Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 5)

Hey guys this is chhaya back with my ff. Now some episodes will show bonding of ragsan.
Now get ready fr the ff
Recap-sanskar says he can help.
Ragini -“how can you help?”
Sanskar -” you remember avin , our old school mate,he is gud photographer though not professional bt he can help u.
Swara -“ya ragz v can take his help,what’s say”
Ragini”ok then v need to talk to him”
Sanskar”this is his address u come tomorrow to this I will be there.
Ragini”ok ty”

Sanskar”do u hv short term memory loss”
Ragini gv him what happened wat luk.
Then she remember the world famous line”no sry,no ty in friendship”
Sanskar just smile & went away. The trio went to their respective houses.
Next mrng:
Sanskar & ragini goes to Avon’s house.they talk to him & he gets ready . The photoshoot goes brilliant.
Due to this photoshoot ragini gets a big contract.she invites avin,sanskar &swara fr dinner at her restaurant”the foodies” .
They were enjoying their food.
Suddenly a person in restaurant starts shouting on waiter.
Person”this is ur service ,chi!!hw careless u people r”
All people in restaurant gathered around them..
Person” look all of u they serve their guests wid stones,& eggs as rasgulla”
All were murmuring abt it.ragini goes towards the manager cabin to see the cctv footage.
She came outside wid the manager

Ragini”yes this person is right, luk hw he ate rasgulla & found it to be egg”
She plays the footage.
In this it is shown the person take out a packet, frm his pocket & mix the stones in the dal & throws the rasgulla in dustbin & kept a egg in its place.
Everyone glares him.
Person ” sorry pls forgive me , I had done this fr compensation money ”
Swara” u shld b given to police,”
Person”pls don’t do this I had a family, small children i m the only earning person,pls”
Ragini”ok v r letting u go bt don’t repeat it in future”
Person” I sway on my children I will never repeat it”
The person goes & everyone goes to their tables.
Sanskar” why did u let him go”
Ragini” I had done this fr his children,i know hw it feels to lose ur father,i can’t let this happen to anyone”
A tear escape frm her eyes.sanskar also felt bad fr her.
Swara consoles her.

Sanskar pov
I will make everything right ragini . U need to forget ur pain”
End of episode

Precap-ragini’s birthday

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