Tujhme khoya rahun main Mujhme khoyi rahe tu- (Ishqbaaz) Ishkara Five Shots part 2 of 5



Hey all. I am back with the second part of the five shots. Well to clarify root canal surgery is not very serious, it’s related to the tooth so no worries. I will just have a minor surgery for my tooth and nothing else. And thank u so much for understanding my problem. Anyways now without speaking much here is part 2.

By any chance if you didn’t read the first part here is the link:-

Tujhme khoya rahun main Mujhme khoyi rahe tu- (Ishqbaaz) Ishkara Five Shots part 1 of 5

Here is part 2.
Omkara slowly walked into home like a carefree person without any emotions on his face shown and he went straight to the steps and began climbing step by step. And he went where? Back to his room! And he again went back and did what he usually do. Painting!
It seems that Omkara used to do only one thing 24/7 and that was painting. He don’t have any other work? He had. A lot of work. He expressed his emotions and depression everything into all his paintings. That’s why whenever you look at his paintings says a lot. A lot of things. Maybe this is the only way to come out of the trauma he faced over Riddhima’s death. He still couldnt forget Riddhima she was still in his heart. He must have suffered a lot due to Riddhima’s death. After all he truly loved her.

There was nothing that could make Omkara better or smile. His brothers tried to come to him and sit and speak to him but that didn’t work. Even his Father tried but still no. But there was one person who could make Omkara smile. That was
“Chachu!” A cute little boy of age 4 came and hugged Omkara and finally there was a sweet but light smile on Omkara’s face.
Yes he was the Son of Shivaye and Anika and his name was Mohit. He was the only one who was the only hope to show Omkara what was life actually like.
The way Mohit hugged his Omkara Chachu it showed that he and Omkara shared a very special bond. With curiosity he looked at Omkara’s paintings. And he will always be the helping hand of Omkara by passing him the paints and paintbrushes whenever he was with Omkara. Mohit was the only one who made Omkara feel better actually.

And then one day Mohit was Super happy and was jumping over his bed.
“Happy Birthday!” Shivaye and Anika came and clapped and wished their dear Son happy birthday.
Mohit was happy for his birthday! This was not one reason. Infact there was a very big reason. Mohit jumped all over his bed and ran to the room. He went to his Omkara Chachu’s room. And there Omkara was dressed in a totally different avatar from his usual tops into a more professional avatar. Mohit jumped and Omkara hughed him.

“Happy birthday!” Omkara happily said.
Now the reason why Mohit was Super happy. Because finally Omkara was going to come out infront of everyone. And he will also be there to be present with everyone in this moment of happiness. Out of 365 or 366 days in the calendar this was the only one day in a year he will come out and be with everyone in the last 5 years.

But Omkara didn’t do this willingly. He did this only for the sake of Mohit. Omkara didn’t enjoy all these despite it was for annually. But he did this for Mohit. Just to see a smile and happiness in that kid’s face. It seems that life was not life for Omkara anymore. Nothing really made him smile except for Mohit. Omkara only for Mohit pretended to be part of everyone’s happiness. But he was still thinking about Riddhima and depressed over her demise.

And then the birthday party began. It was like normal birthday parties. People talking and smiling. Kids running all over. And also the house different than usual due to decorations. And then came the entry all waiting for. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Omkara after 365 days came down to celebrate with his family members and be with them and spend time with them, unlike his usual destinations- His bedroom
and… Everyone was so happy to see Omkara after so many days unlike Omkara who was still the same.

Some of them tried to speak with Omkara with the only intention to make him feel better. But that had an adverse effect. It irritated him even more instead. It was not because he didn’t like what he they said it’s just that he didn’t feel like hearing what they said.
And then someone said something which he didn’t only like but that also angered him. That angered him to such an extent that he even decided to leave the party.
“I think you should get Omkara get remarried.” That’s why a lady said to Janvi.
This angered Omkara as that lady was implying Omkara to move on with someone else. Omkara couldn’t accept this at all. After all he still loved Riddhima, who was none other than his deceased wife.So what happened if she died?

And then at the same time, marked the entry of her. Ishana. Ishana came to the Oberoi Mansion and stepped in with the gigantic cake in her hand. Yes this cake was for the birthday boy Mohit. Ishana with a smile continued walking and her smile turned broader as she looked at the entire Oberoi Mansion. Never ever in her life she saw such a beautiful place. And then on the other hand was the completely contrast upset Omkara and storming in anger Omkara walking. While walking he collided with Ishana who had the cake in her hand. The next minute, suddenly the top of the wonderful cake was destroyed and Omkara’s face instead of clean, plain was full of the cream that came from the cake. As Ishana looked at the bottom and top the curve of her lips turned into oval as she was shocked with what just

happened. She knew that this she is gonna have to face the anger of the guy whose face just spoiled her cake due to her carelessness. Omkara just stared at Ishana and walked away as he couldn’t tolerate to stay in the party for another minute.

The entire Oberoi family were stunned with this scenario as they know it was not easy for Omkara to come here and this added fuel to the fire. Ishana felt bad for her carelessness and she followed Omkara to see if everything was fine. And by any chance If there was anything she could do to help him.

Ishana followed him and waited for him as he was in the washroom using sprinkles of water to wash away the cream on his face.
Ishana was waiting for him. She couldn’t take it anymore and she was about to open the door. Omkara at the same time opens the door and this leads to Ishana lose her balance. And as she was about to fall, she knew that she will be in trouble. So she closed her eyes. And when she slowly opened her eyes she was surprised that instead of the ground she was away from the ground. But how. She looked at him and realised that he was the one who saved her from falling down. Ishana fully looked at Omkara’s face.

Suddenly something unusual happened to her which never ever happened to her. She just stared at him lovingly. His innocent eyes, his face surprised face. She just couldn’t move her attention away from his face. And also her heart beat started to accelerate and she didn’t even realise it. Never in her life she saw such an innocent looking guy. And now she was on her own leg, as Omkara made her stand still like a doll.

“What’s your problem?” Omkara said in a harsh tone.
Suddenly Ishana’s smile turned into a frown shape as with Omkara scolding her his innocence vanishes but only in her mind. In her heart, he was still that innocent guy. Omkara scolded her and Ishana didn’t mind at all, just the way he spoke. His speech, his voice is actually enough for her. She just can’t get eyes away from him. Omkara finishes his lecture and moves away from Ishana as if she doesn’t exist. Ishana just stared from behind.

Why didn’t she get angry at all? He said so much, he was so harsh but why that didn’t effect at all? Why didn’t she scold him? That was not going on Ishana’s mind or heart it was just like this questions raised. Ishana didn’t think about it as she was still stuck at the place from where she first had a glance of his innocent face. Ishana didn’t mind because it was love at first sight and also first ever time she fall in love which she herself didn’t understand. Omkara ended his lecture and he leaves. Ishana feels bad for no reason and was about to apologise to him for her so called mistake, she hurried and in that pretext she slips and Omkara again saves her and catches her in his arm. They both stare at each other as if they don’t know what is going on and an awkward eyelock happened between them for long. Omkara breaks the eyelock, gets her up and makes her stand straight and leaves. Ishana stares at him.
Part 2 ends.

Precap for part 3:- Ishana sees the same guy painting and this time she brings the cake for him and is stunned as she sees him. Later Omkara acts crazy and he throws stuffs all over and screams loudly, Ishana rushes to Omkara and Omkara hugs her tightly and cries. Ishana is confused.

I will publish the next part tomorrow.

Please do feel free to express your opinions 🙂

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  1. ImmatureBookworm

    ? loved the episode. Fingers crossed for the precap ? it seems heart wrenching ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey immature bookworm thanks for commenting happy u liked the episode
      And well to know that u have to wait for the next part which i will upload tomorrow 🙂

  2. Amazing..you rocked it..happy that you are fine now..although I am not well today reading this made me feel better..thnx..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey tharu thanks for commenting happy u liked it OMG get well soon dear happy it made u feel better means a lot to me 🙂

  3. awsome … plz post next asap..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Abiha thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it 🙂
      Will post the next part tomorrow 🙂

  4. Aaru

    Superb..I read d first part also today..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aaru thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂
      And yes i saw ur comment in the first part 🙂

  5. Priya15

    its amazing yr….i luv it….and fingers crossed for precap..yipeeee…ishkara hug..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey priya thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked it
      And also the precap 🙂
      More ishkara scenes awaiting… 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ridhima thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂

  6. Nice episode I luv it and precap is awesome

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ekta thanks for commenting happy u liked the epi and also the precap 🙂

  7. Sunehri

    Jo u described every thing very well 🙂 I’m ur jabra fan of ur ff (u know that and I read all ur ff but I’m unable to comment due to exams and I’ve definitely comment in all ur ff 🙂 ) ? ? ? love ur ff

    Keep going

    Sunehri mehta ♡

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sunehri my bestie XD
      happy u liked it a lot 🙂
      and i understand that’s why i m happy to see ur comment here 😛
      And how was ur exam dear?

  8. Akshaya

    Fatu update the next ASAP. please dear. Awesome episode.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey akshaya thanks for commenting
      Will upload the next part tomorrow
      And happy u liked the epi 🙂

  9. Aiswarya

    awesome episode joyee .keep rocking like this

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey aishwarya thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the episode
      Thanks yaar 🙂

  10. Jazz1

    It was so awesome. Waiting for the next one

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      Hey jazz1 thanks for commenting happy u liked it
      And yes will upload the next one soon 🙂

  11. Serious apologizes for commenting late ….. I loved it to the core jo as usual but I wanna ask some thing that how u added the previous episode link plz tell me naa…
    And yaa your ISHKARA is better than my OS
    Waiting …..waiting

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Sharma thanks for commenting happy u liked it
      Well for the link right I copied the first link and pasted it to the second one
      Like while I was submitting the episodes
      And well i m yet to read ur os but i read ur ff and i love it to the core no yaar it’s not so good urs is just amazing

  12. Awesome ep

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fiza thanks for commenting
      Happy u liked the epi 🙂

  13. Arshi

    Wowoowoowowo soo cute….

    And abt next part i guess…. riddhima might have played with omkara…. and the truth might have came in front of him… in the state of being cheated… he colapsed… and might have hugged her… and its just a guess…

    And and and… the way u expressed the line… tat riddhima was been saved by om … was just awesome…. wow u have exlressed it in a superb cite way …..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey arshi thanks for commenting well what will happen that u will know very soon and happy u liked it and i already submitted the third part depends on when they will publish it 🙂

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