Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nanda Maasi Has a Plan For Saras

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma holds Maasi’s hand when she tries to slap Kanak. Maasi is surprised and says he never disobeyed her since childhood. Uma says it was his putra dharm/son duty and now after taking oath on fire and marrying Kanak, it is his duty to protect her from injustice and he can go to any extent to protect her. He continues whatever happened with Saras was destiny and Kanak should not be blamed for it. Kanak reminisces Balbrahmachariji is mother/Sevika’s words that Uma\s heart can still be changed and he will change her world.

Vansh enters Saras’ room. She panics seeing him and asks how did he come in. He holds her mouth and says he had to come for her. She reveals him all the incident happened with Balbrahmachariji and Balbrahmachariji punishing her to serve him as sevika

whole life. Vansh asks how can one believe in all this superstition, didn’t her Dadusa/Uma tell anything. She says Dadusa loves her a lot, but loves dharam more than anyone else. Vansh thinks if Uma is so rude to his sister, what he must be doing to his wife Kanak. He picks sindhoor and tries to apply it on her forehead. She stops him. He says he knows she loves him. She says no. He says else why she is worried for him. Maasi peeps into their room hears everything. She gets happy that Vansh is her trump card to separate Uma and Kanak. Uma walks towards Saras’ room. Maasi stops him and asks him to let her rest now. Vansh and Saras’ argument continues. Vansh tries to convince her, but gets adamant. He challenges that he will make her realize she loves him and will take her from here.

Maasi sees Kanak coming and acts as hitting her head on wall as self punishment. Kanak asks what happened. She says she did a sin of slapping her beti bahu. Kanak says it is elder’s right to correct younger ones. Maasi says she has a plan to stop saras from becoming Balbrahmachariji’s sevika. Kanak excitedly asks what is it. Maasi says Saras will become sevika after 4 days, but if she is married and her in-laws refuse her to let her become sevika, then Balbrahmachariji and Uma cannot do anything. Kanak says they have find a boy for Saras then. Balbrahmachariji and Uma will not let this happen, so Saras should elope with a boy. Kanak happily hugs Maasi. Maasi thinks Kanak does not know about Vansh and Saras’, else she would have talked about it. Palomi hears Maasi and asks what is her plan. Maasi takes her to kitchen and adding ghee on wood says Saras and Vansh’s relationship is like ghee and wood now and until match is shown, they won’t catch fire. She will provoke them to elope and prove that Kanak is behind them, then Uma will break all his relationship with Kanak.

Kanak meets Uma and tries to convince him again to drop his idea of making Saras as sevika. Uma is undeterred. He sees Saras coming wearing bridal dress and holding her doll and remembers child Saras wearing bridal dress and asking how she is looking. Kanak asks what is he looking at. He smiles and says his sister. Kanak sees Saras and happily thinks Uma is ready to get Saras married and not make her sevika. Palomi comments Saras is looking like her doll, she has to sit in havan today and sacrifice all her desires till 4 days when she wil become sevia. Kanak is shocked hearing this and realizes Uma’s decision has not changed.

Precap: Saras tells Vansh that she is sacrificing her desires and getting ready to become sevika from today. Vansh says their wedding rituals are starting from today. Kanak shows bangles and says Saras likes bangles a lot. Saras breaks bangles and throws them in havan. Kanak gives white sari clad doll to Uma and asks if he is ready to see Saras like this after 5 days. Uma shouts he cannot.

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  1. And the crap continues. Someone said right, the crappier the show, better the TRP and that’s the state of t.v. serials today. So it is shown that at the end of day Uma is in control of everyone’s destiny and if a change needs to be made then he must be changed so he can stop bad things from happening. If he does not consent then his sister his wife are doomed. This show is not a love story between opposites. This show is about how women should manipulate bad cruel regressive husbands and in laws so that the woman can lead at least a comfortable if not happy life. That is not nayi soch. It is the same old ghisa pitaa soch from 50s 60s 70s and by the look of how much support it has, it will never change. Women will always be ruled or will be reduced to thinking devious manipulative methods to make the man give them a comfortable life. And it will happen not because the man is evil but because women like dominating men.

  2. Maasisa think vansh-saras will marry and saras saved& Kanak goback to Pushkar. Maasisa tum tumhari nonsense soch. If Kanak goback to Pushkar, saras stay in ladno.

  3. Thanks for the fast update MA..

  4. This is first serial in my life,while watching i cant take my eye off even from one scene.usually i will skip negative plan part but in this serial im seeing that scenes too because of nice acting ,bgm,scenes,surroundings,etc..story is moving superb fast..loved last part of small age saras and uma bond…Maasi is so cunning kanak have to be carefull more.Hopes every problem will solve and kanum strong love starts soon without the blindbeliefs of uma,we need some love and fun moments of kanum missing it nowadays.

  5. Just few mins back read the new spoiler.. I feel it was too much?.. Aur kitney khel khelogey bhooki paapi palomi? I hope baba looks at her and falls in love with her? kam se kam iss tarah se toh yeh ghar se nikle? waisey bhi baba aur uma mein farq surf itna hai k baba k baal Lambey hain? muscles toh dono k hain aur waxing bhi dono Kartey hain?

  6. Uma is caught between his dharam and his love towards his sister .No brother will accept their sister life to get ruined like this if maasa was well would she leave her daughter to go to hell never .Why massisa is always plotting even when her niece life is getting devastated like this As a mother she is not even feeling for Sara’s.Bechari kanak very innocent she is not realizing she is getting trapped by massisa .But tsmsp never fails to impress us till now so this track will also end with uma coming out of this superstitious belief soon

  7. When this bb track will end..
    Like always it’s v tough to guess the future story Yar
    Pta nhi Kya Kya ho rha h ?

  8. Another episode which was difficult to watch, These evil cvs, how dare they highlight such a grey area, we’re all now going to be brainwashed into finding our own guruji’s & all becoming sevika’s ??. On a serious note, Saras still has five days before she becomes a sevika (& a day seems to last a looong time in tsmsp) so I’m seriously wandering how long this storyline is going to drag… although looks like they may be some twist coming up with Vansh, so I’m hoping tsmsp makers can turn it around & hope they don’t show maasisa getting the better of Kanak.

    1. Right… a day in this show means 5-10 episode??
      When Uma said still 5 days to go I guess they r gonna drag this…

  9. What can I say about today’s episode Kanak don’t be blindfolded by this acts by Masisa & Palomi put your mothers thinking cap on & see all what is happening around you Pls start thinking like Sandhya Just wish Saras would stand up for herself listen to Vansh know his motive is not right but at least he would get you out from being a Sevika As for Uma & Kanak I feel they are not even becoming a couple there is no romance but more anger in Uma’s face for her how will they even become lovers at this rate Kanak this whole family is doomed feel he should never have got married!!! When is he going to realize his dharm is interfering in his marriage Read in spoiler Palomi dresses like Kanak & goes to police station to complain about Uma & has him arrested This is going to cause a rift between KanUma again Kanak pack your bags & leave Pls this Masisa is evil to the core & get some one to beat up this BB Or have all the women in Ladnu come in in front of him ??all can become his Sevikas ?????

  10. I get a feeling that the show is in a state of flux…the writers are trying to create some uthal-puthal to bring about a turning point and the result is a little baffling mix of events that seems overstretched. Either that or this is fetching great TRPs which is why they are loading on the planning and scheming. I hope it’s not random stuff for TRP and they do have some plan to move the story forward. I wonder what’s supposed to be the age Gap between Uma and Saras.

  11. I don’t know why I feel that the show had better quality storyline in the afternoon slot. Now they are trying to compete with other shows that show all kinds of negative stories to keep audience hooked. It has replaced Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, remember the crazy vamp Gaura. Not easy for CVs to maintain viewership and so they give in to showing what sells. Sad…

  12. Congratulations to TSMSP writers. The idea of religionis presented in a very clever way. Here religion is a strategy for anyone who understands it wrongly. Each of us knows at least one in his life as Umma. A person who deals with religion to such an extent that the misconception of religion may worsen his religionship with people and nature. Typically such people become pastors. But here man wants to live normally like others . He wants to have a home , a family, his wif’s love , a respect in society. Religion is very high. The truth must be sought for it. Everyone has to leam how to understand religion. Religion is a way of life for every person whether we believe in him or not. This TSMSP shows us how to leam from religion. In every word in every action there is knowledge , instruction, solution. We just have to look for it and leam it. For some it can be easy, like Kanak, for others it can be difficult like Umma.. The images of Kanak and Umma are emblematic, constructive, key. They are the two sides of a whole with all its characteristics. They are what can be any human being – love, naivety, fear, courage, faith, education, hope. This pair is uniquely good. She has charisma, character, energy, strength, beauty. .She surpassed everyone’s expectations. I will say boldly that KANUM is better than SURIY. . This has become a good deal so far. Congratulations to the writers of this incredible creation. Congratulations on the brilliant reincarnation of the artists Avinesh Rekhi and Rea Sharma . Big talents, beautiful people, memorable artists.

    1. Superb analysis Moneva keep sharing your views.Thank u

    2. Wow Moneva, so nicely put.. excellent analysis of the show

    3. Good points moneva…
      Show is informative in his own way and this page too

  13. i cannot tolerate this blo*dy rascal nanda and palomi always plotting against kanum

  14. please cvs humble request to you. kanak should see real face of nanda and palomi infront of her and try to expose infront of uma.

  15. I too feel that this track was introduced to provide a shock factor & wake up call for Uma… whilst I find the track is overstretched & unrealistic (I’m truly shocked than anyone could deliberate over handing their own sister to any guruji) it has further endorsed to us viewers the depth of Uma’s religious beliefs.
    I had hoped that this bb/guruji would be exposed as someone who leads a double life, but I guess that would be too predictable, so I’m hoping that as in the past TSMSP handles the situation in an unexpected manner & we manage to see some change in Uma.
    I personally love Kanak’s character she is so strong willed & determined a true inspiration of how a woman regardless of whether she has her husband/brothers or any male support can stand up for what she believes is right!
    I too can spot a shift in the show, even though their mentality towards women has always been wrong I did admire their simple way of living , & the strong bond in relationships, peace & tranquility in their home … but now with this maasisa becoming a vamp that seems to have all shattered… her years of puja- paat has all gone down the drain along with her value of relationships & as for Paloumi her character simply has no self respect, surely they should be considering getting her married off by now ?

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