Tujhe Bhula Diya…..[TwiNj OS] #1

Hello!!! Peeps!!! ??? I am here with a new Os…… Thank you logon for your appreciation!!! ? Sorry for disappearing like that…..I lost my Taiji(Aunt). She left my family and me alone in this world.So unpredictable!!! I had never imagined that I’ll lose her too.
But I’ll still love her because she’s just like air , I can’t see but feel her?
Almost a month has passed.
Festive days came and went away…. Couldn’t even wish you people….
I didn’t feel like writing,commenting or even reading. Huf!!! Let’s leave all this.
I am here with this Os.
So……Let’s peep into this one…

∆∆∆∆”Oye!!! Get up re!!”,said a girl.
A boy got up from the bed and sat on his bed,cross- legged with a frustrated expression on his face.
“What the hell!!! Yaar, Twinkle”,said the boy.
“What the hell!?? What!?? Kabse utha rahi hoon……Main chahti thi ki apne Sadu ke saath time spend karongi lekin nahi appko sone se fursat mile to naa…..Abhi bhi nakhre dekho Zara….Kunj tum ladki hoo Kya???….Jo ladkiyon jaise nakhre dikha rahe ho,!!”,said Twinkle.
Kunj- What!?? Pagal Hai!?? Let me sleep and go away…
He dropped down the bed with his back facing the ceiling.
Twinkle on seeing him went towards him and lied on his back scooping him in her arms.
Twinkle- Aww!!? Poor Momo!!! My choco pie…
Kunj- what is this Momo!?? Seriously!?? Choco pie!???
Twinkle kissed his nape to which he smiled.
Twinkle- Yes….Kunj you’re my everything….

Kunj turned towards her and pulled her to his chest.
Kunj- I know right!!…..Same implies to you….. Twinkle, you are my life……You’re the one who taught me to live life to the fullest…..you taught me to not lose hopes….Maa ke baad tu hi hai jo mere jeene ka wajah Hai…..
Twinkle-oho !!! Senti kyu ho rahe hoo !!…..I love you Kunj…..
Kunj- Don’t leave me…..ever…..mujhe chod ke mat Jaana….
Twinkle didn’t say anything but kissed him on his cheek.∆∆∆∆
“Kunj!!!!!……get up…..itna paseena aa raha Hai tumhe…..”,Kunj could her a girl’s voice.
Kunj got up with a jerk and sat breathing heavily.
“What happened , Kunj?”
“Nothing Chanda…”,said Kunj.
{Chanda- imagine Tejaswi Prakash Or Preetika Rao}
Chanda- Kunj….You can’t hide anything from me. Mujhe pata Hai tumhe phir se us ka sapna aya na….
Kunj- Wow!! Wifie…..Itne acche se jaanti ho mujhe.

She poured a glass of water and gave it to him.
Chanda- Haan….Kunj….Main tumhe jaanti,pehchanti aur samajhti bhi hoon.
Kunj-….guilty feel karwa rahi ho mujhe?…Main ek pati hone ke farz nahi nibha paa raha hoon…..
Chanda-shhh…..Kunj pati-patni se pehle hum acche dost hain…..Hai na? Phir??? Aur main tumhe guilty feel nahi karwa rahi….Chalo ab tayyar ho jaake. 6 baj rahe hain…Aaj papaji ke saath jaldi office Jaana hai na?…..Go….get ready.
Kunj smiled and went off to get ready.
Chanda smiled back and went downstairs to get his breakfast ready.
Kunj was standing in front of the mirror and was getting ready, while he was buttoning his shirt he thought something.

“Again…..phir se woh Aayi sapne main!??? Kyu!?? Hamesha uss ke saath bitaye huye pal mujhe yaad aate Hain…..do saal baad bhi…..Chanda…..Meri biwi Hai…..Aur pyaar abhi bhi main ‘uss’ se karta hoon…jisse pyaar Diya usne mujhe dhokha Diya….aur jo mujhe pyaar karti Hain….main usse pyaar Kya?? Patni ka adhikaar bhi nahi de paya……God!……I wish I had never met her…..toh aaj shayad main apna toota dil lekar naa je raha hota…..”
Kunj was in his office with Manohar and his brother Anand when their intercom rang.
“Hello!…..”,said Manohar lifting it.
“Sir….Woh client Jo Delhi se aane wale the….Woh aa gayen Hai….. They’ll stay at hotel today and will come tomorrow at the party.

Manohar- Okay!! Great Sammy…..
He cut the call and turned to them.
Kunj- What happened Dad?
Manohar-Kunj….they have arrived and will come to the party tomorrow.
Anand- Great !
Kunj-Haan Papa….Hope this deal gets finalised soon, tomorrow.
AnaNohar- Yes….we hope so…Kunj….
Tomorrow there was going to be a party at the Sarna Farmhouse for their company was celebrating their Silver Jubilee….25 years had been passed since they opened Sarna Industries.
They put in all their labour to make their company reach at the top and it was , undoubtedly one of the best companies in the market.
Some clients i.e CEO, director, supervisor and few employees of Mannat Industries were suppose to meet them tomorrow at their party so as to finalize a deal which would bring them huge profit.

Kunj was excited as he had worked hard in this particular project and it was his idea, the next was going to be special but little did he know that again he would again go through agony….an agony which could not be seen.
Kunj returned home tired.
He sat on the sofa near to bebe.

Bebe- Aa Gaya Mera nona!!
Kunj- Jii Bebe….
Bebe- Monu aur Anand Kahan Hain?
Kunj- Woh dono kaam karke thodi der main aayenge.
Bebe- Acha….
Chanda on hearing them came downstairs and greeted Kunj.

She poured water in a glass and gave it to Kunj.
Kunj- Chanda…..you have to be little early. You are the supervisor so ….
Chanda- Pata Hai Kunj….Tension mat lo..
Bebe- Haan….Meri Nu….Sab Sambhal legi….
Kunj and Chanda smiled.

They all after freshing up , sat at the table to have dinner.
Chanda served dinner to them.
She had made Kunj’s favorite Rajma-Chawal. She was waiting for him to appreciate her.She thought that at least today he would praise her.For 2 years she had been waiting for him to at least compliment her. She thought that Kunj would love the dinner but he didn’t say anything.
“Aaj bhi kuch nahi kaha…..Hmm….Mera hak bhi Kya banta hai…tareef paane ka…”,thought Chanda as she cleared the table. She smiled sadly.
She was about to go when Kunj called her name.

Kunj-…..mm….!….Chanda!…The dinner was amazing!!….I loved it…
Chanda beamed with joy and blushed a little. She herself didn’t know why that blush came.
Bebe-Oho….Kaise sharma rahi Hai….
She went quickly inside the kitchen while the elders laughed.
@The farmhouse.
The farmhouse was decorated tastefully.
It was looking simple yet elegant.
The guests had arrived. Media was also there. Food and drinks were being served.
There at the entrance Kunj,Chanda,Manohar were standing to welcome the guests. While bebe was sitting with her friends inside the hall.

Kunj was as usual dressed in his favorite ‘black’, while Chanda also wore a black sari.
The special people were about to arrive.
Kunj could feel his heart beating fast.
“Why am I getting so nervous….Cool…..Easy……My heart is thumping fast…..Ajeeb sa lag raha Hai….”,he thought.

Chanda-Something wrong?.
Chanda asked on seeing his facial expressions.
Kunj- Umm….Nothing….main pani pe ke aata hoon.
With this he went inside to get himself a glass of water.
“Ooo….They have come….”, exclaimed Manohar.
“Aye….Ayaye ….welcome….welcome…”,he welcomed Mr.Khanna, the owner of Mannat, Mr.Nayak…the CEO…..Mr.Jeet…..The director….And the employees of Mannat.
Kunj came quickly.

He greeted Everyone.
Kunj-Mr.Khanna….Aapki supervisor nahi aayen? Where is he?
Mr.Khanna- Aha!!….Kunj….she !
He laughed….
Mr.Khanna- Actually she is girl. And bas…aati hogi …
Mr.Khanna smiled and patted his back.

Mr.Khanna was a happy man. With his habit to joke and laugh on silly matters
He got a call suddenly so he picked it up and turned back.
“Sorry….Sorry….I am late………”,spoke a soft voice.

Kunj cut his call and turned around.
He got the shock of his life……His past was in front of him. His eyes filled with pain,anger and tears at an instant.He saw his Twinkle which was no more his.
Yes….he saw Twinkle…..His first love….His first mistake….His heartbreaker…..
Time came to a still as he was eyeing her. Why was she here once again? What she wanted now after taking away his peace?
Where as she…..was also in tears but of happiness as she found him.

She wished she could hug him tight so as to never lose him……She wanted to apologise….for a thing which had brought a split in their relationship.
Manohar and Anand were in a baffled state. They both couldn’t understand that why she was there.
“Kunj!….Kahan kho Gaye???”,Chanda jerked his hand.

He spoke with a shaky voice.
Mr.Khanna introduced her to them.
Khanna- She is Twinkle….Our superb supervisor…Haha…she is a hard working girl….Twinkle….meet the Sarnas…..You were asking about them naa….so here are these amazing people…
Twinkle- Hmm….Hello……Twinkle…

Twinkle hesitantly forwarded her hand.

Manohar half heartedly shook hands with her.
Manohar- Hello….Manohar Sarna……
Anand – Anand Sarna….
He too shook hands with her.
Khanna-Kunj….you too shake your hands naa….You were asking about her now what happened to you suddenly?.

Kunj-Oh….Nothing Mr.Khanna…..
Hello Ms.Twinkle ….I am Kunj Sarna, CEO of Sarna Industries.
He, very formally forwarded his hand.
She smiled and held his hand.
Twinkle- Hello…..
As he held her hand a different sensation ran through his body.

She on holding his hand felt so right. The tears which she was hiding…..could not stay in her eyes and fell on his hand. He looked up only to meet her teary eyes….which seemed to apologise…..which wanted to speak something through their silent language.
He left her hand immediately.
Twinkle controlled her tears and gave him a formal smile.
She forwarded her hand to Chanda.
Chanda-Hello…..I am….
Kunj cut her in the middle and spoke

Kunj- And she is my wife….Mrs.Chanda Kunj Sarna….
He placed his hands on her waist and side hugged her.
Twinkle snapped her head towards him on hearing those words.
“Mrs…..Mrs.Chanda Kunj Sarna…..!?….”…….He….got….married….?….He left her?……Why did he do this?……He got married……To Chanda??…..

Hundreds of such questions were revolving in her mind. Her heart broke into peices on learning that she was late…She had lost him…She had lost her Kunj to someone else.
Chanda-….Hi…. Twinkle….nice to meet you.
She said with a smile.
Manohar- Ha….hm….let’s go inside…

Mr.Nayak- Ji…Manohar ji…
They all went inside.
Bebe was introduced to them. She was in a state of disgust when she saw Twinkle. She was thinking​ the same why was she here after making their lives hell.
She was silently praying to God to keep Kunj calm.
Kunj was sad during the party.
He was not able to handle this.
He was feeling like crying.But he had to be strong.He could not let his stress come out. Chanda was confused to see the family members sad rather angry.She was confused to see Kunj.He was so excited since morning…Here also…Few moments ago he was happy.But suddenly he became sad.What happened which had drained blood off his face.Chanda was also not in peace.
Twinkle’s presence had changed the atmosphere for Sarnas.
After dinner….the deal was signed.Kunj was satisfied that deal was signed. He was happy but that happiness didn’t reach his eyes.
That’s it….He couldn’t handle more and went outside.

Twinkle who was talking to Mr.Jeet and who was silently eyeing Kunj, on seeing Kunj going out excused herself by pretending to get a call and followed him.
Kunj was standing near the parking area. The calm surroundings was giving him peace which he couldn’t get in her presence.
He pinched the bridge of his nose to stop his tears and to calm himself.
Twinkle’s voice turned him around and he said her.

Twinkle-Kunj…..I ……I am….sorry……
Kunj was trying hard to behave normal as if he didn’t know her before,as if she was a stranger….but was failing miserably.
Twinkle ran to him and hugged him tightly.
Kunj was taken a back when she hugged him.
Twinkle- I am…..sorry….Kunj…..maaf kardo….
She cried hard.
Kunj pushed her back.

Kunj- Sorry for what? Ms.Twinkle……What happened?
Twinkle- Stop calling me Ms.Twinkle….I am your Twinkle….Your Siyappa Queen…
Kunj- oh….really….?….woh hak tumne bahut do saal pehle khi diya tha, Twinkle.
Ab Kya karne aayi ho? Sab toh cheen liya tumne….What do you want now?
He spoke with anger and tears in his eyes.
Twinkle-Kunj…..I know…
Kunj- Not a word….I don’t​ want to hear anything. Not a single thing…..

Bhool gayi tumne Kya kiya tha?
Ha….It’s very easy for you….Itna accha natak karti ho abhi bhi….Wow!
Twinkle- please….Listen….to me…once…Maaf Kar do…na…Kunj….Sorry…
Kunj- Maaf kardiyaa….I have already forgiven you. Galti tumhari nahi Meri thi….I loved a girl which was never meant to be loved, i loved a betrayer…..
Twinkle- ….Kunj….ek baar sun lo…….Ba..s…ek….Baar…sun…lo….For…give me…..I …love you….. Please​……
Kunj was not in a state to think. His encounter with Twinkle brought him back to his past where she was his and he was hers…..A time when they were close. A time when they were soulmates. A time when they wouldn’t leave eachother.
A time when she was his everything…..
PRECAP: Disclosing of past…….

??I know Chanda se Shaadi Kara di Hai….but it was necessary for the story.
Dekhte Hai kaise lagti Hai aap logon ko!….
So…..Peeps! I thought that we all were friends on this platform but wow! I was so wrong…I realized that we can only be readers and writers….and that’s a fact.

Sad but true that people forget their known ones when they meet new people. Sach main….. this is a fact….
And the thing regarding the Comments….hmmmm….I think if you read you should praise. And the people who can’t comment should not even expect comments or feedbacks…[ A note for everyone including me].
Some people ?? who comment on their friend’s writings ….Hey I am not your foe….or am I ?
Next part will be posted if I get free.

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