Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 4)

Hii guyz this is chhaya. Happy new year to all of u…now I can’t be regular as my clg is started but I would try to post twice a week.
Let’s begin the chapter:
Recap-sanskar planned a surprise bday party fr
Scene starts wid nxt day
Ragini get up & get ready.when she checks her fb account she shouts”swara”.
Swara who was sleeping fall down frm bed.
(They r neighbours as well)
Swara understands wat was going to happen.
Scene shifts to kapoor mansion:
Hearing ragini’s voice everyone gathers in her room
Janki”wat happened?”
Ragini”mom see wat swara did”
She shows her phone in which her last night sleeping pic on her fb account is shown & it has got around 200 likes.the trio laughs seeing it.
Swayam”rago di, u r becoming child day by day, u r looking so cute”
Saying he run away & she follows him.

Scene shifts to maheshwari mansion:
A lady in her 50s was singing aarti. She finishes aarti & gives prasad to a man in 50s & a sweet young girl of 20s.
Man-ap your son didn’t get up till now
(Yes the old lady is Annapurna maheshwari & the old man is durgaprasad maheshwari)
Ap-“yesterday he went to party & came late”
Dp-“he is busy in party only, didn’t have time fr work”
Uttara -“bhai had completed the file before sleeping”
Ap & uttara giggles.dp goes in his room.
Sanskar is sleeping in room peacefully. Uttara comes silently & shouts in his ear “bhai”. He jerks up & starts chasing her. Uttara runs away & hides behind dp.
Dp pointing towards sanskar-“why are u running behind her”
Sanskar-“wo dad she shouted in my ears”
Dp-“I had said her to wake up u, do u have añy problem”
Sanskar -“no,dad”
Dp-“get ready for the meeting”
Sanskar-“ok dad”
Uttara sticks her tongue out to sanskar behind

Dp & uttara went away . Ap comes.
Sanskar-“why dad this to me,he loves uttara more”
Ap-“it’s not like this beta he loves u both equal”
Sanskar went away.
Scene shifts to kapoor mansion:
All the family was at dining table eating their bf.
Swara cames chanting Hanuman chalisa. Ragini was glaring her.all the 3 start coughing. Swara says ” hello everyone”
Janki-“hii beta , let’s have bf ”
Ragini -” mom, I am done,i am going”
Swara -” aunty yesterday ur daughter was too much, she slept there”
All the 3 starts coughing again.

Ragini makes an angry face& went to her room.
Swara feels sad that ragini was talking to her. She went behind her.
Swara -“sorry yar ragu”
Ragini doesn’t give any importance to her & continue packing her office bag.
Swara”pls talk to me , I can’t bear ur silence”
She starts crying.
Ragini”shhhh swara i was just acting , I am nt angry ,pls don’t cry”
Swara” actually I want to say something,
Ragini”haa bolo”
Swara” wo ragu, I was just acting of crying”
Ragini jerked up & was going when
Swara” now wid whom I will eat this silk”
Ragini just stopped & look towards swara who was having a silk in her hand.
Ragini” swara i was thinking that u alone can’t eat silk, I can help u”
Swara while unwrapping the silk” yaa I need ur
She give the wrapper to ragini” throw it in dustbin,pls”
Ragini just can’t take it & snatch the piece frm swara ‘s hand & eat it.
There was silence in the room for 2 minutes.
Then both the girls start laughing & said ” sorry!!”to each other on same time.
Swara -” shit I forgot one more thing”
She pick out ragini’s bracelet & give it to her
Ragini” where did u get it”
Swara” sanskar found it & he gave me”
Ragini” ok”
Swayam came in ragini’s room & seeing them eating silk he starts singing-
Dost dost Na rha,behen behen na rhi ,
Silk kha rhe h akele,bhai ka khayal Na rha
Ragini” aaja nautanki”
The trio shared the silk.

In evening
Ragini was driving to a coffee shop where swara was . She parked the car & was crossing the road while checking her phone (the road was almost empty)a truck was approaching her
It was very much near when a hand pulled her aside.due to force she landed on his chest.
He was Sanskar.
Sanskar” can’t u see & walk”
Ragini” I am sorry”
Sanskar” kk”
Ragini” ty & ty”
Sanskar”why 2 sorry fr”
Ragini” 1 fr saving me, & other fr givig my bracelet back”
Sanskar” in friendship no sorry, no ty”
Ragini” I can give u a treat”
Sanskar” that’s acceptable”
Ragini”swara is waiting fr me in coffee shop, will u pls join us”
Sanskar” ya sure”
They went to coffee shop.
Swara was about to shout in ragini for getting late but stops seeing Sanskar.
Swara” what a pleasant surprise”
Ragini told the truck incident
Swara” ragini are u fine”
Ragini” I m ok”
Swara” ty Sanskar for saving my life, she is my life”
Sanskar” look it’s ok if u want u can give me a treat, I will nt deny”
The trio laughs.
Suddenly ragini phone buzz.
Ragini” hello,……. what…….. ok I will do something”
Swara” what happened rago”
Ragini” actually our photographer is unable to come tomorrow as he had an accident,but tomorrow is an important photoshoot for our brand,how can we get an another photographer so early”
Sanskar” I can help”

Precap-sanskar helping ragini

Bear my spelling & grammar mistakes

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