Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma Finds Aditya

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak bends seeing Aditya. Aditya with his girlfriends turn. They ask who is she. He says not my type and walks with them to disco. Kanak thinks good prey is going to disco, she tricked Palomi well and hopes she brings Uma on time. Uma reaches and asks Palomi to sit in lounge as disco is not a good place. Kanak walks into disco followed by Uma, but he does not notice her. Guard stops Uma and says he canot enter indhoti kurta, but he enters forcefully. Aditya enjoying booze dances with his girlfriends on Naacho Saare….song.. Uma searches Aditya while Kanak hides behind sofa. He finaly notices Aditya, walks to him and gives him a deserving tight slap. Aditya falls down unconscious. Kanak gets happy that Aditya is caught before 24 hours.

Vansh enters room and sees

Babasa listening to songs on FM. He asks Babasa if he is listening to these songs. Bhabho says he has gone mad in old age. Babasa says button is not working. Vansh says he will fix it and walks. Saras gets tensed. Bhabho shouts and asks Rani to press legs properly and asks him to go and have food. He leaves. They all relax and think they are saved, else their drama would have ended before starting.

Aditya’s friend calls police. Inspector says doctor is checking Aditya and if his injury is deep, Uma will be arrested. Uma says he checked Aditya’s pulse and he collapsed due to excessive alcohol consumption. Inspector says let us see. Uma asks Kanak where is Suman. Kanak asks which Suman. Uma says his sister whom she brought here. Kanak asks who told him. Palomi says she told and heard her telling Suman about going to disco. Kanak says she was talking about her friend Suman getting job and going to disco to celebrate, Uma’s sister Suman must have gone to study. Uma asks why did she come to this place. Kanak says he forgot his family’s rules don’t hold on her now. She asks Palomi why did not she stop her when she was giving wrong advice to Suman. Palomi stands tensed. Inspector says patient is awake. Uma walks in with everyone. Aditya shouts to keep this goon away from here. Uma calls him Adity and says he is his elder brother. Aditya says he is Vicky and they can ask his best friend Rajeev. Rajeev backs Aditya. Kanak says he is Aditya and she saw Uma’s given news paper ad 8 years ago. Rajeev says he found Vicky 8 years ago, he had met with a big accident and was in coma. Doctor also backs him. Uma thanks Rajeev for saving his brother and says he will take Aditya home. Kanak thinks what drama is this. Aditya reminisces Maasi telling doc and Rajeev that Aditya will be called Vikram. Aditya says Vicky. She asks doctor and Rajeev to create all documents and evidences related to Vicky. Out of flashback, Aditya thinks maa planned well 8 years ago itself.

Maasi happily tells Suman and Payal that Kanak ran away before 1 month itself and they will not here Kanak’s Kanak/sound from here. She tries to throw Kanak’s bag. Kanak enters and stops her. Uma enters with Aditya. Suman and Payal are surprised seeing him while Maasi feels shocked.

Precap: Uma tells Aditya that he will stay in this house and he will treat him. Kanak tells Maasi that Aditya will be under Uma’s 24-hour supervision and let us see who will win. Aditya asks Payal if husband and wife can stay in same room. Payal says yes. He asks her to close room door then. Kanak thinks how to tell Payal that her husband does not deserve her and with Uma stops closing the door.

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  1. This Aditya s a downright cheap character…Good going Kanak nd What a tight slap on Poulomi’s face… Coming back Maasisaa planned Aditya’s escape [email protected] sorry I couldn’t reply u yesterday…In Ishqbaaaz Ayush was a grey character..Months later v came to that he was not the Mastermind behind the bad happenings…His character there s yet to reach any conclusion so it s possible that there more mysteries regarding his marriage…Here s a negative character…The problem here s not the negative characters but Uma Shankar totally turning to a stone and iltreating Kanak.Its high time he needs to apply his grey matter nd Everytime showing bare chest s not done…Hopefully Massisa nd Aditya ll cause enough situations where v can c and feel d gulit of Uma Shankar nd he has his proper redeemption before Kanum relationship s shown with a romantic angle

    1. Completely agree with you…let’s see what this maasisa k laadla is up to.
      Yes, problem is not negative role but the timing as we are in torture of uma blindness and now he is like stone.

  2. Unable to watch any episodes due to exams? looks like it’s very interesting.. just going on reading updates these days

    1. Hi Neha! Missed your comment…. Do your exams well and come back dear, I swear you won’t miss 30 days divorce track…it will be hear only?

  3. Hi All, Hopefully and romantically good times are coming, but real pity that Kanak could not get the plaudits of finding this vile character. This is every parents worst nightmare that there daughter might marry or go around with a person like this.If spoilers are to be believed Kanak now has realised that she loves Uma and cannot live with out him, so now may be the starting point to what this series is meant to be a love story of two extremely different people brought together by God or fate.
    If Kanak did not meet Uma she would have gone through life not having the love of her Grandmother, and also loose the family shop.
    If Uma had not met Kanak his entire family lock stock and barrel one by one would all be dead, killed by massisa. Call this God’s will or fate (not sure).

    1. Call this the warped mentality of writers who try to justify the most abusive of actions as romance.

    2. All movie scenarios are written on ideas taken from life. These are not accidental things. TSMSP too .We choose our own path , but all the ways are attracted to God. If it was not this or that . If Umma and Kanak had not lost their parents ? But God decided to gather them. They are two opposites and are attracted as a plus and a minus. Behind this man , as hard as stone , lies a loving heart and only the love of a woman can feel it. Kanak is a charming and magnetic woman. Everyone would be proud of such a woman.

      1. Right, if all domestic violence counselors started to give that advice to battered and mentally abused women, what a wonderful world it would be. “Behind that hard exterior that hurts you is a loving man dear. Don’t leave or give up. Keep trying to find that loving ma.n. you can do it. Meanwhile here is a handful of painkillers and antidepressants. Good luck! Ooh and don’t worry, ur guy is good looking so all the hot s*x he gonna give you will compensate for the humiliations and suppressions!”

  4. Why does Kanak want to be with Uma? >He is so creepy!


      1. It’s obvious you haven’t got to grips with the storyline… I’m guessing you are someone who has either watched the show on a handful of occasions or have read snippets that have made headlines – you obviously have no real understanding of Uma or kanak’s character or their relationship ?

    2. This is called love !

      1. Good for yoU but in real world that is physical and emotional abuse and addiction to this setup

  5. Kanak your plan worked out you got Uma on the dance floor not to dance but give a good slap to Aditya (sorry Vicky) This Masisa has everything planned out but Kanak can see some fishy going on Way to go go Kanak you put Poullomi in her place that’s what happens when you eavesdrop ?Hope KanUma can sort this retarded Aditya out Kanak should bring some Veds real cop friends to put the fear into him Maybe he would tell the truth about mom & sons plan?Hear romance is in the air soon can’t wait the bed will see some action hopefully ????

  6. Uma in disco unimaginable happened today .How did he managed to get inside.What a slap yaar its equal to 100 slaps.Again we saw that bossy uma back today restricting and scolding Kanak but today it showed his concern and love for Karnak.But Karnak gave him a fitting reply which was equal to slap on uma he was upset and he regretted for a second.I think uma will start suspecting palomi from now on Karnak cornered her very well.Than adithya memory loss drama.Massisa is very clever and mastermind for preplanning eight years back see her upbringing one side she has brought up her self disciplined man as uma another she has brought up a characterless man adithya

    1. Yes yes, bossy husband= loving husband. Welcome to 21st century.

  7. hi gyus something romantic is coming up, i watch the spoilers and the way uma was romantic with kanak it took me by surprise cos it was hard to believe that it was the same uma who treated her like a piece of garbage . i wanted kanak to not forgive him immediately but it seems she has already falling inlove with him.

    1. Excellent! Indian version of sleeping with the enemy where the girl never escapes, just starts having s*x with the emotional and physical abuser. Fifty shades of Gray maybe?

      1. Oh god…then what u call yourself Mr.Excellent…he tend to illtreat with one girl and the girl is trying hard to give a fitty answer everytime..but u abuse with your words to everyone visiting here…chill bro…no need to remind us with century or society belongs to….have a good day? give your own thoughts regarding the show rather than waking up or criticizing the commentators.

      2. Meera1

        Great response Bhaana to Hari (a.k.a Mr Excellent ?) – who obviously has no understanding of the storyline & characters. Kanak is no victim, she is a strong willed & self sufficient character, who is & staying with Uma on her own free will… there are no social obligations or family pressures on her to stay & that is the difference between her & a domestic abuse victim. So before you jump on the bandwagon of abusing the show for some women’s right campaign… try & comment on the show (if you know enough about it) rather than putting outlandish statements just for the sake of a reaction. ?

      3. Bhaana

        Well explained meera regarding kanak role. Thanks for your response dear?

    2. Hi Mavis. Can you please share the link for the spoiler? Exciting!!!

      1. okay i watched it at instagram i follow their fanpage and is tsmps fan but you can go to youtube and type tu sooraj main sanji piyaji new event. let me know if you find it and sorry foe the late reply

  8. Meera1

    Good episode… way to go Kanak! Not only did she trap Aditya, but also tricked Palomi by putting her in place and also planting the seed of doubt against Palomi in Uma’s head ?.

    It was also great to see Kanak giving Uma a fitting reply about his rights over her (about time he got a taste of his own medicine). Hopefully this was the start of hi wake up call to make him realise that the ‘khat bhandan’ he used to go on about is still there… it hasn’t disappeared overnight & despite his best efforts of turning into a stone- Kanak still holds a strong place in his heart.

    I like Aditya’s character, I think he’s purposely been made a bit of a comical airhead to lighten the heavy storyline. I love his spoilt brat routine with maasisa – makes me feel like it’s karma for abusing her position as a mother figure in her sisters household. & as for maasisa’s backup plan – What can i say she must the cleverest vamp in history to think that far ahead & have an 8 year old pre-planned back up plan??.

    I’m really glad that they haven’t dragged Aditya’s return & he has made it back into the Toshniwals household fairly swiftly, story is moving at a good pace – from the precap it looks like Kanak & Uma are both going to unite in sorting Aditya out even though it’s for completely different reasons.
    Once again excellent casting of the characters Ayush Anand is fulfilling his role well & Madhura Naik (Palomi)is doing such a great job that I can’t help but feel like slapping her every time she’s on the screen ?

  9. Before any reconciliation between Uma and Kanak can occur Uma must admit his wrongdoing (abduction and abusive behaviour to Kanak). The forced marriage issue cannot be forgotten. His ill treatment of Kanak cannot be excused as simply Maasi’s upbringing. He chose to mistreat Kanak. He must now act like a man and take responsibility for his actions. He cannot be easily forgiven. He has to undergo a deep meltdown and introspection before there could begin to be any development of any so called romance. His exposing his bare muscled chest will not make the viewers forget.

  10. Abuse is abuse. It can never be love.

  11. Bhaana

    Hi guys…just now saw the new promo…love is in the air?

    1. Thanks bhaana for the link, cant wait anymore ???

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