Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak hiding the papers on seeing Uma. Uma smiles seeing her. He says I just heard of woman being a riddle, I have realized this seeing you, sometimes you run to bathroom and hide all night, sometimes you try to come close signing me to understand your heart. She recalls their moments. Uma says when I understand you, you get fear and hesitation on face again, maybe this is your way to show your heart matter, I want to make a start too, maybe this is nothing in front of your gift, but this is an honest try. He shows her the necklace.

He says according to Dharm, gold makes strong body and mental strength. Kanak thinks right it reduces guilt to forcibly marry someone. He says its my choice, you can reject this. She corrects him saying about Bhansali, film director.

He says you can correct me whenever I m wrong. She says its beautiful. He asks her to wear it. She thinks how to forward hand, I have Bhabho’s shop papers. She smiles and asks him to make her wear necklace. Uma smiles and says sure. Uma makes Kanak wear the necklace. Diya aur baati hum…. plays…. He holds her. She says its nice.

He says once we return from Shuddi karan puja in Kerala, we will know each other, this relation will start where we met for the first time. She thinks Shiv ji is taking me to Kerala now, he is helping me in saving Bhabho’s shop, my lawyer stays there. She says its perfect. The keys fall from her hand. Uma picks the keys and says how did it come here. She says I have seen keys hanging, you should be careful. He says its rare that people tell me what to do. She says sorry. He says I will be careful. He turns. She keeps the papers.

Suman asks Maasi to say something. Maasi asks her to go and check if servant kept cooler in the car. Suman goes. Pappu says girl’s family has come to see Golu. The neighbors try to see. Rani keeps the weight machine. She prays for Golu. Meenakshi says I know my son is not 99kgs. Rani jokes. Babasa asks Vansh to get Golu to gym and make him work out. Golu comes. Neighbors see. Golu says I have run a lot, maybe weight got less. Vansh asks him to run again. Golu says I will go washroom and come. Meenakshi argues with girl’s parents. Golu comes back and says ready. Vansh says you will win this fight. Golu does commentary.

Golu stands on weight machine and closes eyes. They see his weight 99. The man says so its decided, Golu weighs 99 kgs, we will go. Meenakshi says its 66 kgs, give him shagun. Pappu and everyone laugh. The man asks her to hear laugh, its because you are foolish, you are blind as mum, come to senses, else your son will be bachelor always.

Meenakshi scolds them. They leave. Golu turns upset. Meenakshi scolds Pappu and neighbors and asks them to leave. She asks Pappu to go to shop and clean. She says its easy to laugh on other’s sorrow. Golu asks what will happen. She asks him not to worry, his weight does not matter, I will get you married, its my promise. She hugs him. Rani cries seeing their love. Meenakshi wipes Golu’s tears. She says your hair style is suiting you, don’t get upset. Rani says someone take my selfie, I will be seen crying, this mum-son’s love filled my eyes with tears.

Kanak bids bye to Ladno and smiles, praying she succeeds. Paulmi feeds her curd. Kanak says I was scared seeing you with knife in morning. Suman asks her to hurry up. Suman asks Paulmi not to hear Kanak, she is foolish. Uma says I will just take Maasi’s blessings and leave. Maasi says no need, Saraswati and Payal will stay with jiji, I will come along, Kanak has done magic on you, Paulmi will come along. She asks Kanak is there a problem if she comes. Kanak signs no and thinks why did Maasi change program.

They leave. Uma smiles seeing Kanak. Suman asks them to see the beautiful sights. Kanak thinks I m stuck between such people, they don’t even have a mobile. Uma says I m sitting alone here. Maasi asks him to come and sit. Uma stumbles and falls close to Kanak. They have an eyelock. Diya aur baati….plays………..

Kanak and Uma hold a kerchief. Kanak thinks to call lawyer. She sees Bhabh’s shop papers. Maasi comes and calls her out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. VINAL

    So late update Waiting since from 1.30
    But nice episode & thanks for updates
    Why writers are streching the show pls dont make this show boring

  2. Are oo ladki walo bale humara golu 99 kgs ka ho par wo ha sabse cute
    Amazing episode Thanks for updates

  3. Aarti32

    Thank u for updating Amena!!?

    D episode was kinda monotonous..Except d Rathi family part..Which I always like?

  4. nice epi

  5. Kerala our place. they coming here amazing

  6. Highly boring!

  7. Nice episode, how she will escape from uma alone, kanak should call her brother soon

  8. Nice episode

  9. I just have a question about his Masisa she looks like she is married where is her family??? Husband & kids does anyone know? Suman & Paullomi annoying not too bright

  10. yesterday episode for golu is very funny,but golu is so pitty for his weight to sink marriage

  11. this episode is not highly boring . that is super duper hit.

  12. oh golu is cute! funny episode but bura laga ki 99 kg hi hua..I hope kanak bhaag pai..but where is misri yaar ..plz writer kuch character ko upas lao..we miss them..

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