Tu Sooraj Main Sanjih Piyaji Analysis

Hi. This is my opinion on the recent turn of events. Recently i have seen people commenting about how blinded Uma is by dharam and i do agree with that however people are saying he should be smart enough to realise he is doing wrong with his wife. I’m sorry but has no one ever heard of nature vs nurture. Most of the time our upbringing has a lot to do with how we are as a person and we all know that Uma’s upbringing was not good because of Maasisa so how can we blame him for something that he is not at fault for?

Also some people say that this show shows negative influences and shit but doesn’t many other shows? YHM tells us that if we accidentally kill someone our mum will cover it up for us, ishqbaaz shows that you can forcefully marry a woman but its fine if are already in love, dil sambhal ja zara says its alright to marry someone as old as our dad and i could go on and on. I’m not saying that the way Kanak is being treated is correct but all i’m saying is that other shows also have negative influences but everyone continues to bash TSMSP. Basically all i’m saying is that no indian serial is perfect or logical as it is for entertainment purposes.

This is just my opinion.

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  1. Hi Jasmine

    I completely agree with you. Nice and very needful post. I do think as a society we refusing to see Uma’s pain. Uma is in correct in mistrusting Kanak according to situations created by Massisa. In real life also any one else believe the same. Also Kanak’s continuous attempts to criticize Massisa is irritating him. He is in biggest dis belief himself the way cheated him and reacting very badly. Those very reactions are direct result of Massisa’s bad upbringing. That was for sure.

    Massisa cutting him off from external world is the big disadvantage for him. he didn’t even know simple high five which shows how cut off he is from external world. He is always busy with his responsibilities whole his life.

    At the same time Kanak is also not in great situation. Uma treating her badly but the show is showing that she understanding him very nicely even though she is hurt by his actions.

    Hope the show continues to show their journey of this deep understanding each other . This journey of love will make them diya aur baati.

  2. Bhaana

    Thank you jasmine for your bold analysis in this time, anytime analysis doesn’t mean bashing or pin pointing mistake in a show, much needed analysis and I agree with u. Now, bashers are up to say tsmsp viewers as brainless, Romance k booki aur in infatuation with avinesh,if a show encourages saas…sauthan…they will leave it…but highlighting a real man rather than plastic man used in every show will b indigestible for some.In my sense man in this show who is strong, polite and the story completely revolves around him…his nature…first they showed the good qualities in him yet with wrong upbringings, how he cared kanak but now his wrong beliefs which depicts his upbringing, no one is perfect and the story yet to unfold, till then as my friend meera says…. “Live and let live” ✌ to all viewers n haters….Have a good weekend.?

  3. Thank u jasmine for this wonderful analysis which is very much needed at this hour. As the story is completely travelling in a different angle now.Massisa has manipulated uma in such a way that any person in uma ‘s place would react like that.Now we clearly know how uma life has been turned miserable becos of massisa.I think we cannot blame uma for his strict dharmic rules he has been taught wrong dharm by massisa from his childhood.A mom is a first guru for a child only she can mould her child to be a good responsible citizen but in this case massisa wants to keep uma under her control so she has cut off him completely from external world uma has been caged for years there is no one to guide him teach him the right and wrong.Uma believes his massisa he trust her and respect her as his mom and whatever she says he accepts as gospel truth without even analysing good and bad.He was always burdened with family duties at very young age so till now he has not even enjoyed his life.Massisa has totally ruined his life for her ulterior motives. Kanak is a ray of light in his doomed life. Kanak will guide him to the right path of life teaching him the right dharam.Uma will soon understand kanak becos he loves her .Uma cannot live without kanak .This story is going portray the journey of their true unconditional love on each other mutually understanding each otherand eventually they will become Diya aur Bhati soon .

  4. This is what even i feel Jasmine.. glad u posted this..
    this is the only serial that I watch.. because of its uniqueness.. the way two completely opposite people fall in love..
    Gal who is somuch open a minded and guy who is so religious.. I have seen this kind of couples even in a my real life and peopl like Uma who r somuch extreme about their beliefs also exist.. yes there’s lot of fiction but at the end of the day it’s a fiction..
    but there r somany who r claiming that the ones who like tsmsp are hungry for romance.. crazy for Avinash.. bla bla..
    to be honest, if someone really is somuch desperate to watch romantic scenes, y will they come to watch a daily soap? there r loads of other stuff in which you can enjoy it.. I came to know about Avinash rekhi only from this serial, as I said I don’t watch other serials.. I like him for his acting, his expressive eyes, body toh bohoth ki hai, need not run behind this fellow..
    On the other hand, Kanak is another important reason to watch this serial because I find her somuch bubbly and her acting just won my heart.. also Maasisa, bhabo, Meena, Rani..my favourite characters.. the actors who have done their roles (sorry I don’t know the real names of these actors) I really loved it..
    Last but not the least , the tittle song.. which has won everyone’s heart I feel..?
    These are the reasons I love this serial somuch..
    So please haters do not live upto your own assumptions, our perspectives are different..

  5. you are right jasmine i have seen many times that in tsmsp page ther are many posts like the top 10 worst serials and they show tsmsp as the 2n but there are many other serials which are worst than it and they are actually critisisng the serial

  6. HI Jasmine I agree with your analysis like Neha this is the only show I watch too that too because of both Avinesh & Rhea Love their acting and chemistry on screen( & that body) Yes there is an age difference but that makes the show interesting to watch Uma being conservative & religious & following rules which were enforced by Masisa ,on the other side Kanak is intelligent,carefree,bubbly & naive at times & doesn’t follow Dharam as strictly as Uma but has a fair knowledge Like they are two opposites but there is growing attraction & caring that will come about as they get to know each other as in any arranged marriage.Uma at a young age lost his dad & mom paralyzed missed out normal kids life Maisisa made him into what he is today for her selfish reasons which he has never questioned.Also being the eldest took on the responsibilities Uma’s anger towards Kanak is because of the way Masisa has made him think & never question as she can do no wrong Though Kanak’s out look to life is different always questioning and up for a challenge, nothing deters her.On the other side Masisa son is completely the opposite which she has allowed cause it’s her own son bet living this lavish lifestyle because of Uma’s hard work. Kanak with time will make Uma a better person & make him live a life which is not robotic & do stuff out of the ordinary Uma totally loves Kanak for her she has accepted the marriage as she had said she wants to be his friend first then lover & then husband & wife & eventually Diya & Bhati… Love the show!!!!

  7. Great post jasmine..This show has a uniqueness like saras ,how she gets courage to face the world,kanak to erase the evil..Its a absolute story of women empowerment..good family show related to day-to-day life.which have all elements of good show like good theme,humour,romance,drama etc.

  8. Anusha Pichumani

    Good analysis, I like ur comment.. just hope things get sorted out soon,
    unable to see the episodes…Too much of anger from Vansh and UMA
    Kanak and Saras are after all human beings first ..

    Too much hatred moving around, the first version was quite balanced.

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