Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 13)

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Recap-ragini fainted

Ragini was fainted , Sanskar was trying to get her up,but she was not responding.
So he pick her up and take her to hospital.
(I forgot to tell that fire brigade has come and the fire was now in control,but there was lot of damage)
She was inside the room,dr was examining
her,then doctor came out ,he said she is fine
fainted due to shock,we had sent her blood for test ,all is fine,she is awake,u can meet her.

Sanskar”ty doctor”
Meanwhile swara calls him and asks him -where r they,he said all the incident and tells her not to worry and pls manage the situation and don’t tell anybody there.
Ragini was sitting on the bed ,her face was pale.
Sanskar sits near her,and says”don’t worry,fire is under control,but a major part of factory has burnt.
She cld not control and started crying”why this all happens to me,this factory is life to many people,how much we worked for this”
Sanskar consoles her and says”u r so much strong,i know it is tough time but I believe u can overcome it”
Meanwhile Shruti’s wedding was going on.

For gathbandhan panditji calls bride’s sister.
Janki”where is ragini ,I had not seen her frm long time and her phone is also out of range”
Swara”wo aunty she has some imp work in office,she doesn’t want to go but I force her as it was abt her business,i don’t know abt this gathbandhan ritual”
Janki”it’s k beta,but now as u r also Shruti ‘s sister u can do this”
Swara”ok aunty”

Sanskar & Ragini again went to factory site.
They take some statistical data abt the loss.
They return back to home.
Shruti vidaai was done & other relatives left .
Only janki,swayam and swara left.
Ragini enter the house and hugged janki and started crying.
Janki”kya hua ragini,why r u crying”

Sanskar tells them abt the whole incident.
They all become worried,as it was the only income for their workers.
With their all over savings they reconstruct the factory but due to influence of some anti social elements worker refuse to work till they get their salaries.
Now Ragini has no money.

She was hell worried,she decided to sell her house
Swara came “Ragini u don’t need to sell ur house ,u can get money by ur talent.there is a international level fashion show in Delhi ,I had send some of ur design to them and they selected u and u need to go to Delhi within a week,and the prize money is 50 lacs and a contract for designing outfits for a topmost actor”
Ragini”ty swara,but I don’t have full confidence on me do u think I can do it”
Sanskar come ” of course u can do it ,u on ur own has built up such a huge empire ,u need to just overcome ur fear”
Swara” right Sanskar,u can as ur the best friend of great engineer swara”
Swara & Ragini just look each other and burst out laughing and hug each other.
Ragini has just fear that something might go wrong.

Ragini to swara”u need to accompany me”
Swara” of course jaaneman”
Then suddenly swara ‘ s phone rang .
She answers the phone and gets shocked and says ” I am coming”
Ragini” what happened swara”
Swara” wo my grandma,she has heart attack and she passed away,i need to go,i am sry but I can’t comment come wid u”
Ragini” shh swara,it was not ur fault, it was destiny,u need to be strong for ur family,u ho home pack ur bags I will tell driver uncle he will drop u to ur native place ”
Swara nodded and left.

Ragini was feeling her pain.
Janki”it’s very sad but now who will accompany laado ,I can’t as swayam has exams,and her pa is busy in her marriage”
Sanskar” if u don’t mind ,I can accompany her,also I had a meeting there,if u don’t have any problem”
Janki”I had full faith on u”
Ragini just nodded,inside she was happy that her love ,her strength will be there for her.

Precap-ragini , Sanskar love confession

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