Tu sooraj main sanjh piyaji – beautiful blossom of love -episode 4

Diya #4
The most pleasant day has started for the kanak.she catches an auto and reaches the college. She fills in forms submits everything and settles in her hostel room. In hostel she has a senior who is none other than palumi.

Palumi a daughter of famous businessman of ladno but still prefers hostel. She is a kind of rude arrogant and attitude shower. She is very much depressed from heart for which the reason is unknown.

The roommate of kanak is a new entrant nandini.
Nandini – hi I am nandini
Kanak – hi I am kanak. Where are u from ??
Nandini – I am from chennai just came here for a change of place and good study atmosphere
Kanak – oh chennai nice place so ur tamil han I am from pushkar nearby only
Nandini – ya I am tamil par mujhe hindi bhi aati hai
Kanak – tu toh acha hindi bol leti ho
Both talk for a while and plan to fresh up and leave around to Roam
Kanak dressed up in a usual skirt top while nandini is in a simple salwar kameez they both come out of hostel. They visit admin block to take receipts and id cards.
Saras is present there with shiv who is her younger bro.
Saras – hi kanak
Kanak – hi saras
Saras – hi I am saras to nandini
Kanak – ya she is nandini my roommate
Saras – this is my little brother shiv
Kanak – hi shiv
Shiv – hi apka naam kya hai
Kanak – mera naam kanak hai
Just then kanak feels a heart beat. UMA enters
Shiv – -dhadhosa
Uma – shiv kya hua he sees kanak
Saras – yeh hamare -dhadhosa hai tum toh janti hi hogi
Nandini – kanak mujhe thoda kam hai mein chalti hoon nandini leaves
Kanak – han zaroor
Uma – han hamara toh pyaar ka rishta hai
Saras – kya dhadho
Uma – kuch nahi winks at kanak

Just then a boy was about to hit kanak . Uma goes forward and saves kanak and boy gets a nice shot in his cheeks .

Kanak – sees in umas eyes and says thank you
Uma – thank you nahi dhanyavad
Shiv – wah bhaiya apne hero ki tarah bachaya inhe
Uma – sab hero hote hai bachu
Saras – kanak aap zaroor ghar ayiyega hamare ghar me shiv ji ka pooja hai
Kanak – han zaroor aungi
Just then kanak was about to move she misses her balance uma holds her hand both have an eye lock ( tu sooraj mein saanjh piya ji)

At rathi house
Meenakshi – bhabho meri bhatiji aah rahi hai usko kuch kam hai yahan kya woh yahan reh sakthi hai
Bhabho – kya bol rahi hai woh yahan reh sakthi waise bhi woh bhi mare tabaron ki jaisi hai
Golu – wow payal aah rahi hai
Meenakshi – han beta payal aah rahi hai uski koi exam hai yahan
Golu – kab aah rahi hai ma
Meenakshi – shyam thak aah jayegi
Golu – can I go and pick payal then
Meenakshi -han zaroor
Bhabho- pehle uska kamra saaf kar
Meenakshi – ji bhabho waise yeh rani kahan chali gayi

Rani -aah gayi madam ji hits golu and golu falls
Golu – mamma
Rani – arey golu ji itne bade tamatar ki tarah raste me kya kar rahe ho
Golu – mamma dekho ise
Bhabho – arey yeh sab choda chalo sab kam par dhyan do
Ved aur vansh ka entry
Ved – kya ho raha hai yahan
Golu – meri cousin aah rahi hai
Vansh – toh ham kaun hai
Golu – arey bhaiya payal aah rahi hai
Vansh – kya payal winks at ved

FB- ved 10 yrs and payal 8 yrs
Ved gives chocolates to payal while payal gets him his fav jalebi
Ved – hai payal tum bahut sundar hai is dress mai
Payal – thanks ved
Ved – payal tum meri gf ho na
Payal – ya toh aur kaun mei tumhe kisiko nahi dungi
Ved – mei bhi
FB ends
Ved – arey FB mei math ja woh sab jab chote the tab ka hai
Vansh – hoi hoi
Golu – kya bhaiya
Ved – vansh stop she would have forgot everything
Vansh – so u haven’t na
Ved – bye mei station jaa raha hun and leaves
He has blushes in his face .He thinks whether payal would remember him or forgot him.he is panicked as well as happy.

At ladno
Kanak calls sandhya and chooses a dress for pooja . She wears a beautiful lehenga for the pooja and leaves with nandini to umas house

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  1. Hi, Meenu4
    I read your other episode 3.
    I was wondering if could, a little twist to your story.
    Like for example, why (that thing) is wrong. You see I had the same problem as you did, today.

    I am not going to see the show, but I well read your love story.

    I am not a writer, like meenu4. I don’t have the imagination.
    But it is time to educate him.

    1. Meenu4

      Thank u something’s are always unexplainable to a few

  2. Aarti32

    Amazinggg..Finally Payal aane wali h?? Ved-Payal flashback was….??

  3. Meenu4

    Happiee han ok wait for her entry too

  4. Nice episode, uma says Humara toh pyarasa rishta is too good and ved ki fb with Payal hits

  5. VINAL

    Rani to golu-are golu ji itne bade tmatar ki tarah ….. haaha

  6. Super.. yaar pls post soon…I am eagerly waiting.Good job.

  7. What happen? I am waiting.

  8. Where r u ????? we are waiting…….

  9. Your ff is awesome
    plz post the next part soon

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