Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Returns Home

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma finds Kanak’s bangle piece and her sandalwood smell and realizes Kanak had come to the incomplete building and took away box. Kanak walks out of building and says like this incomplete building, her and Uma’s story is also incomplete. Hamari Adhuri Kahani..plays in the background. Uma comes down running and thinks he could not keep promise made to Kanak.

In Ladno, Bhabho angrily calls Payal and asks why did not she clean Kaank’s room yet. Payal says she was ironing Ved’s clothes and had asked Saras to clean Kanak’s room. Purab watches them and grins. Bhabho shouts she does not like strangers working for her and Payal should not use her brain or overspeak, should just obey order. Payal says Kanak did not return home since 2 years. Bhabho

says she should clean Kanak’s room each day, ignoring Saras. Saras says it has been 2 years since that incident. Bhabho says she does not want to listen to traitor Uma’s supporter and leaves. Purab’s phone rings. Bhabho scolds whose phone it is. Purab says his friend’s and runs aside, speaks to Uma who asks if Kanak came there. Purab says no since 2 years, why he is calling suddenly. Uma asks to inform him if Kanak comes. Purab says okay and asks what happened to his modeling assignment. Uma says it will be done and disconnects call.

Kanak gets out of car on her home street Hanuman Gali. She watches every place carefully, reminiscing Uma’s presence there. She walks into Kanak’s mishthan bhandar reminiscing preparing jalebis, looks at her parent’s pics and effigies and thinks nothing has changed here. She walks home. Bhabho walks towards door informing Payal that she is going to market. She sees Kanak and emotionally hugs her and calls whole family to come and see who has come. Everyone come running and are surprised to see Kanak. Ved, Payal, Purab hug Kanak. Saras comes excitedly, but stops seeing Bhabho. Kanak calls her and hugs and asks how is she. Bhabho asks Payal to bring aarti thali and Kanak’s special gift. After performing Kanak’s aarti, she asks Kanak to remove red cloth from plate and shows Kanak’s name plate with Kanak Rathi, Rajasthan Government representative written on it. She fixes it on door saying till now this house was known as Sooraj and Sandhya Rathi’s, now it will be called Kanak Rathi’s. Kanak emotionally hugs her.

Uma returns home and keeps Kanak’s name in front of Meera and his name and hopes Kanak will return to him.

Precap: While cleaning Uma’s lab, Meera finds Uma and Kanak’s photo,
calls Uma angrily and asks to come home right now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Beautiful Episode………Finally glad to watch Meera free episode 🙂
    I loved Bhabho today….Her performance was outstanding 🙂
    Great memories between Kanum and it was very beautifully shown.
    Title track was awesome…. I was really missed it all these days…
    Precap seem to be scary…I think bhootni got to know everything 🙁

  2. Mavisboamah

    this meera destroy our trp , trp is very bad. 1.7

  3. Mavisboamah

    this is pure hatred from the rathis to uma. wonder what uma did that everybody hate him like this. and why is he trying to find kanak when kanak doesn’t want to see him

  4. Just loved Bhabhoo today she is back to who she was ? Overal nice but sad episode a tear jerker felt sad So Purab is in touch with Uma ? Where was Vansh Bhaboo doesn’t like Saras now because of what Uma did Yes that woman destroyed the show and Trp ?? and peoples happiness

  5. Emotional episode uma regretting for not fulfilling his promise he was yearning to meet kanak. Bhabho furious on saras she is now considered as stranger in her own house because of uma betrayal. Bhabho taunting saras. Kanak goes to pushkar after two years. She was recalling her sweet moments with uma and her family. Kanak reunion with Bhabho. Bhabho was overwhelmed to see her grand daughter after two years. She presented her name plate with her designation. She said now rathi house will be known as kanak rathi house. Kanak hugged and greeted everyone. Uma has contact with purab to know about kanak whereabouts. Kanum missing each other. Both of them agonized and suffering with pain of separation. Uma was distressed and he tries to replace kanak name instead of meera. Why uma is afraid of meera. Today episode there was not even one scene of mm. Thank god great relief today.

  6. Last week how faster CVS changed uma character n ooper se ye Leap, separation n next marriage news importantly uma lifting Meera promo then trp decrease Kyun nahi hogi
    I hate this precap, Meera ordering uma??
    The finger prints on the wall…worst track
    Same production house handling man living with two woman in a house peacefully, if they r going to drag this Meera n Kanak cat fight then I’m done with this show.
    Today’s episode was good with Rathis but I hate crying stuffs served again n again.

    Sorry guys literally couldn’t digest bechari bahu…dumb lead n evil enjoying the life.

    1. Mean to say if makers gonna follow same path as their other show by stretching this track will be unbearable for me.

  7. Sadness and evil doesn’t increase viewers in my opinion Loved Kanak today even though Saras is Uma’s sister she didn’t hold the same grudge as Bhabho ?Now Uma will run with tail between his legs to tycoon ??

  8. Meera1

    It is early days for this track & after today’s episode I was wondering if cvs are going to test our patience again like they did with the maasisa track, but the precap is showing that the storyline is going to develop….. Meera finding out about Kanak cannot be good news for Kanak, I’m sure Meera will go to great lengths to display her rights over Uma.?

    I’m not big fan of ‘rhona dhona’ from female leads so I’m hoping Kanak will be shown as strong enough & face both Uma & Meera.

    Even though I don’t know the reasons behind Uma & Meera’s marriage (maybe fake marriage, who knows ?) I cant help but feel sorry for Uma his eyes look so dull & full of sadness without Kanak in his life.

    Shreya – hopefully you are around to read this comment, just wanted to say I absolutely loved your comment yesterday about gyaani’s on this page.??… everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I too don’t understand why people get such a kick out of telling others what they should be thinking about the show ?

    1. Thanks dear for understanding ? though am not watching the show bt am reading updates n comments daily n used to comment sometimes
      Bt I really don’t lyk some people reacting bad when we go little negative abt the show it feels like that we just have to praise the show to be on this page
      Morover they discriminate us by saying that u like the show n we love the show ?

      1. Meera1

        Haha! Don’t worry I’ve been there too… I also got a negative reaction from some ‘gyaani’s on here… making out I wasn’t a ‘true fan’….judgemental ppl frustrate the hell out of me??.

        I have made a comeback on this page as the show has got me hooked, mainly because I really want to see Kanak / Uma reunion…. nice to see lots of newbies & oldies (from when the show started) on here x

  9. very nice episode today i loved it..i love tsmsp and kanum. i don’t believe this uma meera marriage there is something fishy..there…uma still love kanak a lot.. we will know the truth the next episodes..

  10. Happy women’s day my dear ladies..to all tsmsp lovers

    1. Meera1

      Happy women’s day to you & all the lovely ladies on here… may you all have the opportunity to follow your dreams & live life on your terms ?

  11. Candiva007

    Who is Purab? Is that Mishry’s son? Also, why is Bhabo upset with Saras? I wonder if the shop got taken away from Saras and given to that sneaky Payal?

    1. Meera1

      Yes Purab is mishri’s son he is living with the rathi whilst he is in college in Pushkar…. I think Bhabho is being unfair to Saras… but it was great seeing Bhabho putting Payal in her place ?

      1. But mishri’s son is Pawan….aur wo bahut chota tha…. 3 or 4 years me college kaise aa jayega…..

      2. Purab is Emily and Om son Emilly was Bhaboo daughter in law married to Mobit Bhabo’s youngest son She then married Om who was a doctor They had this boy ?

      3. Purab is Emilly son. Bhabho daughter in law mohit wife. Mohit died Emily remarried and purab was born

      4. Candiva007

        Thanks all. Too many characters in this show. My head hurts. LOL

  12. dear divyaa this comment for you..really i love your analysis about the show..stay blessed dear and keep rocking.
    awesome episode loved that the leads were present in the same location, right down to the same building and did not get to meet each other. We will probably have to endure 2 more episodes before they actually come to face each other. uma also finds a broken piece of Kanak’s jewellery beautiful scene probably the only remnant of her memories that stayed back for him. He realizes Kanak had been there, just some time ago. emotional scene i loved it- poor saras

    1. Thank you so much dear. I am glad u liked my analysis. Much appreciated dear. Yeah beautiful hit and miss scenes are recreated. Soon kanum reunion

  13. Watched todays episode bt I don’t think that Meera got any clue abt kanak vo to pagal h aise hi chilayi hogi Uma ki pic dekhkr ?
    If she gets any clue abt kanak then the mystery reaveals n track will over
    Am sure CVS will drag it as long as possible ?

    1. Glad you watched today’s episode Shreya ?Uma is going torun ??to his so called tycoon wife but guess Kanak’s picture won’t be on it There will be face off against Kanka & MM till she will figure it out So Cvs will drag the story for awhile Loving Kanak’s ?

  14. thanks for the update MA

  15. Independent Kanak looks so young and beautiful than the one trying to handle househould…

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