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Hi frnds… The first twist of my ff is on its way… that’s Sanskaar’s true identity is going to be revealed in front of Swara… So, I thought of giving u all a Teaser for the upcoming episode… It’s not for the immediate coming episode… but it will be after one or two episodes…

********** Teaser 1 (Revelation … coming soon) ***********

————— SCENE 1 ————–

The landline of Home Sunshine rings… Swara lifts the call…

Swara: (very happy) Hello…!!
“Hello Jaan…”, comes a voice n all her happiness vanishes just in a go…
Swara: You…??
Voice: Do u really think… I’ll let it go off so easily…!! (Swara gets shocked) This time I’ll finish this once n for all…!!
Swara: What r u planning to do…??
Voice: Just wait n watch Love…!! I promise to throw him out of ur life forever…!! I’ll make sure u both don’t see other’s face again…!!

————— SCENE 2 —————-

A man and a lady are meeting at a secret place…
Lady: Have u done it…??
Man: (nods his head) Are u sure dat like this we’ll get what we want… both of us…??
Lady: (gets angry) How dare u doubt me…?? I have been after him since d first day I saw him… n now, no girl can snatch him from me just in two months…!! If everything goes like d way we have planned… nothing can stop his true identity from getting revealed in from of her…!!

Both of them give a wicked laugh…

—————— SCENE 3 ——————

Third Year Anniversary celebration is going on in full fervor at Home Sunshine… A knock at the door brings everything to a halt… A police inspector along with two constables enters…

Police Inspector: Mr. Sanskaar… U are under arrest…!!

Everyone gets shocked…

Dp: (calm yet dominating voice) May I ask u for what charges are u arresting him…?? N who has lodged the complaint…??
“Me…”, says a man entering wid a wicked smirk on his face…!!


Who is this man..?? Who is the lady he was talking to…?? What will Sanskaar do…?? Will he really reveal his identity or will it be someone else…?? Will this incident divide Swasan’s way apart…??


I know u all are going to get angry on this but trust me… how can I separate them when I’m such a die heart fan of Swasan… n if in any case this will happen, then something really unexpected is on its way…!! 😉

Credit to: G_S


  1. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Awsm di pls pls continue upload tonight can’t waity to see next epi luv u di ?

  2. Shreya

    Ohoo.. Why would we be angry dear..? I know you’re separating them so that they unite again with a blast.. And this time forever..! And thanks for the teaser.. Uh making me restless now..
    I am literally out of words and patience for this story of yours..!
    Update soon..!
    Love you .. Sis..! ?❤❤

    • Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

      Shagun di pls don’t call me di I m studying in just 8 class

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