Tujhe jeena h mere liye ragsan (Epi 11)

Hey guys this is chhaya back again wid my ff.some twists r mandatory,so they will be there.
Pls give some suggestions u want me to add.

Recap-ragini gets stabbed.

Scene starts wid a wounded ragini was falling down ,then Sanskar holds her.
Vidyut was hell shocked as what happened frm his hands.he sat down crying “ragini,i am sorry,pls forgive me,pls don’t leave me”
Then police came & takes away vidyut.
(His role ends here)
Ragini was semiconcious state & was blabbering swayam ‘s name.
Sanskar who was in verge of crying holding her hand & says”swayam is alright,pls ragini don’t shut ur eyes,u will be alright”
Now ragini was happy as swayam was alright & she loses her senses .
Sanskar shouts” ragini”
Tears starts flowing from his eyes.
He did not waste a second,pick her up & took her to hospital.

Inside the hospital:
Sanskar who was holding ragini was shouting” doctor,doctor”
Doctor comes & checks her & says”a huge amount of blood is lost, we need to operate fast,sister pls take her inside”

They took her inside on stretcher.
Sanskar was very fast beating as ragini was going away frm him.
Shruti calls him & he tells her abt the incident & she says they r coming.
Janki & Shruti came to hospital.
Janki cries as hw she misunderstood her daughter.
Swayam was with police,they took him to hospital & was treated,after 2 hrs he gain consciousness.he get information abt ragini,he was very much worried,he requested police to take him to his di.
They took him to hospital.as soon as he entered he shouted”di”
He was crying continuously,sanskar comes near him & says “sssh,be quiet nothing wld happen to ragini,u need to be strong,for ur di & ur family”
Swayam wipes his tears & says ” yes u r right,i need to be strong like di”
He wipes janki’s tears & says” mom,don’ t cry nothing wld happen to di”
They shares a family hug.
Just now doctor comes outside of OT.
Everyone just gathered around him.janki asks ” Dr,my daughter is fine”
Doctor”ur daughter is out of danger,just unconscious,after an hour she wld gain consciousness,it needed to be said that she is quite brave & stubborn”
Everyone laughs . Ragini is shifted to normal ward .

After one hour –
Ragini gains conscious.she sees around to find 2 smiling faces looking at her.
They r swayam & Shruti.
She smiles seeing them,she tries to get up but fails due to her stitches.
Shruti” ragini don’t try to get up ,u need to rest”
Ragini” I am sorry swayam,all this happen bcoz of me”
Swayam” it was not ur fault di,it was a bad phase ,we shld forget it,now smile”
The trio was smiling,janki was standing on door,smiling looking at them.
Sanskar came there & took her inside by holding her hands.
Ragini sees janki ” maa” word that is a whole world in itself.
She cld not control herself & hugs her & says ” I am sry beta,i shld trust u”
Ragini” maa it was not ur fault,it was circumstances,i am not angry on u,now don’t cry,now everything is fine”
Janki”u r right beta,now nothing wld be bad”
Sanskar was seeing this happy family moment.
Ragini sees him smiling she remembers how Sanskar was asking her not to close eyes.

Now the family went outside for bf.
Sanskar was sitting beside ragini.
Ragini”ty Sanskar,for everything u did”
Sanskar”why everytime i need to remind u that in friendship no sry,no ty,but u must be having some memory problem”
Ragini chuckles hearing it.
Sanskar” I need to tell u something,he tells her everything,that how he help vidyut in taking swayam unknowingly ( the dhol incident),I am sry”
Ragini”I break our friendship”
Sanskar was shocked ” ragini pls try to understand”
Ragini” I am not going to befriend a person who has a short term memory loss?”.
Sanskar just strike the fact that what is she saying,he smiles.
Ragini” u did it unknowingly so u don’t need to be sry”
They then chitchat for sometime.
After 1 day ,she was discharged.

Precap-ragini, Sanskar,swara on a trip

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