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Hi guys Veronica here with a one shot story for Arshi fans….! Hope you all like it..And wanted to mention an important thing I will be back with an ff Dil Chahta Hai on Ishra and Arshi (No reference to the film)..And a surprise entry too.And Ishra fans brace urself I have something like this for you too.So let’s proceed.

‘Reading those old love letters of yours for me made me laugh hard Arnav!’
“Arre am I too stupid yaar…that my letter made you laugh?”
“Lol tum stupid nahin ek number ki gadha ho” (You arent stupid you are number one donkey)

“What the..Khushi! Today is your marriage and you are talking about our old stories”
“Arnav…!Kitna bhi koshish karlo tumhare liye mera pyaar pehle ki tarah hi hai..aur koi hamare beech nahi aa saktaa” (Whatever you say nobody can come between us and my love for you is the same like the way it was)
Both get sad
“Lekin mein tumse bhi zyada apne aap se pyaar karta hoon” (But I love myself more than you)

A girl cries and in the parallel room a boy is sad..Ae dil hai mushkil plays.
Girl:I know Arnav what are you going through.
Boy:Ms.Khushi.Kumari.Gupta I will not leave you

Khushi looks down and sees Arnav in a black and red sherwani…She fake smiles hiding her tears looking at another person.Arnav notice that and gets hurt.She was made ready in a beautiful red wedding lehenga with matching heels and accessories..A group of people enter the place..Khushi smiles at them.A girl from the group enter the room and gives a bone crushing hug to Khushi..Both cry
Khushi:Anjali di…I am sorry for whatever is happening.
Anjali:Arre Pagal…dont be sorry be happy today..everything will be alright
A man from behind:Rani sahiba sahi bol rahi hai Khushi ji everything will be alright and as your wish. (Rani sahiba is saying right)
Khushi:Shyam jiju aap toh jhoru ka ghulam hai toh aapki baat kaise maan loon.(Shyam jiju you are dancing to your wife tunes always so how will I believe you)
All laugh.Shyam makes pout face

A man:Meri baat so sun sakti hoon na (You can hear me right)
Khushi turns pale and sad again
Shyam:Yah..Nobody can dare say NO to Arnav
Arnav:Jiju and all of you niche sab bula rahe hai (Jiju and you all everybody is calling you down)
Anjali:I will come with Khushi…All of you go..may be Rohan (The groom) has come.

All leave..Khushi and Arnav share painful eye lock…..Kyun khwaabon pe tere saaye hai plays..Rabba ve (sad version)..Arnav leaves with Shyam..Khushi sits on the chair crying.Anjali consoles her.Something happened a month back came into her mind.

A month before the wedding..Khushi and Arnav are walking through a park holding hands..They reach an isolated place…..Arnav holds Khushi by waist and Kiss her..She blush.

Arnav:Hayy hayy dont force me with your blush again.
Khushi:My blush is dangerous?
Arnav holding her closer and removing the hair strands from her face: Your blush alone is not.dangerous…You yourself is a dangerous AK47 (Khushi frowns)…Which only I can handle.
Khushi laughs and hugs him
Khushi:I love your humour baby
Arnav:And I love me
Khushi hits him playfully and runs behind him.

They rest for sometime,
Khushi:Arnav…Amma and Bapuji are pressuring me for Marriage with Rohan
Arnav:Who Rohan?
Khushi:Col. Uncles son our neighbours when I was in Gujarat
Arnav:Now that you are in Delhi I am and I should be the only person near you…ok?
Khushi smiles and rests on his shoulder.

A few days pass with Arshi romance.A beautiful and pleasant evening Khushi is at home tensed and she calls Arnav and asks him to meet her in the Park…Khushi parks her scooty and runs to Arnav and hugs him.Arnav hugs her back
Arnav:What happened baby?
Khushi:Woh…My marriage is going to get fixed tomorrow with Rohan.
Arnav:Calm down…calm down (he makes her sit)
Khushi:I can’t leave you..we will talk with your di,jiju and nani
Arnav:Khushi! But I am not ready for marriage
Khushi:What do you mean? After 20 years you want to marry when we are old…or after death?

Arnav:Arre yaar dont create a big scene…I understand..we will talk with cool mind….dont take much stress
He hugs her
Khushi(lying in his chests):I can only love you and nobody else Arnav…Whoever comes between us I will chop him off.
Arnav smiles
Khushi:Arnav! Did you get any idea…
Arnav doesn’t reply he was busy in his thoughts
Khushi:If we say about our relationship at home all of them will have only one thing to say and that is marriage…So lets say

Hearing him stammer she lifts her head and looks at him suspiciously with wet eyes.
Khushi:Mujhe aap par barosa tha….mujhe laga aap ha bolenge aur meri ghar lekar jayege hamre shaadi ki baat karege vagera par aapne toh…chi! Mujhe abhi apne aap par sharam aa rahi hai ki meine aapse pyaar kiya tha itne saal (I had full trust on you….I thought you will say yes and takes me to my parents,fix our marriage etc…but you are….Damn! I am feeling ashamed of myself for loving you these many years)
Khushi:Dare to take my name from your mouth
Arnav: Baby…I love you truly madly and deeply but…my fame, my age, my youth…how can I marry you now?
Khushi:Till now have I ever said No to you for anything?
Arnav:I agree you havent
Khushi:Till now have I heard and obeyed whatever you have said?
Arnav:I agree that too
Khushi:Am I spoiling your life?

Arnav:I didn’t mean that..
Khushi:Stop! I did a big mistake by loving a selfish person like you…I am sorry I did a very big mistake

Khushi turns to leave crying

Arnav(cries): I am sorry Khushi…give yourself sometime….I know we can discuss it
Khushi:Again you showed your selfishness by saying ‘give yourself sometime’….think Arnav who needs time is it me or you?
Arnav:Both of us
Khushi:Dont accept your mistake also (cries and runs)
Arnav sits in the Park crying till it was time for closing.

Khushi on the otherhand agreed for marriage and all were in a happy mood.Arshi were sitting near the window of their respective room and looking at the moon.
Khushi(to herself):Arnav….I love you but….your selfishness is creating the biggest problem for us.
Arnav(to himself):I agree Khushi I am selfish but…My love for you is beyond any words….You are an inseperable part of my life Khushi.
Khushi(to herself):Remember the first time we met in college….the rockstar ASR has fallen for a girl at first sight…the news that spread the whole college and I was the last one to know….Your aroggant behaviour and naughtiness was worth adoring….But the person you were and is from inside…so pure, so loving, so crazy I have felt it and seen it…But the selfishness which you hide always in some or the other way came between us as our biggest problem…Do you remember our first fight?
Arnav(to himself):Yes…When you were to go out with your friends on the same day when I had asked you on a ride…And I had angrily taken you out of the disco and I shouted at you a loot….I had also promised that we wont fight at all
Khushi cries
Khushi:And then we fought many times….But this one I am serious…I wouldn’t ever see your face after my marriage…Remember Arnav I am sacrificing for you
Arnav:I am sorry Khushi (cries)
Fb ends

Khushi cries…Arnav see this and gets hurt….He couldn’t control himself…He rush open the room and hugs Khushi and Both cry.
Arnav:I am sorry Khushi…I love you and I will never leave you…I will marry you..And will not let you be anybody’s…I am sorry..Please forgive me
Khushi cries in his chest…He covers her with his arms..Anjali and Shyam smile seeing this.
Anjali:I am happy in my brothers happiness….I cant see them cry shyam ji..But I want to say them the truth
Shyam:What truth rani sahiba?
Anjali:That…..They can’t stay together…..I cant see my brother breaking but….Her family…what about them?
Shyam:Dont panick…everything will be alright

Khushi:Dont leave me Arnav.
Arnav:Never…I will never do this mistake again.
They hear the pandit chanting mantras and saying ‘shaadi samban hui’ (The marriage is complete)

Arshi and Anjyam panik and rush down and see Rohan and a girl taking blessings.Khushi gets shocked even more when she sees her parents giving blessings to the girl happily.Khushi goes to the mandap and all stands up shocked!
Garima(Khushi’s mom):Khushi? (Shocked) so who is this?
Garima lifts the girls veil and get shocked
Garima (to the girl):Beta who are you?
Rohan:My wife aunty (he holds her sideways)
Garima:Dokha….Dokha diya hume (cheat….they cheated us)
Rishi(Rohan’s father):But…I am sorry we also never knew about this
Rohan:Guys relax….First of all Both of us already had somebody else in our mind since a long time whom we didn’t want to get seperated with.
Khushi:Haa..Amma…I love Arnav
Arnav holds her hand and comes forward
Arnav:Whats the meaning of a life where there is no love?

Girl:My name is Eesha…And I and Rohan were living together when he was studyng in Banglore….I know him from a long time..I cant live without him.
Eesha and Rohan share love glances.Arshi and Anjyam are happy.
Garima:Anjali beta you also knew this?
Anjali:Yah Aunty…Chote and Khushi ji had already told me…But I was helpless….Nani also knew recently.
Garima:Khushi you could have.said that earlier…
Shashi(Khushi’s father):Yah you could have said earlier….humein Rohan ko takleef Lena nahi padta (We wouldnt have troubled Rohan)
Arnav:I am sorry…..I was at fault because of my selfishness (Khushi close his mouth and nods no..he release her hand)…because of me all this happened….I should have said this earlier.
Preeta(Rohan’s mom):Hello Hi Bye Bye Now that everything happened well let’s pose for a photo
All laugh.
The family take a photo together and enjoy time.Arshi look at eachother happily…Both share an intense eye lock….Rabba ve plays.
Arshi also get married.


*I am sure this.was bullshit…..I had no idea what I have written above….I was so bored of not writing and just came up with this idea of OS….Thanks to sravs who had written an OS and encouraged me ??…But guys put in your valuable comments for my first try ?

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  1. Sravs

    hey vero!!!!!!!!!!!!!this os was not at all bullshit ok na???????????and thanks to your thoughts that you wrote something and i was waiting to read your writings………………and posting os is an awesome idea………………waiting for your next story………………………….all the best………………………………

    1. Veronica

      Thank you sooo much sravs it had,been a long time since I had,done something and replying back for a comment missed you all

  2. Honey

    lovely lik u dr

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    Omg omg.. vero dear this os is simply superb… wow… u kneeeled it… right from first sent.. i was very much excited and felt sooo swet f reading tat.. and yeah it ended soo soon.. u could have added their aftr marriage romance and fughts somewat????

    1. Veronica

      Thank you soo much di….I will be updating my ff soon so I thought of a short one

  4. Anaya

    Wow.. It was superb veronica.. I loved it.. You could’ve made it bit longer.. It ended so early.. Still it was fantastic..

    1. Veronica

      Thank you Anaya

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