Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 12)

Hey guyz this is chhaya,its been a week I didn’t posted,as I was busy wid my practicals,i need to complete this ff before my exams,so that I can start new ff,so I am removing some incidents.

Recap-ragini saved and back at home

As of now swara has returned,Shruti ‘s marriage is going to happen,the marriage is a grand celebration.

All the relatives and friends are present,for the wedding.
Ragini has now forgot the past and was now full of positive energy.
She was working to make the wedding perfect,she was being helped by swara,swayam & Sanskar.
All the 4 were working day & night,in between some hearts were fluttering,sanskar & ragini were feeling for each other where as swara was feeling for Sanskar.

Now @ haldi ceremony –
Ladies were singing,dancing and enjoying.
One lady says ” call her grandaunty ,as she is eldest she wld apply haldi to the bride”
Hearing this Shruti,ragini,swara’s face turned pale.
But suddenly her grandaunty,sujata comes and says “apni beti ko haldi lagane kyun nhi aaungi”
She comes and apply haldi to Shruti whole heartedly.

Sujata-” I am sry janki,i was being selfish,if that boy Sanskar didn’t make me realise my mistake,i wouldn’t understand it”
Janki”no jiji u shld not be sorry,u r our elder,u shld give nly blessings”
Ragini heard that and goes to sanskar to say ty.
Ragini”Sanskar once again ty for making understand my aunt,but how come u know about it ”
Sanskar” chillax girl ,why u needed to be always remind,actually I heard Shruti di talk wid ur mother,then I went to ur aunt and make her understand”
(Ragini ‘s aunt want Shruti to be married to hers distant relative,when they met he told he loves some other girl but afraid to say to his parents,so Shruti declines that proposal.
But her aunt thought that she doesn’t want to marry her choice ,so she said she won’t come in her marriage,everyone try to make her understand but she declines.
Shruti and janki were. Talking abt this Sanskar hears them,he on finding Shruti sad decide to help her.
He make her aunt understand by talking to that guy)
Now ragini was overwhelmed,she thought how much he cares for her family,of her.
She just goes to the terrace and dance on ” prem ratan dhan payo”
She just realised her love for him.
She decided to confess it after the wedding,but if he refuses then she will happily let him go.
It was the wedding night ,there was reception and after that wedding.
The party was on full swing,everyone was enjoying it.
Sanskar was ready and was looking after the arrangements.
Then suddenly comes the girl for whom his heart was waiting.ragini was looking gorgeous in a light green colour lehenga,and was wearing her earrings,she was talking to sanskar abt the arrangements,but he was in his imagination world.

She taps his shoulder,he comes out of his imagination.
Ragini” Sanskar where have u been lost”
Sanskar” nowhere,don’ t worry everything is done,by the way u r looking superb”
Ragini blushes & says ” ty”
Like this whole party went,now the ” varmala ” was going on ,there was so much noise ,as dhol was played.
Ragini phone was ringing ( it was In her hand ,so she come to know)

She moves outside to talk.
After listening to the phone ,her phone left frm her hand,tears make their way from her eyes.
She starts running,everyone was looking at her but she was running as fast as she cld,sanskar also sees her ,he shouted her name but she didn’t listened and went on,he also follow her .
She reached near her car and stopped to take out her keys frm her clutch.
Sanskar came and cup her face and asks ” what happened ragini,why r u crying and why r u running”
Ragini” wo.. wo ..my factory ,fire ,pls mujhe meri factory le chalo”cld say only this between her sobs.

Sanskar” sshh ok,ok come” he takes her to her factory
They reached there to find a burning factory,just the car stopped they both come out of it , ragini was going towards the burning factory,but Sanskar holds her

She was shouting” no ,this can’t happen,what will happen to my family (for her whole staff)

She was trying to free herself from his grip but couldn’t,she on being tired sat on the ground.
Slowly slowly her vision got blurred and she became unconscious.
Sanskar holds her and shouted “Ragini”


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