Tujhko joh paya (RagSan) OS

Heya Twistinians this crazy person is back with an OS on one of my favourite couples. Dil bole RagSan

A couple was sleeping on top of eachother as they partied all night and were drunk as they the drank a lot of Vodka shots, then a martini, afterwards  they drank a redbull mixed with cola and vodka, they were so high that they didn’t know what all they did that night.

So lets start the story with what actually happened that weird night.

These two souls went to a party to celebrate their break up with their boyfriends repectively girlfriends, yes these two were the biggest players in the whole of New York and they were the two best friends known as Ragini and Sanskar. Both them are in love with eachother haven’t confessed yet but they had their chicks or even respetively their toys only to make eachother jealous which actually happened of course.
“Ragini this girl was number 121, who I have dumped just today and now I want to party!” Sanskar said while he was huging her very closely, everyone thought that RagSan was a couple as they have seen the love between them. If anyone insults Sanskar or Ragini the other one is ready to dump that person as they can’t here anything bad about eachother.
“Yeah even I have done the same thing as you, I dumped not only one boy but two boys at the same time and their numbers were 120 and 121.”
“Wow my princess you just dumped two guys at the same time congrats!” He said after he kissed her cheek making her blush then they ordered their vodka shots which were served to them after a minute, soon after that their shots competition started as they wanted to prove that he or she is better than the other one. One after the other they drank aproximately 7 shots each and then they went to his place, where they drank a martini and after that they drank the redbull mixed with vodka and cola, thwn they went to his room(you guys may know what happened next). Soon they fell asleep on top of eachother.

The next day they woke and were shocked about the position they were in.
“What have I done?” Both asked themselves at the same time. As Ragini was ashamed of herself, she wore her clothes and went home, infront of her parents she acted like she was ill and so her parents let her stay at home.
Sanskar kept calling her and she ignored the calls.

So the days passed in jiffy while Ragini kept ignoring Sanskar as she was guilty for what she had done, while Sanskar was feeling lonely without her and soon he realised that he needs to tell her about his feelings for her. He went to her to talk and she said breaking his heart and she didn’t even look at him, because she silently was crying: “Sanskar whatever happened that night was a mistake and please stay away from me from now on.”
“Okay if it’s that what you want then I will stay away from you.”
Both of the broken hearts died at the same time beyond repair.

A few weeks passed after that day, Ragini was feeling sick day after day and she she wasn’t sure why, so she decided to go to the doctors for an examination the following day. She went to sleep. Soon the next morning she woke up before her parents and she went to the hospital, she waited there for an hour until the doctor told her to come into her cabin. After a few examinations the doctor looked at Ragini and frowned.
“What happened mam are the results bad?” A worried Ragini asked and the doctor answered back to her question: “Ragini I don’t know how to tell that you are pregnant!”
“How can I be pregnant?” A shocked Ragini asked.
“I think that you know the answer of this question!” The doctor said and Ragini said: “Yes I know it, thank you mam!” Ragini said and then she went to Sanskar’s place to tell him about her pregnancy.

Meanwhile at Sanskar’s place he was in his room crying about his fate, because the girl he loves doesn’t like him the way he does. “tring!” The doorbell rang and he opened the door, because he thought that it was his friend Laksh but he was wrong as it was Ragini, he was going to close the door and she cryingly said: “Sanskar please listen to me, I have to tell you something important before you completely kick me out of your life.”
“What is it Ragini?” Sanskar angrily asked and she replied back: “can you please let me come in and then I will tell you about it!”
“okay!” He said and then he let her in, soon she sat on the couch and started to tell her story: “I’m sorry Sanskar I lied to you, the truth actually is that I love you but I was scared to tell you, because love is a timepass for you and I wanted you to love me the way I am!”
“Why are you telling me all this now?” He asked her as a reply, she told him: “because I’m pregnant with your child dumbass!”
“What?” He asked her while his expression changed in a fraction of a second.
“Yes you heard it right Sansku, I’m pregnant!”
“That’s the best news I have ever heard in my whole life Ragini, thank you so much for giving me the best gift ever!” He said while he was hugging her then he picked her up was swirling her around.
“Tujhko jo paya toh jeena aya(when I had you I learnt how to live).” Ragini said after she kissed his lips which were only made for her. They deepened the kiss more and more.

The end!

I hope you all liked the OS!

The copyright of this story belongs to me❤️if you copy paste it I will do your Oh my mata?

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