Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aditya Returns Home

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma and Kanak return home with Aditya. Maasi acts as surprised. Kanak thinks Maasi is an excellent actor and fooled family all these years via her superb acting. Maasi does Aditya’s aarti. Aarti says excuse me madam what is she is doing. Kanak says mom, not madam, Maasi is his mother. Aditya says excuse me village girl, I am Vicky. Kanak says Maasi gave him birth and took care of him and his needs. Maasi acts that her son is not identifying her. Uma asks Aditya to touch Maasi’s feet. Aditya says why will he, he is going from this village house. Uma says he will stay here and get treated by me. Kanak says let us see if Uma’s bitter medicines will cure Aditya or not. Aditya reacts. Uma holds him and forcefully makes him touch Maasi’s feet. Payal touches Aditya’s

feet. He asks who is she. Uma says she is his wife whom he married in childhood. Aditya lustfully looks at her and says different flavor, at least some reason for him to stay here. Uma asks Payal to go to her room and asks Suman to take Aditya to his room. Aditya says sister, lets us go then. Uma apologizes Maasi for slapping Aditya seeing him inebriated. Maasi says a brother has at least that right. Kanak thinks Maasi and Aditya misused Uma’s innocence for so many years.

Suman takes Aditya to his room. He acts as surprised seeing his childhood photo and asks Suman to go. He asks Payal to close door if they are husband and wife and himself walks towards door. Kanak thinks how to explain Payal that her husband is wicked and does not deserve her. She walks towards Payal’s room. Aditya is about to close door when Uma with Kanak interferes and opens door and says Aditya will stay in different room. Aditya asks why. Uma says he is Vicky now and not Aditya, so until he gets his memory, he is stranger for Payal and asks him to go out while he gives him a room. He then tells Payal that he will not permit her to stay with Aditya until Aditya starts respecting her like a wife. Once he leaves, Payal says she could not understand Uma even after so many years. Palomi says when Uma loves someone, he takes care of small things and when he hates, he hates to the core. Kanak feels sad hearing that.

Aditya and Maasi’s discussion start in Maasa’a room. He says Uma is too irritating and controlling, this house is a jail for him. She asks him to relax. He says Kanak is too but is baffled when her plan failed and asks Maasi when did she plan all this. Maasi says when she noticed Kanak, Uma, and Palomi missing, she realized something is wrong, so she called Rajeev and doc and made a plan. He says she is genius. Maasa rings bell. Maasi says nobody will hear her. Kanak is shocked hearing their conversation.

Next morning, Kanak gives water to Maasi. Maasi pours it on her palm and says she should drown in this water after her defeat. Kanak taunts people go dumb in old age and warns not to get happy for a small win, she will fall flat on her face soon. She pours water back in Maasi’s palm. Maasi fumes in jealousy.

Precap: Palomi steals Kanak’s mangalsutra. Kanak searches it. Suman says it is bad sign. Payal throws mangalsutra in fire. Kanak runs to pick it and shouts for help.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ok I sometimes watch or read the show as a masaala movie (a really cliched one but time pass ke liye chaltaa Hai) but please someone stop this idiotic Paalomi antics!!! Palomi steals mangalsutra and Payal throws it in fire and Kanak starts to shout for help????height of nautanki, seriously, is this some 80s drama! This is how Uma will get convinced Kanak loves him and they will romance? Hahahaha???? Chalo daily soap ke naam pe chaltaa Hai, just that i had thought this was going to be a different kind of a story.is it necessary to keep uma semi nude for seventy percent of the time? It’s kind of creepy.

    1. This is totally Beta movie tv serial, there was war between Madhuri and Aruna Irani here its Kanak and Masisa, Uma is in role of Anil Kapoor, there also we saw Aruna’s son who pretends to be dr. and here is Aditya, here only Suman and maasa helping her, there it was Anil’s dad and there maid helping Madhuri so its masala movie. IN short old wine in a new bottle.

    2. One more thing to add, there Madhuri showing her sensuous body here is little different Uma is shown his chiselled body which is awkward.

  2. Bhaana

    Wah…kya bath hai… maasisa planned everything before 8 yrs…I guess if the cvs planned it before 4 months they won’t mess up in early episodes saying aditya missing 4yrs ago.Nandaji should take tuition for CVS in planning coz she has 30 yrs experience?.
    Don’t know why….aaj uma k gyansaagar sunkar achaa laga but no repeats please.
    Precap can’t expect anything from uma so kanak will try to get her suhaagchin burning her hand…what a modern bahu… don’t leave any opportunity to prove herself.
    Is the promo applicable to our show or next season?

  3. Ranjana

    Oh please will some one tell me why is that the doctors in serials are always shown as bykov? Have they no moral values: just imagine afew rupees and they willing to sell their soul?
    As for Palomi: the girl needs to grow up…. seriously disgusting behaviour?
    As for Masisa: shame she still thinks she will out play Kanak?
    On the whole I enjoyed the write up and now looking forward to seeing the actual episode.

  4. Uma was too cute and extremely sensible today.. there were stances where kanak looked at Uma admiringly.. shows that she is getting very much inclined towards Uma ..

  5. Precap is too much. What nonsense story aajkal. First episodes I thought it’s different story but now it’s irritating. Palauomi is three much not too much

  6. i think its stupid because they hardly show saras and ved its always kanak and if they keep doing that loads of people are already stopped watching it well my cousins have and sisters only me watching it so they need to get more of saras and Ved on the show

    1. priya is because she is the main character that is what happen in all indian dramas but saras and ved will also becoming in soon they just want to prove kanak right in the eyes of uma , so that uma realize her mistake. but please dont stop watching cause ved and saras will come in soon. thank u

      1. sori his mistake

  7. I am fearing Kanak staying in that house one extra day Between the mother & son they have plotted this 8 years ago maybe they can predict the future too from today!!They are the the most evil human beings Why does Poullomi has to be in all conversations someone needs to put her in her place she is annoying.Always ready to give advice pls throw her out Uma pls Kanak it’s a difficult task when you have to fight against a retarded son & mother who thinks she is queen ? & Phyco Poullomi put her in an institution looks very desperate with no morals & Payal use your brains One thing that puzzled me Aditya recognized his picture on the wall some one with memory loss funny ?

  8. Meera1

    Best part of the episode was seeing the old Uma in action, it provided a good understanding of his values towards a woman. I loved seeing the look of admiration on kanak’s face when she was watching Uma talking to Payal, it provided us with a glimpse of why Kanak is attracted to Uma, she was glowing with pride ? … unfortunately it was all very short lived when ‘besharam’ palomi had to walk in & trample over kanak’s thoughts…

    I can’t understand why Payal has been calling Nanda as maasisa since she stepped into the house, surely she should have been told to address her as mother in law – especially given how orthodox the family are towards respecting relations ?.
    I recall a brief mention of maasisa’s Husband ages ago… he doesn’t seem to have factored into any of the current track, so I’m wandering when he will crawl out the wood work or whether they’ve binned his character off-there sure is plants of vamps already in the show ?.

    The show is becoming more & more cliche by the day… the precap is seriously hitting the stereotype of the ‘mahaan’ lead actress – playing a ‘super woman’ kind of creature who can defeat all evil & even run through fires ??…kanak is also shown shouting for help – so I wander whether in true desi serial style we will see Uma reaching there just in the nick of time to rescue his damsel from distress ?… it is all very cliche… but I guess, given the depths of the characters & excellent cast still much better than most serials currently out there.

  9. I watched an episode after a long time.. I feel like it’s a different story now.. hmmm I think we got to wait alot for that old track for sometime.. this SaaS bahu drama has surely taken away all the charm.. I wonder when this track will end.. can’t wait Maasisa and Aditya’s real face to get revealed.. can’t wait to see saras as a modern gal as well

  10. Kanak’s comment that Uma respects women is shocking. Seems she has forgotten Uma leaving her high and dry to walk when he pulled away in his car, forgotten his constant shouting at her, forgotten his continuous shuttimg her up. She seems content to accept whatever crumbs he may throw her way. Her fine speeches meant nothing. What a total disappointment……

    1. I agree with you. So far, character of Uma has been shown having little respect for women. It’s just that he is against any s*xual violence which is repeatedly portrayed as utmost respect for women. ? He has forced, stalked, abused, suppressed, and even physically hurt women and shown obvious signs of anger issues and mental illness. Yet, they show a fickleminded lead admiring him at the drop of hat for respecting women of all things, without development of their story. Very unfortunate piece of writing. But As long as leads are somehow shown in love, show gets trp.

  11. I wish the writing on this show wasn’t so shabby. The reason Payal called Nanda, maasi and not Maasa is because they have cooked up this whole maasi being villain and mother of Aditya to turn the entire story in a different direction to justify Kanak staying in Ladno. they have made kanak sound stupid by admiring Uma for respecting women when a week ago he was talking about them being animals and a couple month ago forcibly marrying her. The cast is good but the characterization and writing is very poor and inconsistent. The show is very poor quality now story anddirectionwise. mainly running on fandom. It degraded very quickly to a substandard level. But I guess it will work because bad writing and bad direction have not stopped shows from doing well in the past. Whenever trps dip they can always strip the leads and show some bed scenes! Clearly that’s what sells shows these days, not logical and consistent storyline. Still I’ll say, actors are doing a good job.

  12. In a happier note Uma liked how you made Aditya touch Masisa feet maybe turn him into a better person ??Also how he gave advice to Payal about waiting could see the loving expression on Kanak’s face but damsel in distress Poullomi doesn’t like anyone happy spoilt it for Kanak .Uma is going to now start listening to his wife shame not many days left though Yes precap scary hope Uma saves Kanak & see Paullomi evil doing

  13. Meera1

    I think the point is no ‘crumbs ‘ were thrown at Kanak, Uma was having a sincere conversation with Payal …. this is the Uma, that Kanak fell in love with a person who is genuine & sincere in his relations (the same as Kanak is) – the Uma we have seen in recent weeks has been out of character of Uma’s original character (which is why a lot of us were shocked by his actions) …. now I’m not saying that, that excuses his behaviour over the last however many weeks but it does explain why Kanak was not ready to walk away from Uma
    & I think believe it or not there are women out there that have a mind of their own & are able to make their own decisions about their own life & Kanak is one of them – She is no love sick puppy, lagging behind Uma but a strong female lead who is leading the way instead & I’m sure a time will come when she will set Uma right for how he has mistreated her, but for now kanak’s focus is on exposing maasisa & Aditya so we are having to put up with the Saas bagu saga.

  14. Kanak is not living up to expectatioñs. Kanak’s comment that Uma respects women is shocking. Seems she has forgotten Uma leaving her high and dry to walk when he pulled away in his car, forgotten his constant shouting at her, forgotten his continuous shuttimg her up. She seems content to accept whatever crumbs he may throw her away. Her fine speeches meant nothing. She has lost her self esteem . What a total disappointment……

  15. The Uma we have seen in recent weeks is part of Uma’s character. He has reveal ed his truest self and beliefs. He said women are no better than animals. He said his religion comes first, before any sister, before any wife. This is also who he is.

  16. The serial is getting an irritating show day by day . The team should think of a new plot rather than this worst plot.
    Palomi she is ……………. most irritating character of the show.
    She has no role in the show

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