Tujhe Bhula Diya…..[TwiNj OS] #3

Twinkle was laying on her bed.
Yuvraaj was sitting on the sofa in her room.
Twinkle’s phone beeped and she picked it up with an annoyed expression.
“Hello!…..Momo!! Kaise ho”,she asked sweetly.
“Missing You…..come early tomorrow!!”,said Kunj on the other side.
“Okay….Bye…..muaaahh”,she said giving him a virtual kiss.
She ended the call and threw the phone one bed.
Yuvraaj- Stupid man. He thinks that you love him. Poor boy!!
Twinkle- Yaa…..he is so mad in love.
I have to every time be close to him. But he is cute. Let me show you what he gave me.
Twinkle got up and showed the ring which Kunj gave her.
Yuvraaj- My God!! It’s a solitaire!! It will fetch​ a very good price. Good job Twinkle….
Twinkle-Thanks…..Now soon we’ll get his property as Kunj will talk about our wedding to his family and win-win!!! I’ll take all his money from him…. Aur phir hogi Twinkle aur Yuvraaj ki Shaadi…..
Yuvraaj- Yes….Baby!!!!
Yuvraaj and Twinkle laughed.
“Bechara Kunj!!….”,said Anita, Twinkle’s mother entering the room with three glasses of alcohol.
They three cheered for themselves and laughed.

Twinkle was his love whereas for her Kunj was her ultimate source for money.
Yeah….right! She was just behind him for money…..Just money……and poor he, didn’t know that!
Her mother and she used to get money from many people by playing cheap tricks. You’ll say why they would do that but people, money makes you do all sorts of things.They were poor so needed money to somehow manage themselves.The duo was not alone it had a leader, Yuvraaj….Yes…He was Twinkle’s boyfriend.
He was a gambler. Twinkle loved Yuvraaj not Kunj. She was only compelled to pretend to be in love with Kunj….
Twinkle was considering him as a tissue paper which she was currently using and was about to chuck it in the bin. During the college days Twinkle was a good friend to Kunj but soon her mind drifted to the wealth he had. When she joined his office on his insistence , she started going closee to him knowing the fact that he loves her.
Kunj gave only his love,his support , his friendship to her but she was giving him betrayal.
Kunj was hiding their relationship from his family.
His family also loved Twinkle except Bebe. Bebe didn’t like Twinkle…..she despised her behaviour,her personality, she herself didn’t know why she despised her.She had often told this to Kunj,but Kunj used to console bebe saying that she was just different but still she despised her. Maybe her experienced instinct was refraining her from trusting Twinkle.

One fine day…..
Twinkle,Kunj,Manohar and some employees of the office were in the meeting room.
Kunj being a flirt secretly held her hand under the table.
“What are you doing?……leave my hand.”, whispered Twinkle.
“Never….I have not held your hand to leave.”,he whispered back.
“Kunj….yahan nahi….Sab Hain….koi dekh lega!!”,she said under her breath.
She pulled her hand away.
“What happened to you both?”,said Manohar reading some paper.
Twinkle-Nothing uncle!!
Kunj-Yaa…Papa…kuch nahi…
Manohar- Ladai to nahi Kar rahe ho na??
He smiled playfully.
“Okay… we’re done for the day….let’s go”,Manohar said leaving the room with the employees leaving Twinkle and Kunj behind.
“Now…..Tera Kya hoga kaalia? I mean Twinkle!!!”,said Kunj lining her face with his index finger.
“Kun….Kunj…..stop it…not here…..Koi dekh lega ….it’s our office….”,she said to Kunj who was busy kissing her neck.
“Yaar….okay….fine go away…..”,said an angry Kunj.
He was tired of trying to love her i.e he was trying hard to make Twinkle return his love but she everytime moved away from him.
Twinkle thought he didn’t like it so she held his face in her hands.
“Aww….my red Momo!!! Looks hot when angry…..”,she said.
“Accha….sorry….sorry naa…..”,she said pecking his sharp nose.
“Now you….stop it….”,he said.
“Accha!!!…..sure??? Hmm?”,she said again pecking his nose.
“Haha…..” She laughed.
“Why are you giggling??”,he said irritatingly.
“Your nose is red!!!”,she said.
“Really”,he asked seeing his face in his phone’s​ camera.
The tip of his nose got red as she had kissed it. He looked cute with that red nose.
He wiped it off his face and turned his face the other side.
Twinkle pecked his cheek but he frowned.
She again brought her lips to peck his cheek when Kunj​ turned his face to hers and she accidentally kissed his lips.
He didn’t let her pull away and returned her sweet kiss.
Kunj laughed.

“See…got you;!!!”,he said.
“Bad boy!!”,she said and sat on his lap.
She wound her arms around him while he wrapped her with his arms like a baby.
Kunj was feeling complete.
They both were cuddling and kissing each other forgetting about the surroundings.
“Kunj……Twinkle….Ku…..”,Manohar’s voice trailed off when he suddenly barged into the meeting room.
“Pap….a….”,said a shocked Kunj.
“U……unc….uncle…. aap!?..”,she spoke.
They immediately left each other and composed themselves.
“I have to go…..”,said Twinkle and quickly left the room.
“What was that Kunj!????”,said a surprised Manohar.
“Woh….woh…pap..a…..um…..”,Kunj said while removing her lipstick from his lips.
Manohar- No….just answer me…. what were you both doing!??? Cuddling into each other!??? Kissing each other!?? I mean what was that!???? Don’t you have shame…..May I know why she was with you?That too in your arms!?….
He was getting angry.
Manohar-…..Kya…? ….Kya tareka Hai yeh??? How could you do this to her??
Are you mad.!???…..she’s your friend!??? I mean what the hell was that!???
Kunj-….Papa…woh…I love her…and she loves me too….we love each other…..
Manohar-What!??? Love each other? You love each other!!! Yeh Kya besharmi….Hai??…..Sharam nahi aaati….had Hai besharami ki!!! Office mein yeh sab harkate karte hue!?? Haan?? Answer me !! Will you!??
Manohar- Kabse chal raha Hai yeh sab?
Kunj being nervous told Manohar everything about Twinkle and him.
Manohar was initially angry but controlled​ himself for his son. He could see happiness in his eyes as he talked about Twinkle.
Manohar-…..Why did you hide it?….I won’t have eaten you up!!…..Kunj I thought you share everything with me…..I was wrong…..Office mein pata chala mujhe….woh bhi abhi….I don’t know what both of you could have done!!
Kunj- P..papa….I am sorry….
Kunj went to him and held his hands.
Manohar- …..Don’t talk to me….Just don’t…Do whatever you feel like….
Manohar left the room.
“Papa….listen to me…Papa…!!!!”,he said running​ behind him.
Manohar gave him a glare.
“Not here!!!!!”,Kunj could see his father’s eyes speak.
Now…Kunj had a task to ask forgiveness from his father. Knowingly or unknowingly Kunj had hurt his father and he was supposed to seek his forgiveness , persuade him and talk about their relationship.

Well….thank you to all of you who read it and commented on it…??
I know a majority of you didn’t​ like the scene between characters of Twinkle and Yuvraaj…..I know Maine Dil pe pathar rakhke likha Tha….woh part…??
That was necessary…..
I won’t disappoint you all… Haan!???
Give your feedbacks on this as well.
The other stories will be posted soon, getting no free time!! ? Burrrr!!!!
See you soon….???

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  1. SidMin23

    Love twinj Scene hopefully twinj end up being together and hope their is no twraj scene anymore

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Haha ? Thanks!!!

  2. Gud 1 but this twinj scenes not liking… Hope twinj end up together

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      You’re not liking it! ?
      Nevermind Thanks!!!?

      1. Hey I just read… there’s a typo error… Of course u r fab writer i do lyk ur writings that’s y m reading… ? n instead of twinj I meant to write twiraj… Sorry fr hurting u ?

    2. Cheena2001Cp

      Haah Haan ?
      I knew it that you won’t hate TwiNj scenes!!!
      And you didn’t hurt me….???

  3. Fenil

    mamla garam ho gaya yaar.jaldi flash end kro…jaldi Chanda and Kunj ke scenes do.

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Jaldi maamla thanda bhi Kar denge!!??

  4. Baby

    EmotionL n sad everything is going hot n sad…plss post asap n also dis fb wen will it gt over…
    Post asap dear
    Love u.. ♥

      1. Baby

        What happen??? Cheeni ki dukaan??

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Cheeni ki dukaan!?? Aao khopche mein !! ????

      1. Baby

        :O hawww ;P 😉 🙂 kahan aana haii jaaneman batao toh zara hahhaa cheenu jii…. 😛

  5. Don’t show twiraj scenes anymore.
    End past as soon as possible and
    Show Kunj and chanda scenes.

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Hukm sar aakhon par!!!?

  6. Kiya1234

    Superb episode post soon

  7. Nishuu

    Awesome dear
    Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Thank you!!!??

  8. awesome!
    sahi kha yuvi or twinkle ko digest krna bhut difficult tha but it’s ok we know there will be twinj at the end may be depend on your mind
    post soon
    luv u

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Ya!! Thank you !!??

  9. Awesome
    Loved it

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Thank you Preshu ??

  10. Ananya_DSK

    Hey buddy!! Great job yaar…! I can imagine how difficult it must have been for you to write all that…
    Twinkle’s unseen side is so disturbing…. Has she really changed after all this? Poor Kunj!! He must have been badly hurt when he found out the truth…. Can’t wait anymore… Please post soon…

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      My favorite reader!! ?
      Thanks a lot!!! ??

      1. Ananya_DSK

        Aww you are flattering me now… Thank you ??

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      Haaha?? Not flattering I meant it!!!

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        I know bud! Jk!!

  11. sudha chandrika

    Hello cheenu nice track…..I am a die hard fan of Tashan e ishq really missing sidhant, Jasmin s chemistry tu is only flatform for keeping twinj alive and for u people it’s a big thanks from my side..
    I saw Bhoomi picture to see Siddhant but I felt dissappointed when his role was too short I wish he get a good role with fun packed performance
    I saw badle ki aag for Jasmin I wish both of them come with many good movies

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Thank you new reader….new naa??
      Thanks a lot for appreciation!!!?
      Hope SidMin work together soon….?

      1. sudha chandrika

        Yup….new to ur ff I used read and comment regularly a year back ,unable to continue there after due to my new job

  12. Kiya1234

    Superb episode yaar loved totally amazing twinkle side is very bad she is double dating not double dating but she cheated kunj and even Yuvi to know just because of money na horrible she playing with Kunj feeling that ring he gave her because of love how much he love her not for money she just see price of ring not see his love towards her… nice

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Thanks a ton Kiya!!! ???
      Aage dekho hota Hai Kya!!?

  13. Twinj2000

    That was amamazing ❤️❤️❤️
    Poor Kunj…he loves her with all his heart n she’s betraying him
    I guess uv dies by love her n ll cheat her n twinj ll end up being together n then she’ll really fall for him
    I hope twinj be together at the end ?
    Post soon??
    Waiting ??

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      ??Thank you so much!!!??
      Let’s see if they’ll be together!!?

  14. Marrie

    Totally dhamakedar
    Loved it
    Post soon ?

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      Thank you!! ??

  15. Ramya

    Awesome one amazing
    Wish twinkle loved kunj truly

  16. Amazing. Wen u will post still love u?☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
    I am waiting for that also❤️❤️
    Plz post soon

  17. AWSM EPIsode
    totally loved it dear…
    But I hate twinkle’s character… how can she be so greedy for money??.
    PLZZ Post next part soon
    Love u

  18. Awesome amazing fantastic fabulous episode dear
    yrrr twiraj ko digest krna muskil h pr mere ko pta h ye story ke liye jaroori hoga …..??
    post soon dear
    luv u cheenu

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