Tu sooraj main sanjh piyaji – beautiful blossom of love -episode 5

Sorry guys for the very late update. but don’t worry here is the diya and this tym fully in english #5
Precap-kanak uma meet, payal is coming
Here u go
Kanak is dressed in a beautiful lehenga in which she looks like a princess and with her is nandini the south indian girl in her simple suit. Kanak reaches umas house. Her first time inside umas villa.
Kanak steps inside the villa. A string strikes umas heart. A pleasant wind blows on him. He is shirtless in his dhoti. He finds his heart beat fast. Kanak finds same effects on her.

Shiv – oh you wow
Kanak – thanks shiv I was just coming
Shiv- yah come in
Kanak – where is your brother and sister
Just then saras comes in
Saras – welcome kanak and nandini
Kanak – thank you
Nandini – thank you

Kanak – what is the function or pooja today
Saras – it’s a pooja for shiv ji a traditional one
Kanak – oh sees around the house to find uma but could not find him
Saras introduces kanak to masi ma
Kanak touches her feet
Masi ma – folds hands and blesses her and says may all good things come to u u look very pretty
Kanak – thanks
Masi ma – where are u from my dear

Kanak – I am from pushkar and we have a sweet shop there my father’s name is sooraj rathi
Masi ma – oh rathi suraj and sandhya rathi oh wat a pair they are
Just then uma comes in the balcony to come down kanak stares at him masi ma gets her caught and she also sees uma who comes down staring at kanak
Saras – brother this is
Uma- ya I remember we met in coll right

Kanak – yes
Masi sa- uma she is the daughter of sooraj and sandhya rathi
Uma – oh with a look of happiness
Masi sa – kanak do u know we are relatives in a way as ur mother bro has a relation with us
KANAK- oh wow
Saras – wow we are relatives they hug eAch other
Uma – show them the house
Saras and kanak leaves while uma also moves and masi ma thinks something

In pushkar
At police station
A girl walks in shouting and crying
Reaches veds table and complaints
She – excuse me sir I want to come
Ved – thinking of payal does not listen to her and says go and complain to writer
She – no no I will complain only to inspector
Ved – what the hell happened and sees her face
All lights glow and it’s payal

Payal – what won’t u listen to my complaint
Ved – payal u
Payal- yes me payal hun u know out of anxiety my bus driver and me came early to pushkar
Ved – oh so u came here
Payal- not just like that I have come here to complaint about a thief
Ved – tenst wt happ
Payal- I want to complaint about a thief
Ved- who

Payal – u know him I guess
Ved – and payal laugh together and takes her out
Payal takes a packet from her bag and gives ved
Ved ji I think u will like it …
Ved opens the packet and sees jalebi and they eyelock

In umas villa
After seeing all the places saras takes kanak to umas room
Kanak – wooooowwwww
Saras – this is my bro room
Kanak – then his wife would be very happy

Saras – what have u gorn mad my brother is still single
Kanak – good for me
Saras – what

Kanak – nothing nice house nice room
She touches his almirah and feels the softness of the cot and sees everywhere and his door to shiv ji idol and also the swing over there
She goes there suddenly masi sa calls saras and saras leaves
Mesmerized by rooms beauty she goes near the idol and plays in the swing
Kanak – wow what a nice place

Just then uma arrives seeing kanak awestruck he is just mesmerized by her beauty. He feels her smell in the room and also on the bed. He wants to go near her but can’t she sees him in th e mirror near her. And they share an eye lock .

Just then masi ma calls everyone for pooja and all leave near the pooja hall. Kanak stands near saras and masi ma while uma does the pooja . Suddenly kanaks dress catches fire and she starts shouting and falls over uma who has Garland’s for the Lord and it falls on both of them and they get locked in garland while Uma also offs the fire….

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