Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 9th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Finds Kanak’s Picture

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Bhabho forcefeeds laddoos to Kanakj, Kanak runs asking to stop, if she wants to go to jail killing her with sweets. Bhabho says she came after 2 years, let her pamper her, and asks if she will stay for long this time. Kanak says she came to their city on govt duty, so came home and has to return back. She asks about Vansh. Bhabho says he has gone for food festival and says they will celebrate her birthday together this time. Kanak asks her to feed her more laddoos. Bhabho gives her laddoo thaali and leaves. On the other side, Uma does Shivji’s aarti and asks why he is showing Kanak’s signs again. Kanak thinks Uma betrayed her, she will never forgive him.

Suman asks Uma if he is fine. Uma says yes. Suman says he must be thinking about Kanak as she has seen

him suffering since 2 years. Uma says Kanak was her past and Meera is his present and future. Meera walks in and asks what secret they are talking about. Uma says nothing important. She says she got her happiness when he wiped his tilak 2 years ago. Uma thinks that is the big mistake he did. She says he is the biggest asset of her life. Uma thinks she is biggest liability of his life. She continues praising Uma and says she wants to know what secret they were talking about. Uma says nothing important and asks Shiv and Suman to hug him like a family. He silently pushes off Meera.

Kanak reminisces Uma while sleeping, their romance,, love for each other, etc. Uma reminisces Kanak. Meera tries to kiss him, bbut he walks away. Kanak haas breakfast in the morning reminiscing telling Uma that they will have breakfast looking into each other’s always. Meera serves breakfast to Uma, but he silently has breakfast without looking at her. Kanak reminisces telling Uma they will go to office together and stay together. While traveling to office, Meera holds Uma’s hand, but he brushes her off. Kanak reminisces telling Uma they will call 20 times during office hours. Uma reaches offfice with Meera and switches off mobile. Kanak works till late night. Uma returns home. Meera excitedly says she was waiting for him, let us have dinner. He says he is not hungry. she says she will not have dinner if he does not. He says her wish. She asks till when he will behave badly with herr, on name plate outside home, they are together, but not inside home. Uma says they were never together and she is not his soulmate. Kanak thinks Uma is a traitor, he promised to be with her whole life, but for him money is everything and he forgot all promises. Uma thinks he did a big sin and cannot get Kanak’s forgiveness, he will try for her forgiveness til he is alive. Meera thinks she truly loves Uma, but he always ignores her, what she should do to get his love.

Meera asks servants to find her wedding album. They search it in store room. She warns them to find it in 10 minutes, else she will fire them. They throw old bag down and she sees a photoframe in it. Suman packs Kanak’s photoframe and keeps it in godown. Uma is in restaurant looking at Kanak’s pic on his mobile when Meera calls him and asks to come home right now.

Precap: Uma asks Suman why she is at home instead of college. Suman says she was at college, but Meera called her home, something must be important. Meera says it is important, K and U’s K has returned, let me present her to them. Uma stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I will say something that might annoy many fans here so I am sorry. But our shows make devis and devils out of women and leave men as non factors who just act on manipulation. So if manipulator good man good manipulator bad man bad. They always give the credit if his goodness to female lead and blame all his weakness on the female antagonist. Uma says Kanak was past Meera present and future. He wonders why Shiva is giving signs again meaning he actually left her behind for whatever reason that CVs will find to justify it to once again make Uma look innocent and blame all his weakness on someone else. But just look at this man, he always makes the worst decisions being manipulated by some evil and later no responsibility is placed on him. He verbally gives rights of wife to a woman then married someone else due to some pressure then treats that wife rudely and unfeelingly. Meera is the worst and the villain I agree. But really, is Uma Shankar worth Kanak Rathi who always fulfills her duty no matter what, who came back to an abusive house because she felt that was her duty since she had pretended to be nice to them for a while, who stood by her husband in worst of times, who divorced him so as to save his property? Is a character like Uma Shankar, given his behavior from the moment of his forced marriage with Kanak to his I’ll treatment of her and calling her animal, to giving in to whatever pressure CVs will invent to justify this horrible subplot that insults two women in two different ways, is he worth it? If you look beyond superficial romance and how good the leads look together, then maybe you will see how disturbing these portrayals in tv shows are. Deifying and demonizing women all the time while leaving the man as an innocent spectator. I know, some will find this moral science. Please ignore this comment. Those who think a little beyond, and I think I have seen a few commentators here who critique the show a bit, I hope they will at least consider this as a matter for some thought. I still maintain that this show is much better than many others which is why I even bother to still follow it. But I am disturbed that so few of us are disturbed by this treatment of female characters by our shows.

    1. I love your intelligence and social awareness. Thank you for making this comment. ❤

  2. Mavisboamah

    what kind of marriage exist between meera and uma is obvious uma doesn’t love her so why does she still want him and kanak look so beautiful and mature, is good that uma is the one doing the chasing this time. i can see how kanak is hurt but still she was longing for uma she wanted to wake up and see uma next to her. wonder what uma did to her , she is so sad and lonely.

  3. It was a sad episode once again Uma is seen doing arti to Bholenath and asks why he is giving him signs again??Why is he so adamant to forget Kanak what is the reasoning It seems that no one is happy in Uma’s house they are living in fear The woman looks like one sick psychopath who belongs in an institution She has managed to wipe off the smile off all in the show & even the viewers just for her selfish needs I preferred Masisa over this woman!!! Why is Uma such a weak guy in front of her like to see some anger in him He was was so so obsessed by being a business man On the other side Kanak is also sad ? glad she has a career now Her throwing that in the bin is going to get in someone’s hands in the house & try to fulfill KanUma wishes guess it would be Purab Cvs pls move in with the story pls it’s getting depressive

  4. Want to bang my heard against the wall today. Naina, please terminates all this viyas family, you will be doing a big ehsaan on all of us

  5. good job Rhea

    i must say rhea sharma is a good actress after watching today’s episode and how she cried looked so real and to think that she is the only youngest actress on starplus shows who is much younger than his male lead i mean uma is 10 to 12 yrs older than kanak in real life, but she feels so comfortable with him i must this girl is good.

  6. Nice episode love uma and kanak they are my fav couple …something not clear between uma and meera i don’tdon’t believe this marriage there is something hidden and fishy… uma love kanak a lot…there is no relation between him and meera. I hope the truth will be clear soon.. the precap is interesting. Love kanum and tsmsp

  7. Heart -rending episode track is now getting little clear. Uma cannot forget kanak acting as if happy with meera infront of his siblings. Beautiful bonding of siblings are shown. Uma as a father figure he hugged them lovingly. Meera tries to get along with them but he silently pushed her and he told her clearly that she does not have any rights over him and she knows that well. Kanak was depressed unable to forget uma and his memories. Uma asking bholenath everything is over then why again sanket. Meera asked him how long he will be like this they are strangers under one roof uma gave her fitting reply she can get everything from him but not his soul. They can never become soulmates forever. Because they are connected with hearts.They are only strangers forever. Uma heart belongs only to kanak. Beautiful fbs of kanum discussing about their romantic moments after two years. Meera wanted to have his companionship kanak said uma can never get back her love he betrayed her for money and sucess. Uma telling to himself his heart and soul only for kanak. Meera arrogance and madness ruined all the lives of toshniwal.

  8. thanks for the update MA

  9. Only thing I can think of is we never know what are the circumstances, but Bholenath didn’t think it’s Uma’s blame
    that’s all matters to me. As KanUm always linked with Mahadev himself, but Shivji also cannot change some fates like Meera. It’s intriguing and we are all desperate to know what happened but it’s not yet revelaed except today’s episode created more hopes and questions.

    Avinesh is brilliant as Uma showing different expressions pain, covering his siblings, indifference and anger at his fate to Shivji. Rhea is equally amazing showing her anger and pain.

    Honestly I don’t have any anger towards Uma as I can see he is equally and more in pain than Kanak even though he is the reason who brought this doom.
    Only want to know what happened and hopefully Shivji will reunite them soon with a series of events again the same way as before.

    It looks like Uma is thinking his fate been sealed forever with that evil woman and he expecting Kanak to settle with some one else however painful it may be to him.
    He is still connected to Kanak with soul wise but loved the way he is expecting Kanak to be happy with some one else.

    One other thing I noticed is Suman is so scared of Meera and Uma is also aware of this and trying to save Suman. It didn’t look natural to me.
    But I guess all will be revealed in time and hopefully something we all will be convinced of this separation of KanUm.

    Now eagerly waiting for Maasa entry which will reveal more secrets.

  10. Savitrie Deonarine

    The show made a terrible twist. That fans will no longer watch?. For all she did for all she sacrifice even in his hardest time and when he was nothing wow he choose career fame n money! No woman should go through that in their life……? the only good now at least kanak can stand on her 2 feet n had become someone. She should re marry and let him live life regretting that he did had a well wishes n love by his side. Meera is so bitter rude and plus only loves money she suite him lol with all that she can never get love in return. Really sad story my high five to Kanak…..✋ i would to see her family support her n tell him off so he can really regret it more. Why live without love and be quiet when love is all what we need.

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