Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 9)

Hello everyone this is chhaya back again.
Ty fr the comments,i was feeling that it has became boring but now I am happy wid ur comments.
So just hold ur breath as suspense is going to open.
Recap-vidyut kidnaps ?

Now janki,shruti was sitting in the hall ,after getting ready & were talking abt party.
Janki”where these brthr ,sister r?”
Shruti”Idk mom,i had nt seen them fr long time,let’s find them”
Janki goes to swayam’s room& Shruti goes to ragini ‘s room.
Shruti enters ragini’s room & shocks to see the scenario.
She shouts”mom,pls come here”
Janki runs to ragini ‘s room.she also shocks ,
as ragini was sleeping on the bed in her holiparty clothes.

Shruti was laughing holding her stomach ,looking at her.
Janki smiles but suddenly she remembers & says” Shruti beta pls call swayam,he is not in his room,where this boy has gone”
Shruti”ya mom,i will call him”
She calls him. but his phone in switched off.
Shruti”mom,his phone is switched off”
Janki was feeling uneasy.
Shruti”don’t worry mom,we will find. him”
She then goes near ragini.& shakes her
Shruti”ragini get up, did u saw swayam”
Ragini”di let me sleep,i had not seen him from afternoon,he wld be wid his friends”
Shruti”his phone is switched off & he doesn’t go without informing us”
Now ragini also starts feeling restless.she gets up & says ” we shld call his friends”
They call all his friends but no one knows about him.
She calls Sanskar to ask abt swayam but he also doesn’t knows abt him.
He says he is coming.
He comes to their house.they decided to take police help ,so Sanskar & ragini went to police station.

But the police officers says that they can’t register their complain before 24 hrs,but due to much force by them they starts searching swayam.
In car while returning home,ragini was crying
Sanskar” ragini pls stop nothing wld happen to swayam”
Ragini”my little brother is missing how cld I stop thinking abt him”
Sanskar” u need to be strong fr ur mthr & sister ,they need ur support”
Ragini” ty Sanskar u once again make me understand abt right way”
Sanskar” it’s ok ,now pls stop crying”
They reached home.
Janki asks” what happened,did u find swayam”
Ragini”ma relax , nothing’ wld happen to our swayam,police is searching fr him,they wld find him”
Sanskar went to his house ,he wants to stay but ragini says that she wld manage.

While in an isolated place , swayam was sitting on a chair ,his hand & leg was tied & he was unconscious.
A masked man comes there & sees him & says
” Now no one can snatch u frm me”

Vidyut smirks seeing inside the room ,the room was of swayam who was sleeping peacefully as he got tired & he doesn’t know when he got sleep.
He takes chloroform in his handkerchief & makes swayam unconscious & pack him inside the dhol & takes him.
Fb ends
Vidyut says to his man”take care of my brother in law ,if he has any problem then I will kill u”
Man” yes sir”
Vidyut”tomorrow u will be mine ragini”

Precap-ragini goes to vidyut

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