Tu sooraj main sanjh piyaji – beautiful blossom of love – Character Intro

The most beautiful story always has breathtaking introduction. Hi friends my fan fiction is on diya aur bati season 2-tu sooraj main sanjh piyaji. This story of mine revolves around 2 opposite poles fall for each other in the run of time.

UMA SHANKAR- highly talented most charming highly confident one who follows all spiritual guidelines for his success same as the one in series

KANAK- she is the most chirpiest girl in the city same as the one in series. She has all kinds of happiness in her life but something she needs is yet to be collected. She is studying tourism so travels a lot. Simple life is not her dream just she wants everything to be filled with twist and turns.

Other characters of series are except we have both the parents of kanak sandhya and sooraj the most loved pair.

The love pair of the series include
Uma and kanak
Ved and payal
Vansh and paulmi
Sooraj and sandhya
Vikram and meenakshi
Their son golu with non other than the rani character of the series

This most beautiful series revolves around these characters.

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  1. Pairs all ok except vansh-palaumi. I think better pair is vansh-saraswathi . Saraswathi uma’s sister

  2. VINAL


  3. Meenu4

    Ok sri ur request is accepted I even thought about it. Vansh and saraswathi

  4. Aarti32

    First ff on TSMSP!! Cheers for dat ??

    All d pairs r very cute.. Especially Ved n Payal..My favourite ?
    N ya.. Saraswati is better than dat Palomi..Far better..So it’s good u changed Vansh’s partner..Golu n Rani..Even I sometimes think of their pairing..

    Bhabho n Babasa r there in dis ff right??

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