Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma talking to Maasi. Kanak asks him why did he not use mobile, it comes for cheaper rates also. Uma tells the disadvantages of mobiles, it spoils kids, it leads to loss of sleep and irritation in kids, it affects physical and mental health. Kanak thinks he is not so stupid as he looks, he has logic and knowledge. She nods. Shiv says Uma has all answers, see the bad effects of mobiles. Uma asks Kanak to tell about her family, if her family involve in rituals, it will be good. She asks do you think they will be happy knowing my forced marriage. Maasi says we tried to explain you, you did not listen to us, it was according to Lord’s wish, after reaching hotel, you call them, we would have not done Shuddi karan puja if we knew about your gotra. Kanak thinks they

can never know about my family.

Vansh talks to Kanak by using a comb instead phone. He says Ved and I thought to sell the shop, but we are not getting papers. Babasa says I know very well whether its phone or comb, whom were you fooling. Vansh says I was lightening heart and talking to Kanak, as she has many ideas. Babasa says if you think so, think as Kanak. He goes.

Vansh says I had feeling to talk to Kanak by this comb, I wish she calls me. Bhabho comes and asks what are you talking to comb. He says its phone. She says I thought its comb, I have no glasses. She looks for her glasses. He says you have illness to forget. Vansh sits to talk to her. She says I have no illness to forget things, someone else has. Babasa hears her and smiles. Vansh tests Bhabho’s memory by asking questions. Vansh asks her not to say in detail, tell me the name of Sooraj and Sandhya’s hotel. Bhabho says Devansh. She answers more questions. Babasa smiles.

Vansh asks where do you keep imp shop papers. She says in shop’s locker. He says but its not there. She says what, is this a question, I recalled where I kept my glasses, move now. Ved looks on. Bhabho wears glasses and says you don’t talk to comb now. She sees Ved and says Vansh is checking my memory. She smiles and goes. Ved sees Vansh.

Suman asks what’s meaning of Shuddikaran. Maasi asks don’t you know. She says wife becomes her husband’s completely. Kanak thinks once I meet lawyer, you know your rituals. Her kerchief falls. Uma and Kanak hold the kerchief and have an eyelock. Shiv teases Uma. Uma picks the kerchief and passes to Kanak. Diya aur baati hum…..plays…..

Maasi says poetry lines seeing them. Suman sees Paulmi upset. They reach Kerala. Kanak’s dress gets stuck. She falls in Uma’s arms. Paulmi thinks I did the tapp and Kanak got its fruit, she does not respect what she got, she has good fate to get Uma, and bad fate to not know its value. Uma puts Kanak down. Paulmi sees Kanak walking slow, and gets after Uma. Kanak sees the landline and thinks to call lawyer. Maasi says Kanak can talk to her family. She asks her to say number. Kanak says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Maasi says your face was glowing seeing phone, why are you saying you don’t have to talk to anyone. Suman says landline is dead, shall I ask hotel to repair it. Uma asks them to call from other room. Kanak thinks he is alien. Uma says I will pandit to keep puja soon. Maasi teases him.

Kanak thinks he is finding steps to join relation, I m trying to leave and meet lawyer, to show papers and know how he cheated Bhabho. Maasi and everyone shut ears. Uma says I will go and come. Kanak asks what do you mean. Maasi says he is showing what you mean for him, he is informing you he is going out. Kanak says oh, okay bye. Maasi asks her to say you will wait for him. Kanak says Aji sunte ho, come early, I will wait for you. Uma smiles. Shiv says I will come along. He asks Kanak to wait for him also and hugs her. Uma and Shiv leave. Maasi gets surprised seeing Kanak’s change in behavior.

Kanak thinks there is just one bedroom. She asks where will I stay. Maasi asks Paulmi to keep Uma’s luggage in one room, and everyone’s luggage in other’s room. Kanak thinks bedroom is just for Uma. Paulmi thinks Uma and Kanak will be away. Maasi asks Paulmi to take Kanak’s bags too. Kanak asks why, you said about Shuddi karan puja. Maasi says Uma knows his limits, you just have control, girls liked Uma a lot, husband and wife will be together, else its abshagun, Kanak is now part of Uma. Kanak thanks Paulmi and shuts door. Maasi says its her kiddishness, she will get habitual soon, and even you will get habitual. Kanak gets the shop papers. Maasi comes to her. Kanak gets tensed and turns to Maasi.

Maasi asks Kanak did you think to plan anything to run away. Kanak says no. Maasi says my eyes are on you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    Thanks for fast updates (before time)
    Aji sunte ho .. …
    nice episode

  2. Nice Epiiiiiii
    Can anyone plz tell me the exact place where they are staying now

    1. VINAL

      I think in they are staying in kerela

    2. its kerala

  3. Nice episode and Thanks you too amena

  4. the title song is awesome, very melodious…

  5. Can anyone send the link for downloading the title song

      1. Aarti32

        Thank u souch for d link vinal

      2. Aarti32

        *so much

  6. i am really doubt for massisa. whelther she is positive or negative. massisa is doubt on kanak behaviour that why she accept to come kerala whelther she is running off from prison.

    1. VINAL

      I have doubt on paulmi she is not good person I thik she is behind umas property

  7. Thank you for the quick update. Can’t wait for the coming episodes.

  8. Aarti32

    Thank for d update Amena..

    Vansh testing bhabho’s memory..It was too good..I wish we get such light hearted scenes everyday..
    N no one can say looking at Ved dat he was d naughty one during childhood??

  9. Nice episode, shiv is so cute,ya both Masai and Paulmi seems negative

  10. I remember, name of Sooraj and Sandhya’s hotel was not Devansh, but Vedash (Ved+Vansh)

    1. Aarti32

      It was vedansh

  11. aji sunte ho was so funny . shiv is so cute , i think kanak-shiv will have a cute bonding in future . btw can anybody tell me how is paulmi related to uma ?

    1. Paulmi is not related to Uma.. in a episode maasi will say kanak that paulmi is sharanarthi to Uma … If anyone becomes sharanarthi to Uma then they will be taken care by the house members…

      1. Hi….this is shruthi….can u tell me the meaning of sharanarthi….

  12. Maasi said in recent episode that Paulmi was in uma’s saran(saranagadi),it’s means that she stay has guest I think so

  13. what’s this i really don’t like it he is falling for her and she is just taking it joke and trying to go away from him as early as possible
    about uma he is a goo..d person she don’t deserves him (sorry if it hurt someone) but fate make them marry

    1. I hardly believe it’s fate. According to Uma all the signals showed him to marry Kanak, disregarding her feelings and free will. I find this serial hard to watch with this forced relationship and Uma’s family kind of putting Kanak in a cage. They really do not have any sympathy for her feelings or situation. It’s all about Uma’s feelings,

      1. You did not know? This story based on the lives of cave people.

      2. what to say just hoping good in future

  14. Someone tell me where is Uma’s aunts own family she looks married & any kids??? Also what the heck he preaching about cellphones he was using one in one episode ???

    1. according to my info. she don’t have any family and he used phone may be it was very needed otherwise he don’t

  15. Love to read the comments on this show.

    Since the topic is about Massi and Palomi. Is Massi, aware ofPalomi so call love for Uma?

  16. confused characterization in this serial. Palomi is a psycho and sadist just like maya in beyhadh. Maasi is sweetly mental… Coming to Uma (shiva devote with a 6 pack)… first of all his dressing is funny, his kurtis have round neck and bucket neck mostly hahahhahaha
    While dressing is funny, his preachings are wierd (anti-mobile, anti-films)… uffff
    Above all this, gross violation of human rights of Kanak!!!

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