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Hello everyone.
Since the new promo is out and gives us the hope of a new stronger kaira relationship. This idea popped in my mind. Please do read and comment.

Because the base of every relationship is trust, but then its also about loving the other person past their flaws and mistakes.

A lonesome girl stared out of the window of her bedroom watching vacantly at the heavy downpour outside. The storm outside was nothing compared to the storm raging within her body, mind, and soul. she was completely consumed with agony, grief, guilt, and REGRET. It had been exactly one month since he had walked out of her life. She had made sure that he left her. The lack of trust she showed in him everytime made him so weak that he left her. She now for sure knew that he loved her way more than she had ever dreamt of. His life started and ended with her and here she was not able to love him even half of what he loved her.

She still remembered the day when she had found that karthik didn’t even knew that he was drunk. His friend manas had called her to inform her that they had spiked his drinks and he didn’t knew about it. The next day a boy had surrendered to the police claiming that he had done the acciedent and had ran away due to fear of being arrested. The police had the. arrested the boy and apologised to karthik.

When naira had come to know of this, she had ran down to the police station but karthik had already left. She thought that he would go to the maheshwari sadan and thus called her nani. But then he was not there. She calles his cell phone but he didn’t answer. She messaged him several time but there was no reply. She knew he was hurt and he needed some time but then she was scared of loosing him. Had he gone away ?!! Had she pushed him away herself just because of her lack of trust in him ?!! Was he gone ?!! all these questions revolved in her head.

Naira fell on her knees as if lifeless. All the insults hurled at karthik by her, her papa, her family all of it revolved in front of her eyes like a horror movie and she felt like her brain was going to burst a nerve.
One positive thing that happened was she knew for sure that karthik loved her to no extent. He had surrendered just for her sake. He knew he was innocent but still took the blame so that her family didn’t have to face trouble in their mourning. He was truly a gem of a person.
He loved her way lot more than she could ever imagine. She felt sad, lonely, depressed, guilty and remorseful all at the same time. The base of every relationship is trust and she didnt even trust him once. She had failed him as a soulmate. He had asked her only to show a little amout of trust but then she had accused him of killing her mother. She had forgotten that her mother also meant something to him !!

But then now she had decided that she would find him and bring him back. She would search for him in every corner of the world. She would give her all to find him. She would prove her love for him this time, because he had done it every time. She would win him back and then never let him go. She began her search for the love of her life…….
It’s been a month since the search started but to no avail. Her heartbeat, her life had left her. All she was left with were those memories of his’s she had captured and they were the only life support she had.

One day while she was accompaning gayu for shopping she spoted him in the mall. Her karthik. She had seen him after almost a month. She ran towards him and called out his name. He turned and looked at her. His eyes which were once full of love whenever he looked at her were now vaccant and had hate filled in them. He gave her one swift look and walked away. She was teriffied by his reaction. She stood still.

she could not bear the hatred, she was no longer strong to bear the hatred in her love’s eyes . Her all hopes were crushed by him, not even a single hope was left. But as we know “we only know the real value of people when they leave us”. Same happened here.
That day naira decided that she would make karthik fall for her all over again. She now knew no bounds. She started sending him letter swith all her feelings written on it and also how sorry she was for not trusting him. A letter was sent everyday for a week but there was no reply. One day she reached his home and stood outside his window with a cardboard sheet on which “Sorry” was written in bold letters. She stood there for almost 4 hours. He had seen her there and almost felt like running to her and hugging her but then his anger had over powered.
Suddenly it started raining and he had expected her to look for shelter but was blow away when he saw her still standing there. What was she upto ?!!
He took an umbrella and ran towards her.
Karthik : Have you gone mad ?!! Come inside otherwise you will catch cold.
Naira : I am going to stand here until you forgive me.
Karthik : Don’t be kiddish naira. Come on in.
Naira caught hold of his hand and took them in hers. She looked him in the eyes. Both of their eyes were over flowing with tears.

Naira : Remember once you told me that you would never leave me, no matter what happens. Have you forgotten your promise ?!! Look I know I should have trusted you but I couldn’t and I am sorry for that. I had lost my mom, I was just blown away by its effect. I was not in my senses. But the moment I asked my heart I knew that you could never do this. I am sorry karthik. Please forgive me. Please give me Another choice. Please give “US ” another choice.

As naira poured her heart out karthik was touched Soon he realised that she was the only angel who took his heart. She was his only family. He was so blind in anger that he couldn’t even realise her love for him, her feelings for him.

Yes guilt and regret, naira was only left with these two things nothing else for the last on month. But still she had a hope that one day her mendhak would forgive her. One day he will confess his feelings. One day she will change this hatred into love. One day she will make him feel like her prince. she will only give him love and make him forget all the past memories. she will fill his heart with love and happiness rather than sorrow and sadness. she will remove this ESSENCE OF HATRED. She could see this hope getting fulfilled today.

Naira looked at him with all the hope in her eyes. Karthik just took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.
Karthik : I forgive you. Let’s start on a fresh note.
Naira : I love you mendhak.
Karthik : I love you too and no matter what happens we would never be away from each other again.
They hugged each other tightly trying to convince the other that they would never let go off each other…….
And they lived happily ever after.

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  1. Hales

    Lovely yr!! U write so amazingly!!?…btw m eagerly waiting for ur next episode of ur ff …no need to rush write wenever u r free from ur exams

    1. Vrushy

      Thank a lot. 🙂
      I will update my ff tomorrow or day after tomorrow. By the way I am also waiting for you update !!

      1. Hales

        My situation is same tomorrow or day aftr will post it …but proper dhamake wala epi aftr 21st dec pakka ?

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Superb Yaar!!! I wish we get to see their reunion soon in real show.. But you have presented in an amazing way!! Loved it.. And yes i am waiting for your ff’s next part as well.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Will post the ff soon.

  3. Love ur writings! Waiting for the update of ur ff.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      I have already posted the next episode, I guess you haven’t seen it.

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