Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 8)

Hii guyz this is chhaya. It’s a boring chapter but is mandatory.
So let’s start the chapter.
Recap-vidyut proposing ragini

Everything went normal after some days.
All was going well & it was holi today.
Shruti was sleeping peacefully, here comes the devil slowly in her room & BOOM,she throw a bucket full of coloured water on Shruti .
Shruti jerked up & looked up to see a beautiful girl in plain white lehenga smiling on her,she was ragini
Ragini”happy holi diii”
Shruti”ragini ki bacchi I will nt leave u”
She ran after her.outside scenario was colourful.
Everyone was throwing color on each other.
(It was a holi party at their house ,with dj & food)
They were running & ragini hide behind a pillar.
Shruti full her hands with colour.
It was the end of room now ragini has no place to run. She touched the wall & Shruti was coming towards her.

Shruti”now where wld u go”
Ragini”it is nt easy to color me”
Shruti throws colour on her but she just step down &the whole wall was coloured but ragini was safe.She ran away ,Shruti followed her. They were in the garden where the party was on full swing.
Ragini was running,&Shruti was following her.
She was looking behind repeatedly.in this process she dashed with a muscular man .she was going to fall but he held her by waist.there was a deep eyelock between them . They were not bothered abt the surroundings.

Suddenly the boy applys the color on ragini ‘s cheek.&ran away .(they were standing straight only)
Ragini who was dumbstruck shouted”Sanskar!!!”
She ran behind him .
(The boy was Sanskar)
Sanskar came far & then look back but ragini was not there &” splash!!”
Ragini throw full bucket water on him & said” hisaab barabar”
Now music started playing” balam pichkari”
Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya

Itna maza, kyun aa raha hai
Tune hawa mein bhaang milaya
Dugna nasha, kyun ho raha hai
Aankhon se meetha tune khilaya
(Ragini was dancing gracefully,sanskar was just staring her)
Ho teri malmal ki kurti gulabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)
(Sanskar also joins her , all starts dancing)
Kyun ‘no-vacancy’ ki, hothon pe gaali hai
Jabki tere dil ka kamra toh khaali hai
(kamra toh khaali hai…)
(Sanskar was flirting wid ragini)
Mujhko pata hai re
Kya chahata hai tu
Boli bhajan teri
Neeyat Qawwali hai
(Our ragini was giving him answer through action)
Zulmi ye haazir-jawaabi ho gayi
Tu toh har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi, toh?

Balam pichkari jo tune mujhe maari
Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi
Haa, Jeans pahen ke jo tune maara thumka
Toh lattoo padosan ki bhabhi ho gayi (x2)

Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi
Haan, bole re zamana kharabi ho gayi…
(All were dancing happily)

While everyone was dancing a “dholwala” was constantly watching ragini.he was vidyut playing dhol,his face covered with colours,so no one can identify him.
After sometime everyone was playing holi.
Ragini went inside the house to go to washroom.she was in her room after going to wr.checking her phone . Vidyut was following her ,he had a handkerchief wid chloroform in it.
(U understand wat I am saying)
Her back was facing towards him, he was going near her.suddenly he heard a voice “ragini”
He hides ,there was Shruti calling ragini downstairs.they both went downwards.
Vidyut was walking through the corridor,thinking how he missed the chance of getting her,but smirks seeing inside a room.
Scene shifts

The party was over & everyone was going home.
A dholwala was taking his dhol by pulling it.Sanskar sees it & asks”what r u doing”
Dholwala” sir,this dhol is so heavy,i can’t carry it”
Sanskar feels weird but says”ok I will help u”
They both pick up the dhol kept in the dholwala ‘s truck & then they went to their destination.
But was it a happy ending of the day.

For some episodes swara will be not shown.

Precap- any guesses?

Sorry for the typos. Sorry I am also bad in explaining any scenario & situations.

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