girl was still there sitting beside him. She didn’t even move at all. She was also curious over the painting just like he was. Was she really curious? He got thinking. There must be some reason why she is sitting here for hours. What does she exactly want?

“What do you exactly want?” Omkara finally broke the ice this time.

Ishana from inside was smiling. Finally he is speaking with her.
“I want to learn art.” Ishana happily said that. Omkara was stunned over what she said. Really she wanted to learn art? Surprising. It doesn’t looks like she is interested. Omkara straightly denied her. Ishana knew this will happen. She pleaded and requested him to teach her art. Omkara denied. But she still pleaded him through one word, “Please!” This went on. Finally in this battle of words Omkara lost and he unwillingly agreed to teach her art. Ishana was happy. She was so happy. So happy that she lost control of herself and started dancing like anything! This surprised Omkara more, but surprisingly he suddenly had that little feeling that maybe his decision is right! He packed up and told her to get ready tomorrow. And he left.

Ishana looked at him and smiled. She knew that he had to agree. Now her mission to bring Omkara’s life back to normal began and she succeeded in the first level. She knew it was not an easy task at all, but at the same time it was not at all an impossible task. She went back home and slept peacefully at night. At the same time she also had a small dream on
him, maybe because she was too excited?

The next day, she came to her work earlier as usual, so that she could complete all he work really and spent the rest of the day learning art from Omkara. Omkara came and Ishana smiled as she saw him from the window and showed him thumbs up. Omkara waited for her, not really. He continued with his work what if she doesn’t turn up by any chance. There is chance. But Ishana snatched it and proved it wrong and she was present to learn art from him.

Well it was not at all an easy thing. Art was so difficult. Painting. Like the shades, tones, color, proportion and so on there was so many things to keep in mind. Hats off to him that he is such an excellent artist and all these qualities are available and seen in his artworks. No wonder how he became a painter. For her she and painting was impossible. But she knew she had to do this. Omkara knew that she was facing problems and he hold her hand. Ishana became surprised. He taught her step by step. She lovingly stared at him, really he is a nice guy and finally she proved her heart right and mind wrong. Omkara looked at her and she diverted her focus and he continued teaching her.

Well she did get better, but there was still a very long way to go. This was not a matter of day. Some days or even months are needed to be invested to learn this. But seeing her dedication towards learning, he agreed to continue teaching her.

And then this carried on for 2-3 days. But hats off to Ishana who balanced her business and also her ‘art’ lessons. She didn’t mind because at least she will be able to help him, and if she succeeds then that will be enough for her. But when she was learning painting it was not an easy thing at all. There were so many things to keep in mind. Really painting is not made for everyone. Ishana saw no process in Omkara in these 2-3 days, he just remained a mere teacher and that’s it. No! That’s not enough at all. Something else must be done.

An idea stroke her mind. She acted stubborn and requested him if it was possible to learn painting in various places. And as expected Omkara straightly denied. But Ishana is no less. She acted stubborn , so much stubborn that Omkara had to agree in the end. He wanted to stop her teaching right now, but seeing her dedication and sacrifice he melted and agreed to carry on teaching her. It was not at all easy for someone to let their business to be affected just to learn art. After so many years, he saw someone this much dedicated that’s why in the end he couldn’t deny and agreed to teach her art in various places.

So, from the next day onwards after Ishana completed her work earlier than usual, she and Omkara went to various places. Parks, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Fairs, Riverside, mostly natural attractions for the painting lessons. And slowly slowly everything became better.

Omkara started to like Ishana’s accompany. She was very weird and funny, but at the same time a good human being, dedicated , helpful and kind person. Really she loved life so much despite so much problems she faced previously.

Omkara started sharing his feelings with Ishana and opened up everything to her. Well mostly he used to speak about Riddima.

Ishana did feel bad but she didn’t mind as sometimes that made him happy too. How lucky Riddima was to get someone like Omkara? But how cruel fate was to take away Riddima from him forever!

Changes came in Omkara and he started to live a normal life but still there was a lot to be done. Like now he used to spend time with his family too after Ishana made him realise the value of family and showed how wrong he was! And also he went to variable places. He even felt much better than before. But one thing still didn’t change. That was the love he had for Riddima. He still couldn’t forget her. He still wept for her from inside. And the trust he had in love was impossible to bring it back.

Omkara’s family were Super happy to see the changes in him and after so many years hopes awakened in them to get their old Omkara back. Everyone was so thankful to God to make everything fine. And Anika was smiling as she knew that all these changes came in Omkara thanks to Ishana. She was really grateful of Ishana to bring her old Brother-in-law back.

Gradually as days passed by Omkara and Ishana came closer to each other. From friends to good friends to Best Friends, this was the bond of Omkara and Ishana. Ishana was really grateful as she was getting closer to her goal and she is almost there. But she didn’t realise when she fall in love with Omkara. Whenever she looked at him, she used to be so lost in his sight and then later on even her heart started beating faster whenever she saw him. She knew she was madly in love with him. As soon as she realised her love, she just walked up to Omkara and Omkara smiled and looked at her and suddenly she hugged him. Omkara became surprised as he was confused why she suddenly came up and hugged him. Omkara also hugged her as a best friend’s hug and asked if she wanted anything or if everything is fine.

Ishana assured that everything was fine but it was not. She desperately wanted to say how much she loved him, but she was nervous. She didn’t want to lose him. Maybe it was impossible to stay with Omkara as a lover, but not as a Friend. This is satisfying enough for her. But not really. She longed for Omkara but she knew that Omkara only loved Riddima and no one else. She immensely and honestly played the role of a Best Friend for Omkara.

Omkara now knew how to enjoy life. Irony was Omkara was supposed to be Ishana’s teacher to teach her art. But it turned out to be the opposite. Ishana became Omkara’s teacher and taught her how life was like and life goes on because everyone comes to this world to leave this world one day. Well he started to move on in his life but at the same time it was hard to forget about the tragedy. He still remembered her in his heart. Ishana made him realise that if Riddima was alive today and saw him in this state, how much hurt she would be? Omkara realised his mistake completely, and now he became the old Omkara. Well he was not 100% the old Omkara yet, but still a lot same. His family was satisfied enough with that.

Well, Omkara was thankful of Ishana to open his eyes and how much wrong he was to make himself suffering. He realised how much selfish he was, as even his family members suffered due to this. He assured Ishana that nothing like this will happen again. But Omkara felt a little bad as Ishana still couldn’t do proper painting so did Ishana. Ishana didn’t know what went wrong and Omkara didn’t know why wasn’t she able to do so.

It was Omkara’s birthday. Ishana excited and happily made a birthday cake for him. Something she loved a lot. She was Super happy as she was doing something she loved the most for someone whom she loves the most. She brought the cake, and Omkara was Glad to see the cake. Well they refreshed their memory over their first meeting which involved the cake and instead of being annoyed or embarrassed they shared a great laugh over it. And then finally Omkara got his answer. Ishana was a good artist. Ishana was surprised that how this possible. Omkara explained to Ishana that art doesn’t only mean by drawing or painting and that most tend to have this misconception. Ishana had an art that was making cakes her passion and she was excellent in it. Well Ishana got what Omkara said and a broad smile appeared on her face. Omkara became happier that his Best Friend was a great artist too. Ishana taught Omkara the meaning of life and Omkara taught Ishana the meaning of art. This made her more passionate towards baking.

And then their normal life resumed. Omkara used to come in that spot and do painting only weekly now. Now he is a responsible guy and runs his own art gallery as usual. Ishana was happy but she missed Omkara at the same time. But that didn’t reduce her love. Instead she started loving more. Omkara had an unknown attraction towards Ishana maybe because she did a lot for him. He wanted to do something for her but didn’t know what to do.

Anika and her Son played the role of the Cupid in their love story. She saw love for Omkara in Ishana’s eyes and she knew she had to do something. She came to Ishana’s house and reprimanded her for playing with Omkara’s feeling. She was surprised. Anika indirectly told her that if Ishana truly loved him instead of hiding and being a coward she should confess her love to him. Maybe it maybe hard for him to digest the fact, but when he will get to know about this how much hurt he will be. Ishana got thinking and realised that yes she is wrong.

Later, Ishana spent sleepless nights thinking about what Anika said and whether she was really deceiving him. It was a risk to tell him the truth but this isn’t right either. Ishana believed that if she truly loved him and she didn’t do anything wrong, so God will be her. After many debates she decided to confess her love to him. Now she felt more confident and she is ready to show her this avatar to her Omi.

Precap for last part part 5:- Ishana came to Omkara and confesses her love to Omkara. Omkara is shocked. As Ishana was about to hold his shoulder, Omkara moves away and goes away. Ishana cries badly. Omkara looks back and is shocked to see Ishana like this and he stops there.

The next part which will be the last part of this five shots I will publish it tomorrow. Till then stay tuned.
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  1. Shaza

    Awesome shot , as usual …eagerly wait for it …pls post it ASAP….ur ff really make me imagine everything and I get more exited for ishkara track in the actual serial to start..and pls post they other ff – WE THRRE BRITHERS ARE LIKE THREE SIDES OF A TRIANGLE AND SO IS OUR STORY ….the name is somewhat like This…pls post it also ….??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Shaza thanks for commenting happy u liked it well will post it soon and you know i love everything about ishqbaaz just that i miss ishkara if not it’s a perfect show and my ff well i have made some changes to the storyline like Gul Khan did with ishkara Track ? So i will get late in posting that

  2. Akshaya

    Before ishana to confess om, I must confess him, right fatu??. Episode was awesome

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey akshaya thanks for commenting
      Huh you? I didn’t get you
      Anyways happy u liked the epi 🙂

  3. ImmatureBookworm

    This episode was just idjekeheekkjjew I have no words to explain what I fee ????????I’M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF THE LAST CHAPTER????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey immaturebookworm thanks for commenting wow is that foul language? Jking jking ??? and happy u liked it and last chapter will post it soon

  4. Aiswarya

    Woww this episode is just mind blowing .u made me speechless .
    plzzzzzzzzz post the next part as soon

    1. Aiswarya

      While reading the episode I remembered viplav trying to confess his love n stammering I. …I….I …..
      Dhani looking here n there n asking who came ??

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aishwarya thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi will post the next part soon
      And ya that one I got inspired from IKRS episodes only i miss the old IKRS so much Vidhaani aka Misha scenes their fights uff the piya house and ashram house were the best
      And so Sad mishal is not in sangrash that new show on Colors ?

  5. Jo I have mixed emotions I wanna say that you’re a brilliant writer your words which describe your personality and thoughts are really fab …. I was so right that you’re having a power in you’re thinking that readers straightly connects to ur story and starts imaging it like real you know that god gifts this talent to some special person and in my thinking you’re the special person… U know whenever I read ur story or every thing I really feel happy and feel bad at the same time that I am an immature in your comparison..
    I wish u teach me… And one day we both will write some story… If fortune permitted…
    Loved ur writing to the core and to the sky …. Sky is endless and ur passion for writing is endless…
    ???? part 5 is last oh no …. But I understand you’re situation but if time permit post some thing else….
    Always waiting for your loads…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey shama thanks for commenting ur comment always means a lot to me
      And omg really ur comment is so inspiring writing is just a hobby for me that’s it and no u r not immature ur ff is like more than 50 episodes i can’t even write a story for more than 20 episodes
      And well after this five shot ends will try to focus on my ff as i made some changes to the storyline

      1. We….omg you’re asking me to help you omg I am at cloud 9999999999…. Thanks for this really happy and thanks for commenting on my ff I finished more than 50 but still not fully satisfied… With my description you’re way is better… And yaa I agree with @priya that you’re a jabrak fan …

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey what r u saying you know i love ur ff so much so don’t say like this because u r amazing to me and ur ff is one of the ff i always eagerly wait for believe it or not?
      Let’s not fight over who is best , after all we both are ishqbaaz fans ?

  6. Priya15

    Omg… This episode is really fantabulous jo….i dont know what to say…i m speechless… But i must say..i have become a jabra fan of u….??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Priya thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi
      And OMG u and Jabra fan ? Well i m so happy listening to this because i love ur Ragsan one shots too

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      Hey Ridhima thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂

  8. Aaru

    Nice one..I guess Ishana ka accident ho jayega??

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      Hey aaru thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it 🙂
      Well itna jaldi nahi Pataun gi ???

  9. Amazing…superb…plz post next asap..

    1. While reading…i feel like m watching…soo nice of u…that u expresss in such a way that every one got connected..

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Abiha thanks for commenting happy u liked it and yes will post the next one soon
      And happy u could imagine the scenes well 🙂

  10. Arshi

    Wowowowoowowowowow sooo nice… superbly expressed each and every sceme……

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey arshi thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it and also the expressing way 🙂

  11. It was a fab fati once again…?..loved ur writing skills..and sad tht it was 2nd last epi..?…well waiting for ishkara union…??

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      Hey alish thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked my writing skill
      And aww don’t be sad I will comeback soon

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