Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 2)


Hii guyz this is chhaya back again.thnks for your comments.i will try to cope up wid your expectations.i love music very much. So there will be many songs in this ff.&like me ragini also loves Bollywood movies.

Scene starts with a guy holding ragini. Their was a cute eyelock.like they were waiting for long years to look into each other eyes.their eyelock was disturbed by someone’s tiptoe sound.they both compose themselves. Then comes a handsome guy with a orange t shirt and blue denim jeans. He came &hugs guy1 & says “aur bhai kaisa h” the guy 1replys “Mr vidyut singhaniya,aap to IIT kya karne gye hame to bhul hi gye”.(yes the guy2is vidyut singhaniya ,old classmate of ragini,is an IiTian &works in a cmpny)
Vidyut”how can we forgot the funniest student of the cls.now who had become the top business man, Mr. Sanskar maheshwari”(yes the guy1is our hero sanskar,who had wear the same dress as rabbit in the breakup song)
Sanskar”dekha meri kitni fan following h”,by using his collar .
Ragini was standing there seeing their bond &smiling.then comes swara and seeing them both she run to hug them ” finally you both get time to meet me”
(The trio,swara,sanskar,& vidyut are close friends)
Swara” oh I forgot to introduce my best friend,ragini this is sanskar &vidyut”
Ragini”I know them,”
Sanskar”omg this is the same ragini ,she has changed very much, she is not old ragini who was bit shy”
Ragini face went pale but she says”you need to change with time”
Sanskar”I had heard you are a big business woman,i did not know you during scl days ”
Ragini”but I very well-know you were our school captain &the funniest guy of our class”
Sanskar”ty,”by bowing down.

While their conversation was going on a pair of eyes were staring ragini.he was not able to believe such a beauty was standing in front of him.while swara was watching sanskar (she had a crush on sanky frm scl days)
But both the love birds were busy in themselves. They were enjoying each other’s company.and exchanged each other’s no. Then some other guys call the 4.they went inside. Ragini was coming behind ,she hears someone ‘s weeping sound. So she goes to check there was a girl standing alone talking on phone (she was yashswi,old classmate)
R”what happened is everything fine”
Yashwi start crying loudly ragini hugs her.
Yashswi”my bf broke up wid me, I am not able to live without him”
Ragini”how could you say this”
Yashswi”I love him very much,i will die without him”
Ragini”so for that guy that does not care for you you want to die. &What abt your parents who love you very much ,hw will they feel
,to realise that man his mistake you should face him not hiding frm him.lose is of that prsn he is losing a very good girl who loves him like everything”
“Now come on cheer up, let’s enjoy the party”
Yashswi”u r saying right,iwill try to forget him”
They went inside buy yashswi was not enjoying party & looking dull.
Ragini tells everything to swara . sanskar overhears them.& Tells them a plan
Suddenly light goes off. & Ragini & swara starts dancing on the breakup song .they drag yashswi wid them ,later sanskar joins them.

Vidyut was staring ragini whole time while she was dancing.
Ragini got tired &went aside sit on a chair and was watching everyone dancing. Nd now wat happens you won’t believe. She sleeps there while sitting on one chair and keeping her legs on anthr chair in front,by holding her head by one hand. Swara sees this and smirks. She along with vidyut went near her.
Swara clicks her photo & posts on ragini ‘s fb account wid a caption” kumbhkaran ki nani ma”(she knows her password)
Swara & vidyut goes to make it see others. Sanskar also sees this & thought to click a photo & goes near her. She was smiling in sleep. Her hand was going to slip & head was going to fall(guyz pls understand)
Sanskar holds her head & rest her head in a comfortable position &he went away.
Ragini get up feeling something weird & tells swara that she is going home.
Some were talking bad abt ragini.
1p(person)-“hw anyone can change this much”
2p-“she must be acting in front of us”
3p-“she was trying to impress boys,by dancing”
Swara hears this & becomes angry &shouts on them “hw dare u do u know anything abt her ,who had given u right to talk anything abt anyone”.
All other gathered hearing noise. I will tell u abt her past.

Ragini was a bit shy girl. She doesn’t talk to anyone in cls ,she does her own work & was not bothered abt anyone. She had her bf swara who was her neighbour as well.but she(swara) went outside after 10 as her father got transferred .
She was good in studies & every teacher praises her. But inside she was so lonely. She doesn’t know hw to make frnds. This was bcoz her father was very overprotective of her. He doesn’t allowed her to outside world .
This overprotection was due to a reason.
She had survived frm death 2 times.
When she was 4 yrs old her mother & her sister &she went to market. She need to roam for many things so she made ragini & Shruti di sit on a bench. But ragini was small she run to road. A truck was approaching her , she was saved as truck driver applieded brake on time.
Another accident happened when she was 8 yrs old. Her family went to a hotel fr holiday. There was swimming pool . Her father was in deep pool and her uncle was wid her & her sis in shallow area. Suddenly her hand got slipped frm her uncle’s hand and she was drowned to deep end. She reached the end of the pool but her father saves her.
From that day she believes her father as her superhero. She thinks her father will protect her at any cost.

Sorry for the typos.

Precap-how ragini got changed into present ragini.

Note-swara & vidyut went to other town after 10.
After engineering she came back.

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