Tu zaroori sa hein mujko zinda rahne ke liye— An os on swaSan

Hi guys, I’m arya…I am new here …and this is first time am writing something like this..Its my first work ,so if there is any mistakes plzz kindly forgive me
Its for u my cute lil birthday girl….prakriti…happy b’day bacchu ….love u alot??My frst attempt its for u
####Now lets peep into the story##

A beautiful girl is standing in front of the mirror in her room. Her face has a special glow today.There is a beautiful smile on her lips..that prove that ,a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear. She once again looked at the clock and thought
Girl pov: He must b on his way to home..she smiled again.
Here he reached outside their home.he entered into the house and saw its dark everywhere..he became confused. He go towards switch an switch on the lights.. Suddenly he become surprised and happy to see the house,..it is decorated beautifully in red white nd pink. He walked in slowly suddenly he felt a warm hug .He tuened around and saw his gorgeous wife. He ws mesmerized by her beauty, she looked like a princess in a stunning red saree.. He was lost in her brown eyes,he is not able to take off his eyes from them as if they have some magic. It is not a new experiance for him ..every time he looks into them he fall in love with her again and again.
Yeh sab kyaa hein swara?? He asked her in excitement. She smiled as she could sense his excitement …( yes the lovely couple is none other than our cute SwaSan) …
Lagtha hein aaj mausam hein suhana….sanskar said. She blushed nd went away leaving him in confusion. He moved towards her and saw a beautiful table decorated with red rose petals in a heart shape nd with beautiful aromatic candles. Swara saw him and smiled
Sanskar: ab toh batou yaar….Aaj kuch khas hein kya.
Swara: Ek min….she blindfolded him.
Sans: yeh kya kar rahi hoon ..tell me dear
Swara: wait …i will b back …nd no cheating aah…stand here. …swara moved to kitchen and came back with cakes . she placed it inthe table and removed the blindfold from sanskar’s eyes…. He saw a yummy choclate cake nd it is written HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY ” ….Sanskar became so happy that he atonce hugged her bt then his face become dull he said
I am sorry jaan i forgot our anniversary …how stupid am …he said holding his ears.

Swara: Aap plz sorry math boliye.. I knw u were so busy …it is not ur fault sweet heart. Aur vaise bhi yeh sab toh mein hum dono ke liye kiya…so no sorry n thank u.
Sanskar smiled seeing her cute face.
He cupped her face and kissed her forehead and said Happy anniversary my angel. U r my life… I love u.
Swara: I love u tooo.
She came closer and kiss him on his cheeks. Sans: toh jaaneman kya hum cake cut kare… Swara ; wait ab nahi, plz close ur eyes…
Sans: Ab kyaa hein??
Swara: karo nah sanskar …plzz…
Sans: yeh kya hein ek aur surprise.. This is not fair tum toh mujhe surprise pe surprise diye jaa rahi hoon .. Aur mein hey ki tumhe ek gift bhi nahi diya.
Swara: who told u …aapne toh mujhe sabsi badi gift diya hein nah..she smiled . ab aankhein bandh karo na plz.. Sans : Gift!!! Wat gift??; acha baba kartha hoon ..he closed his eyes. Swara placed another cake on the table nd asked him to open his eyes. He saw another cake and without noticing what’s written on it he asked” y another cake swara” ? Aur yeh kya…..CONGRATULATION PAPA…..he read casually..after few scnds he realised wat he read …What congratulations papa….his eyes were wide and mouth opened
Swara looked him adorably holding his hands ….Jee haan sanskar aap papa banne wale hoon …I am pregnant.
Sanskar was so happy that he don’t knw how to react…he hugged her tightly …tears rolling down his cheeks… Swara u don’t know aaj tumne mujhe kya diya hein. Main papa banne wale hoon …oh god we r going to have our baby… I will giv my baby all happiness in the world.. Maim tum dono ka bahot care karunga. I promise . l love u swara ..l love u….. He kissed her in her eyes cheeks nd forehead. He felt as if he is the most luckiest man in the world. He bend down and touched her belly . Swara smiled. He kissed her belly and said “” baby papa is waiting for u”. He stood again .
Swara: I am so thankful to god as he gave me u… And knw our child… Sanskar…I love u. .. Sanskar hold her much closer to him … He bend forward and pressed his lips against her…swara felt a chill in her body …but she to responded with the same passion… Their kiss was becoming more passionate… It represented their love,trust ,happiness…. They felt complete. After some time they broke nd embrace. That night they spend together with great joy and a new hope …They know that the new dawn will bring a new hope , a new reason of happiness…..zindagi mein ek naya roshini…

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  1. Simple cute yet awesome swasan os…loved it…

    1. Aarya

      Thanks tharu…. That really means alot?

  2. Ayonti(swasan)


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      Thank u dear

  3. awesome and beautiful . loved it to the core . loved the cake wala scene . eagerly waiting for ur next os or ff

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      Thank u varshu….love u dear

      1. love u too akka

  4. nice,,,,,,,

  5. Very nice dear simply superb ?????

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  7. Wow simple but amazing

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  8. KrissAnn

    aswm swasan os dii
    come back with next os or ff waiting love u dii :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

    1. Aarya

      Thanks a lot dear???love u too

  9. Simin

    Awesome dear
    Simple sweet yet memorable

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      Thanks simin….??

  10. lvly os!
    my fav part is da 2nd cake.
    its sooo cute.
    & say happy birth day 2 ur frnd!

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    all the best

    1. Aarya

      Thank you so much….i hope she will see ur wish really soon….. ??☺??

  11. Rekha

    Short and Sweet…..!!!

  12. Rabia

    cute sweet os 🙂

  13. Sweet & simple os.. Loved it.. ?

  14. Mariyam123

    Aarya dear it was so cute yaar!! U write so beautiful, can u plz write an os on Raglak? Only if its possible okay. And one more thing, can I be your friend? And can I call u Aaru if u like? I m very sorry for asking u so many questions. But I m not able to control myself, hehehehe…

    1. Aarya

      Thank u soo much mariyam ….I’m so happy that u loved my os…???…..i will surely try to write on raglak….
      Yes dear we can b frnds ….?

  15. Its awesome
    Welcome to tu
    Its one of the best os i have ever read..

  16. sweet and cute..tc..

  17. Zeestum2

    This is amazing Arya

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  19. SRSL

    Awww!!! So cute reaction of sanskaar….loved it.

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    Nice dear

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    Loved it

  22. Amazing Aarya… Loved it, it was so unique and new. ????

  23. Mahjabeen

    Sry fr late cmmnt dear..da os ws amazing…so simple it ws but soo sweet..loved it??

  24. Aarya

    Thank u all for ur valuable comments…love u guys….????
    Halima,mahja.,zeestum2..thank u my dears…
    Thank u ? @ arshaanya,vyshu,deeksha,srsl,s,krystyle,shagunshagun,pramudi,rabia,rekha….

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  26. Nice one dear… So cute too… Loved it??????

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    Sweet n simple…I liked it very much

  28. Cute n awesome

  29. Yashasvi

    I mean………….





    ….. this was written by none other than my di….. my Aarya di…????





    …. cant believe……… di u wrote soooo well yrrrrrrrrrrr …….. do write on raglak for me….. and u know what waiting for ur surprise eagerly……….. i just loved it…… it was shoooooo shooooo shooooo cute n shweet..!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

    it was soooo unique and fabulous….????????

    smriti dear tune abhi tak itte avha b’day gift pda nhi….. jaldi pad le isse……. its marvelous

    keep smiling and stay blessed???????
    Love uh………??????????????????
    Yashu !!!!!!!!???

    1. Aarya

      Thank u my yashuuuu??????
      Di loves u toooo……
      There is a surprise is in …..a surprise…… Bt u have find it out…. I will giv u a clue …..
      Its hidden in the frst surprise….. I hope u vl get soon.
      Take care….keep smiling?

  30. awesome…!!

  31. very amazing u should write more

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